As a member, all of our menus are available to you at any time.

You are not locked into one menu type or even just one menu per month.

You can access any of our 11 menu types whenever you like!

You are also not limited to only the current month, but all of the menus in our archives are accessible at any time! New menus are available on the first of each month, but you can access our menu archives whenever you want to cook!

Members can use MenuBuilder to customize the already curated menus provided or create their own from scratch.

As a Yearly Member, you can save up to 12 menus at any time to come back to!  As a Monthly Member, you can save up to 3 menus at any time.  After 3 months of membership, you earn 1 additional menu to save each month, earning up to 12 menus total!

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