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Quick Start – Make One Freeze One Meal Plans

Let’s get ready to Freezer Cook!

If you decided to try us out and received your Make One Freeze One Mini Meal Plans, we know you’re stoked to get started.

Before you hit the grocery store, be sure to watch this Quick Start video from Founder and President, Tricia Callahan for important insight on how to have a successful first round of Freezer Cooking with Once A Month Meals!

Remember, go ahead and put your cooking day on the calendar! Once you schedule your cooking day, tell us about it in the community for accountability!

Don’t forget to read your page 2 Instructions for reference before you begin!

P.S. We want to follow your story!  Be sure to use hashtags:

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  1. I looked over your recipes and they will not work in our household. Mild Salsa is as spicy as we go never mind cayenne pepper sauce! Am going to try the last one this coming week and it sounds tasty

  2. The meals look great to my husband and to me! We went to purchase the food, tonight! How much does your menu service run? Could you Please include WW Freestyle 2019 point values? Does one particular group of your plans include the point values? If another type of menu has the points, please stitch me to that group. Again, a sincere thankyou!

    1. Hi Carol – We currently offer nutrition information (including freestyle points) for all of our recipes labeled “Diet, “Paleo,” “Diabetes-Friendly,” and “Keto” currently. For current pricing information, feel free to jump into our live chat on any page on our site.

  3. So excited (and nervous) to finally be Starting to actually trying “once a month” cooking. Recipes today, grocery tomorrow and the journey begins Wednesday! Here I go……..

    1. Yay Nan, we are so excited for you to start as well! Keep us posted on your journey and how things are going!!!!

  4. what are the names of those plastic containers? i love them! i always had problems with my containers leaking or not being able to see what’s in them (personal pet peeve). I’d love to order those! please tell me where I can do that thanks

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