Introduction to the Once a Month Meals Baby and Toddler Meal Plan

Welcome to Once a Month Meals Baby & Toddler Menu

This menu is especially for our tiniest OAMM members! The Baby and Toddler Menu has options for everyone from 4 months to 24 months old.  Menus are broken down by age groups so you can choose the one that fits your child. We have also categorized the menus by season, so that you can use the freshest seasonal produce for your little one.

Since this menu is a little different than our typical menu, there are a few things to keep in mind. The Baby and Toddler Menu is not released monthly as the other menus are. We have 15 different menus in all different seasons and age groups which should be sufficient for your needs during the baby and toddler years.

You will also notice that our 12-18 month and 18+ toddler menus are found on our Menus Page and can be customized with membership. However, all of the recipes and menus for 12 months and under are ONLY found on the Baby/Toddler section of our blog, where you will find printable resources for preparing each menu.

Types of Food Included:

Because these foods will often be your baby’s first taste of table food, we take great care to fill with the menus with healthy, unprocessed recipes. We begin with simple recipes so that you can learn what your baby likes and dislikes and monitor allergies closely. Menus increase in variety as the children get older, but we still focus on recipes that are both healthy and kid-friendly.

You can certainly opt for organic ingredients if that is your preference. If you would like to buy organic, but your budget is tight, you can consult the Dirty Dozen list to make the most of your organic purchases.

Here are some example of foods you will see on the different menus:

  • Early Start (4-6 months) – single ingredient purees of fruit and vegetables
  • First Foods (6-9 months) – single ingredient purees, simple blends of fruits and vegetables, and introducing proteins like chicken, beef, and beans
  • Help Myself (9-12 months) – continues with new combinations of produce, grains, and proteins, and introduces finger foods
  • Happy, Healthy Handhelds (12-18 months) – Here we introduce kid friendly and finger friendly versions of grown-up recipes such as sandwiches, soups, muffins, pizza, and more! We aim for healthy, balanced meals, and seek to introduce almost-big-kids to what the rest of the family is eating while still keeping recipes simple and convenient.
  • For additional resources, tips, and tricks, see the newly updated Baby/Toddler Series on the blog portion of our site.

Types of Food NOT Included:

  • We follow the recommendations for introduction of first foods and allergens, so you won’t see foods added before they are appropriate. Please consult your pediatrician with specific questions or concerns and use common sense based on your family history of food allergies.
  • Highly processed packaged foods (You will see some convenience items on the toddler menu.)
  • Salt or strong seasonings (We introduce these as appropriate to in the toddler menus.)
  • Excess sugar (You will not see sweeteners in the first foods, but they are introduced in moderate portions in the toddler menu.)

How to Use the Baby & Toddler Menu:

All of the menu documents are now found in an easy to use PDF format. Each menu is designed to feed one baby/toddler. If you have multiples (twins, triplets, or even a daycare), let us know and we can make documents just for you!

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