On September 22, 2013 by Erin Fullam

If you have ever followed even one menu on this blog you know that we ask our readers to be our test kitchens for our monthly menus. Our test kitchens help us work out the kinks, missing ingredients, and unclear directions on our monthly menus.

We rely on the goodness of your skills and feedback to make each month’s menus a success. We are currently looking for test kitchens for the next six months. If you are at all interested, please fill out this survey. Don’t worry, you get to indicate which menus you are interested in cooking and which times of the year you might be available. You also can decline if we email you to ask you for a month and something has come up. We understand, life happens.

What does a test cook need to be able to do:

  1. Be able to keep the menu TOP SECRET until the 1st of the month when it is revealed.
  2. Be able to cook the menu within 2 weeks of receiving documents in the given month you indicated. (For example: If you agree to be a test cook for the month of January you will receive a menu, say on January 5 and need to have it prepped, cooked, completed and feedback returned by January 20th.)
  3. You will receive a menu of 5-15 recipes, usually around 5 and we ask that you complete the menu as you receive it without substituting any recipes. If there is a recipe your family doesn’t care for you can always gift it to another. Also, if the menu is made up of recipes your family won’t eat you can indicate that and we will find another test cook so that you aren’t wasting food.
  4. Take notes as you go on amounts that were wrong or instructions that needed clarifying. Get notes to us within 48 hours of finishing.
  5. Contact us in an emergency or if you don’t know how to improvise a recipe.
  6. Acknowledge that there WILL be mistakes.
  7. Keep it top secret. (Did we mention that already?)
  8. Feel free to send us any questions beforehand.
Do test cooks get paid:
  • Test cooks receive complimentary membership (eventually PRO) during and beyond the duration of their test cook period.
  • We do not compensate for groceries. So please only volunteer if you would normally be doing this type of cooking anyway.

In the past we have been short on Vegetarian, Paleo and Gluten Free & Dairy Free kitchens so if you fall in those categories, we would especially love for you to volunteer.

Also, if you have filled out the survey before you will need to do it AGAIN! We need an update on availability. Thank you in advance and we look forward to working with many of you this coming year.