On March 6, 2012 by Kelly

Did you know that March 6th is National Freezer Food Day? Yea, neither did we. That is until one of my good friends sent me a message to ask if the queen of freezer food knew it was a national holiday. Good friend, don’t you think? So it got us thinking, what could we do to celebrate freezer food? Put out a free freezer cooking menu? No, we already do that. Tell people how to get started freezer cooking? Nope, we already do that. Give you a great recipe perfect for freezing? Nope, we already do that too. Hmm, what else could we do? Given that Pinterest is all the rage these days we thought we might celebrate Pinterest style with a little help from you. So here is how you can play along with us:

  1. Go to your freezer – what recipes do you have lurking in there? If you want, share a picture and/or the written contents with us on Facebook – right here to be exact!
  2. Pull out a freezer meal for dinner!
  3. Have you been procrastinating freezer cooking? How about choosing TODAY to get started!
  4. In the comments section below OR on our Facebook Page give us the link to YOUR favorite freezer cooking resource, recipe or product. It DOES NOT have to be from THIS website (although we would be flattered if it was).

We have created a Pinterest board and as you give them to us we will pin them to our board so that at the end of this day of celebrating we have a HUGE resource of freezer recipes from across the web. Later in the afternoon we are going to play “guess that freezer” on the Once A Month Facebook Fan Page too. Stay tuned for lots of fun!

Sound fun? I hope you will join us in the celebration – now get linking so we can get pinning!