Spring Instant Pot Freezer Menu Vol. 4

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Spring Instant Pot Freezer Menu Vol. 4

15 Dinners
Save time and cook directly from frozen with our Spring Instant Pot freezer menu. 15 dinners doubled to 30 meals, these instant pot freezer meal recipes have tasty options like Mocha-Rubbed Pot Roast and Crack Chicken with Broccoli and Carrots. No need to thaw, these fast dinners will be a life saver on busy weeknights this month.
15 Dinners

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  1. Most of the links here don’t have alternate freezer versions of the recipes. I’m unsure what can be frozen and what can’t and how to reheat in the IP when ready to make.

    1. Leann, you’ll be happy to know that ALL of the IP recipes on our site can be frozen and cooked from frozen! Each recipe includes instructions on how to “freeze for later” and how to “make from frozen.”

      1. I think she means the ones that link to other websites (the ones that say “via ….”). I noticed the same thing. It’s possible they can be frozen, but there aren’t specific directions like the ones you guys publish.

        1. Maybe this will clarify? I believe that the recipes on OAMM are sometimes adapted for freezing from other recipes from the web. When they do that they also include the link to the original recipe. The original recipe might not be for freezing and the OAMM adaptation may be slightly different. To freezer cook use the “Freeze for later” and “make from frozen” instructions on the OAMM site. You don’t need to follow the original recipe that is in the link. You can also open the recipe cards and get all the instructions there too.

        2. The ones that link to other websites don’t have the OAMM instructions “Freeze for later” and “make from frozen” instructions. They only link to the other website. Is it possible that this feature is only available for paid members?

          I use this site fairly often, so I am very familiar with the layout. If I click on one of the OAMM meals, it does take me to those instructions. But if I click on, say, Instant Pot Chicken Gnocchi Soup, it only takes me to the external website, and does not give me OAMM instructions. Which is a shame, because I’m really hoping to make it for a freezer meal exchange group I’m in this week, but I’m not really up to translating it into my own freezer meal instructions right now.

          Is there a way to get to the OAMM instructions if I am not a paid subscriber that I am just not seeing?

        3. For blog partner recipes, if you want the “make it now” instructions, you need to follow the link to their site. We adapt their recipes to be freezable, but the original recipe continues to live on their site. If you want to make that recipe to freeze for later, you follow the “freeze for later” instructions on our site. I hope that helps to clarify!

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