Introduction to the Once A Month Meals Vegetarian Meal Plan

Welcome to the Once A Month Meals Vegetarian Meal Plan

Delicious freezer meals don’t have to focus on meat. Our Vegetarian Meal Plan provides a wide variety of appealing, flavorful, meatless recipes. Each meal plan will include 15 dinner recipes that will help simplify meal planning and make meatless meals convenient. We know that for some the choice to eat vegetarian meals comes from a desire to cut costs, so you will find these meal plans to be very budget-conscious.

Types of Food Included:

Recipes will be much like those found on the Traditional Meal Plan but meatless! We aim to make a vegetarian lifestyle convenient and family-friendly by providing dishes inspired by seasonal produce and meatless makeovers of classic dishes.

Here are some examples of main ingredients you will see on meal plans:

  • Plentiful, seasonal produce
  • Pasta, rice, quinoa, and other hearty grains
  • Variety of flours used in baked goods
  • Dairy
  • Meatless protein options such as eggs and legumes
  • Meat substitutes such as tofu or seitan
  • Occasional use of packaged or homemade meat alternatives such as vegetarian bacon or sausage (We do try to limit those that are overly processed or detract from the dish.)

Types of Food NOT Included:

  • Meat or seafood
  • Packaged foods or ingredients made from meat
  • Broths made from meat
  • If a recipe or meal plan is marked as vegan it will also exclude dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal byproducts.

Tips and Resources for our Vegetarian Meal Plan:

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