Yes! Pick any recipe, from any menu, meal or dietary type and add it to your menu!

For instance, let’s say you typically like the seasonal “Real Food Menu,” but it has a recipe for fish and you don’t care for seafood. It is simple to remove the fish recipe, and add another recipe in for chicken.

There are 4 ways to customize or “mix and match”:

  1. Edit An Existing Menu

    Make a menu by editing and customizing an already curated menu.

  2. Make A Menu From A Recipe

    Make a menu by finding a recipe you like and building a menu based on that single recipe.

  3. Make A Menu From Scratch

    Make a menu totally from scratch using the “Create a New Menu” Button

  4. Make A Menu From Your Favorites

    Make a menu based on your favorite recipes using your “My Favorites” list.

Adding and removing recipes

You can search for another recipe by ingredient in the search bar, or filter by menu type, cooking method, or meal type. Once you find one you like, simply add it your menu.

Then when you are happy with your menu, simply adjust your serving size and open your menu documents! Your documents will be automatically updated and ready to print!