Instant Pot Tips and Tricks: Helping you get started with Pressure Cooking and Your Instant Pot!

🍲 Did you get a new Instant Pot for Christmas? Or maybe you’ve had one sitting around for a while, but have been too intimidated to take it out of the box! Join us where we’ll help you get started with Pressure Cooking!

We’ll include tips on how to do the water test, what all those buttons mean, and how to have success when cooking meals from frozen! 🥩

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Instant Pot Tips and Tricks 101 - FB
Instant Pot Tips and Tricks 101
We are sharing our best instant pot tips and tricks including how to cook your freezer meals from frozen in the instant pot!
Instant Pot Tips & Tricks 201 - FB
Instant Pot Tips and Tricks 201
You’ve got your Instant Pot – the new holy grail of kitchen appliances – you found the perfect recipe, and you’re ready to get started! But wait… There’s trouble on your way to Instant Pot Paradise… The recipe serves 4...

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