9 Full Menus are released on the 1st of every month.

*Full menus include 15 recipes, doubled to 30 meals

Each month we feature a new set of menus, and send them to you in our 1st of the month email.

Monthly Menus include:

  • Traditional
  • Paleo
  • Real Food
  • Diet
  • Gluten Free Dairy Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Allergen (rotating)
  • Instant Pot (NEW)
  • Slow Cooker (NEW)
  • Keto (NEW)
  • Diabetes-Friendly (NEW)

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How to Use Them:

Since our menus are based on seasonal produce and sales, you can grab your grocery list on the 1st and stock up on ingredients throughout the month when you see the best price. Your prep sheet will indicate which meats can be frozen and thawed on cooking day and which will need to be purchased fresh just before your cooking day.

You can plan your cooking day toward the end of the month and plan to shop for anything left on your list and any perishable items a day or two before cooking day. You may want to plan your shopping day to coincide with manager’s specials at your local grocery store or butcher or with the date of a local farmer’s market.

This is our suggestion for getting the best value out of your cooking day, but feel free to plan your cooking day as it suits your schedule.

Additionally, 4-6 Mini Menus are featured every month.

These are smaller versions of our full menus, as well as specific categories such as slow cooker meals, breakfasts, seasonal produce, holiday, etc. These are perfect for those new to once a month cooking or those who need to quickly stash a few meals or prepare for a special occasion.


Every menu we have ever curated and developed is available to the public for viewing. However, it is only with a membership that you can customize them and make them your own. It also only with a membership that you get access to the customized resource documents (Shopping List, Prep List, Cooking Instructions, Recipes Cards, Labels, and Thaw Sheet) as well as the adjustable serving size and units of measurement.

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