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OAMM Freezer Inventory Worksheet

On October 19, 2009 by Kelly

Sometimes it is difficult to keep track of all of the items that lurk in the frozen depths of your freezer.

Simplify meal planning by keeping track of freezer meals, produce, bulk meat purchases, and even the ice cream with our Freezer Inventory Worksheet.

Freezer Inventory Sheet
Pick a Date

Pick a date to complete your Freezer Inventory Worksheet. Put it on the calendar so that it becomes a consistent and regular habit. Once a month works well, but do it as often as you need to. The first of the month makes it easy to remember, but do what works best for you.

Take Inventory

Print off the Freezer Inventory Worksheet. Go to your freezer and take stock of what you have on hand. If you are doing an OAMM cooking day, keep your Freezer Inventory Worksheet handy so that you can write in dishes as you put them away (or after your long hard day of work).

Highlight “Need to Use Items”

Foods will diminish in quality the longer they remain in the freezer. Take note of the dates of items already on the list as you go through and update. If there are items that are getting near the end of their “life” highlight them so you incorporate them into your menu soon. You can even pull out these items and place them into the refrigerator to use in the upcoming week. Easiest meal planning EVER.

Check out this post from our Get Started series for more information on how long frozen items last. 

Put the List on Your Freezer

You want to make sure that your freezer list gets updated as you consume and purchase new items. Attach it to the freezer door and cross off items as you pull them to use. As you purchase or cook items, write them on the worksheet to keep your list updated. (Make sure that you keep a pen/pencil nearby as well).

These tips and worksheet should help you keep better track of the meals in your freezer and help you to put together your meal plans each week.


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  1. Hello! Can you please make this a pdf fillable form so that we don’t have to start over every time? Also, since you’ve added what you need on serving day to your recipes and such, can you add that to the sheet? I was about to start making one of these for myself from scratch, I may try to mock up what I mean! Thanks!

    1. Hi Amy, thanks so much for your feedback. I have passed along your suggestion to our editorial team for review. If we can make this a PDF fill-in form, we will let you know!

  2. Hey Amy! I created my own sheet that includes notes/serving day ingredients. Let me know if you want me to send it to you! I don’t think I can upload it here

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