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How to: Freeze Onions

When I was in high school I worked at a quaint sandwich/soup shop where one of my duties was to prep the fresh vegetables for the sandwich bar. I quickly learned waterproof mascara is my friend as I would “cry” and cry while peeling and slicing the onions. Since then I’ve had a love/hate relationship with onions. I love the flavor they give dishes, but I really dislike chopping them, so I frequently utilize my freezer to cut down on the work. They way I figure it, as long as I’m peeling and chopping one onion, I might as well peel and chop six, and save myself the need to chop next time I need onions.

Simply peel, and chop as you normally would (I personally love using a food processor), and then portion into freezer bags. (Refer to Tricia’s handy sliced and diced post for help on portioning.) Next time you need chopped onions, grab a bag from the freezer, thaw, and add to your normal recipe.


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  1. Lynda says:

    How is the texture of the thawed onions? Would you use them in any recipe or would they be best in certain preparations?
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Jennifer says:

    love this, do this all the time. advice: set up an assembly line outside! then the fumes won’t get to you. I use my patio table. I chopped, diced, sliced 20 pounds of onions a week ago – before it’s winter & I can’t do it outside any more.
    why so much? made french onion soup for the freezer, too! yay!

  3. Mandi says:

    I ran into this issue just last month. The amount of onion I had to dice had everyone in my house begging to go outside! It was awful. I just noticed I have 4 onions that need to be used up soon before they go bad and I will dice up and freeze for future use but found this tip on pinterest..

    Stop the waterworks that normally accompany chopping onions with a candle. The flame burns off some of the fumes and carries away the rest.

  4. Corbett says:

    How do you get a good chop in the food processor? I tried it last time and ended up with onion water.

    • Pam says:

      It might depend on the food processor…mine has a pulse setting that works pretty well. One of my other favorite tools for chopping onions is the Pampered Chef (there are probably other brands too) chopper.

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Does the onion lose any flavor after being frozen and thawed? I find that after even only a day or two in the fridge they lose some flavor, but maybe not when freezing? Thanks!

  6. Jessica says:

    My trick for chopping onions: Suck on a metal spoon. Before you ever cut the onion, put a spoon in your mouth, and don’t open your mouth until you’re done. (If you’re doing a ton of onions, when you need to remove the spoon to swallow or take a break you must leave the kitchen or you will start to cry on the next cut).

    I don’t know how it works, but it does. This is the only way I don’t cry when chopping onion, and I LOVE onion.

  7. Danielle Roe says:

    And these are the little ideas that I read your posts for. I don’t think of these simple things. My husband hates onions, and I love them. I’m always chopping like a quarter of an onion to cook separately. Then I gotta wrap the rest and store it, and I use onions in almost everything I cook myself. So I’m doing this process over and over again.

  8. Janet says:

    My friend recommended this site after she heard I’d spent a day cooking to freeze foods for about 3 weeks. I’m so glad she did – i have been browsing your site for over an hour now!!

    Question about freezing onions: any specific bags that you’d recommend using? I froze onions before (also hate cutting them up, and prefer to do them in the processor), and they made the freezer smell for quite some time, even though I sealed the bags properly. :/

    • Tricia says:

      I have had a little better luck with the freezer plastic or glass containers rather than the bags. If you use bags you might try double or triple bagging. Welcome to the site! And thank your friend for us for sending you. :)

  9. Sheila says:

    My mom, lovely woman that she is, bought me a Vidalia chopper a few years ago. When I’m chopping onions, I peel it, quarter it, and slam it through the chopper….far fewer tears. Not to mention, it’s quick, and you get all kinds of aggression out of your system slamming that top down. :D
    https://www.chopwizard.com/ (I’m including the link, in case anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about)

  10. Rebekah says:

    Awesome tip. I bought a 3 pound bag of onions last week for $1 so I have some onions that need frozen. You can chop them and ay them on a cookie sheet. Flash freeze them for a couple of hours and then bag them. They won’t stick together. Also, I learned another trick: if you don’t need to use all of the onion, leave the root end attached. Wrap it up and refrigerate it. Your refrigerator won’t smell like onions with the root on.

  11. Vicki says:

    Hello! I love this site. I am starting my cooking this weekend. I did this once before last year and it was amazing. I want to get back to a regular schedule doing it because I homeschool, take care of my elderly mother and have my own home business. I am very busy and I love cooking but never seem to have time. I have a question and it may be a dumb one but I need to know. If I plan to spend say $300 for these meals. Does this cover 3 meals a day for a month, 3 weeks? Do you find yourself going to the store for more shopping or just milk and bread? I am trying to do my budget and it is a tight one so I need to plan.

  12. Jean Williams says:

    I have been freezing onions for many years. However, I freeze them before I chop or slice. For very large onions I will cut them in half before freezing. Frozen onions DO NOT CAUSE TEARS and are very easy to slice, dice, etc.

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