In the new left-hand sidebar, there is now a large orange “+ Create a New Menu” button that allows you to easily start a new menu!

*This button is available to you on the main recipe and menu search pages, as well as your “My Favorites” and “My Menus” pages.

How to Make a New Menu from Scratch:

  • Simply click the “+ Create a New Menu” button and a drop-down menu will appear.
  • From that drop-down menu, you will see a blank space for a “Menu name”.
    *You will only see this if you have less than 4 menus or less. 5 menus is the max.
  • Create and type in a name for your new menu, and click the “+” to add it.
  • You will receive a notification in the upper right-hand of your screen confirming the addition saying, “This menu has been successfully added to your menus. We are now redirecting you to your new menu.”
  • You will then be redirected to your NEW menu.
  • From here you can simply add recipes as you want!

*PLEASE NOTE: The maximum number of recipes you can add to a menu are 15.