What You Get As A Member:

Meal Plans

Access to ALL Meal Plan Types

You get access to ALL our Meal Plan Types:

  • Diet
  • Gluten Free Dairy Free
  • Mini
  • Paleo
  • Traditional
  • Vegetarian
  • Real Food
  • Instant Pot
  • Slow Cooker
  • Keto
  • Dump and Go
  • Ready to Eat
  • Diabetes Friendly
  • Low-FODMAP
  • Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)
  • Recipe Collection
  • Food Allergies
  • Low Histamine
  • Vegan (Plant-based)
  • + many more tags and filters!

Full instructions for every meal plan*:

You receive meal plan documents for every existing, and or customized meal plan:

  • Combined Grocery Shopping List organized by category for faster and easier shopping.
  • Prep Instructions to help you prepare all your ingredients ahead of time.
  • Step-by-step Cooking Day Instructions for fast and efficient freezer cooking.
  • Individual Recipe Cards with detailed cooking and freezing instructions.
  • Printable Labels for your freezer bags with thawing and reheating instructions.
  • A Thaw Sheet for a full list of your meal plan’s defrosting or reheating instructions.

Every meal plan you choose, edit and customize comes with these resources. They automatically update to reflect any changes in serving size and recipe that you make. The patent pending software was completely built by Once A Month Mom, LLC. Each recipe is manually entered line by line so that it functions properly in the system.

The software then uses algorithms and formulas to create an easy to use grocery list, conversion lists for quantities of ingredients and preparation of those ingredients, and step-by-step instructions specifically designed for maximum efficiency in the freezer cooking kitchen.

All Meal Plan Resources listed above are generated for each meal plan you make using the 13,500+ recipes in our system! All recipe edits, serving size changes, and conversions are already made for you!

*These meal plan resources are a feature of the paid memberships only.

Complete Customization:

  • Access to more Recipes:

    Add and delete recipes to and from any meal plan at any time. Members have access to over 13,500+ recipes and can search and filter by various tags and topics to find exactly what they need!

  • Favoriting Recipes

    Find a recipe you love or want to try later? Save it to your “My Favorites”, and add them to a meal plan at any time!

  • Building Meal Plans

    Build a meal plan from an existing meal plan, from a recipe, from scratch or from your favorites!

  • Saving Meal Plans

    As a Paid Member, you can save up to 12 meal plans at any time to come back to! As a Free Member, you can save up to 3 meal plans at any time to come back to!

  • Adjustable Serving Size:

    Select a custom serving size from 1, 2, 3 and more! There is no maximum or minimum serving size!

  • US/Metric Measurements

    You can choose US Standard or Metric measurements for your meal plan’s documents and instructions.

Full Support

A Once A Month Meals Membership gives you access to the best freezer cooking resources available, and an involved, dedicated staff here to help you make time for what matters most.

If you have never freezer cooked or even meal planned before, we are here to walk you through it. If you are a veteran freezer cook, we’re here to help too! No matter the stage or skill set, you will have the support from our staff as you get started. 

  • Blog:

    Once A Month Meals is a treasure trove of meal planning and freezer cooking information. Head over to our blog to see tips, tricks, hints, videos and more to search for what you want to know!

  • Chat:

    The Once a Month Meals staff is standing by, ready to engage with you and answer questions Mon – Fri. Ask anything from recipe suggestions, to membership questions, to tech support and we’ll respond within 24 business hours. P.S. See that orange bubble in the bottom right-hand corner, that’s us!

  • Your Own Personalized Profile:

    Create a personalized profile page to introduce yourself to us, as well as keep track of your meal plans and conversations.

  • Members-Only Secret Handbook:

    If you are new to freezer cooking you will not want to miss this exclusive ebook that gives you all of our best freezer cooking advice in one place. Get equipment lists, tips for getting organized, check lists for each step of the process, and more!

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