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Watch us as we talk about the similarities and differences in these two appliances, how to do freezer cooking for both, and have your questions answered.

Slow Cooker


(Brand example: Crock-Pot)

  • Fewer Functions: This can be a pro for those that are overwhelmed by the too many buttons and uses.
  • Convenient: You can put your meal in and walk away until a later time in the day, usually hours later, and do other things.
  • Easy: Slow cooker meals are usually easy to throw together for cooking that day or freezing, not labor intensive.
  • Time: They have helped us save time in the kitchen for YEARS!


  • 1 Function: They only serve one function.
  • No Cooking from Frozen: You can not safely cook frozen meals in the slow cooker, you must first properly defrost them.
  • It takes a LONG time: You have to wait hours for your meal to be ready.
  • Meat Texture: Meats can often turn mealy or dry.

Pressure Cooker


(Brand example: Instant Pot)

  • Lots of Functions: Rice cooker, saute, slow cook, yogurt maker and pressure cooker.
  • Convenient: You can put your meal in and walk away until a later time (minutes instead of hours) and do other things.
  • Easy: Instant pot meals are usually easy to throw together for cooking that day or freezing, not labor intensive.
  • Cook from Frozen: You can cook frozen meals in them without defrosting, as it comes to pressure it defrosts the meal, using the liquid to cook the meal and the meal is above 140 degrees in less than 2 hours so you are safe to consume them.
  • Tender Meat: Meats and meals are often more tender, not mealy or dry as they are being cooked with steam/pressure allowing them to retain moisture.
  • FAST Cooking: Meals are ready in MINUTES! (Example: Whole FROZEN chicken from start to table in under 1 hour, even with pressure time).


  • Multiple Functions: There are a lot of buttons and functions and for those that like simple machines, this can be a steep learning curve. When taken step-by-step or function by function it is much easier.
  • Old School Concept: Years ago our mothers and/or grandmothers likely owned a stovetop pressure canner or cooker that has given pressure cookers a bad rap. These devices are not your grandmothers pressure canner and are much safer and easy to use than those.

How to Convert Slow Cooker Recipes into Instant Pot Recipes

Compare with similar Instant Pot recipes.

Check other recipes whether around the internet, in a cookbook, or on our site to look for a similar set of instructions. That will help you with all steps: prep, cooking and pressure release.

Overall, reduce cooking time.

A good rule of thumb is about 8 hours on Low, 4 hours on High in a Slow Cooker = 25-30 Minutes Manual in the Instant Pot.

Natural Release for even more “slow cook” time.

Naturally releasing the pressure will allow your original slow cooker recipe to sit and cook just a little longer, molding flavors and tenderizing meat. However, if you’re in a hurry, a quick release will do just fine!

Determine whether you will cook from frozen or from thawed.

Remember, you cannot cook meals in a slow cooker from a frozen state as it sits in the “danger temperature zone” for too long. You can only cook meals from frozen with an Instant Pot or other programmable pressure cooker.

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Crock-Pot VS Instant Pot - similarities and differences in these two appliances and how to do freezer cooking for both.