Whole30 Journey: The Half-Way Point

Tricia's Whole30 JourneyTricia is half way through her Whole30 Journey. Hear all about cravings and her secret weapon in a jar!

I feel like I am running a marathon and I’m in the final mile (which no, I have never done). But in reality I just turned mile 13. What is it about hitting the second half of the 30 days that seems more tolerable? Perhaps it is the fact that the cravings start diminishing during this time period too? Before I get to talking about my current energy levels and where I am at now, let me return to days 11-15.

There is really no better way to put it. . .they were AWFUL. Honestly, I am not sure how I haven’t jumped ship. Well, maybe I can. If my husband wasn’t doing this with me, and I didn’t have a great support group (Anne, JessicaMandiHeidi, Tsh,KatieSarah, and more) I seriously would have been done by day 12. In fact, that day my husband and I had several conversations about who was going to pick up the pizza for dinner. I even secretly prayed he would surprise me and show up with one so that I could have a scapegoat for quitting this whole thing.

The cravings. Oh the cravings. Pretzels, chips, baguettes, pizza; these are my kryptonite. I wanted them all.the.time. I know as you see pictures of my meals you are likely thinking that it all looks great (or most of it) and you would eat it. I know I did. But darn it if your brain doesn’t try to trick you into the craziest foods during this whole thing. It is not for the weak of heart or those lacking discipline. But alas, we banded together, my husband and I.Whole30 Journey - cravings busters!

Do you want to know the thing that saved me from ordering two large Jets pizzas (you know so we didn’t have to share)? This Marinara Sauce – Victoria’s White Linen Collection Marinara – that I got at Costco. I am not lying. And NO THEY ARE NOT A SPONSOR. We discovered this marinara and fell in love before we started the Whole30. I was over the moon when I read the label and discovered there were no “illegal” ingredients. Over.The.Moon.

In those tight situations this week, I have warmed some spaghetti squash thrown some of that on top and added a protein/meat. It saved my life. It saved me from putting my face in a giant pizza. If you have a Costco near you, I implore you to get some before you get started on a Whole30. You will thank me later.

Okay, now onto what we learned, what we ate, and what we hope to be eating this week. (Just so you know, the meal plans are for me as much as they are for you as I regularly check my own blog posts to remember what we are eating). 😉 Feel free to follow my #whole30 journey via Instagram or my Whole30 recipe board on Pinterest.

Tricia's Whole30 Journey

What We Are Learning

  • Going this alone is not a good idea. Reinforcements are often necessary.
  • Plan some foods, or versions of foods that you know you are going to enjoy even if you want to experiment with new foods too. There will be days that you just CRAVE something you can’t have, and you should at least be excited about what is on your plate for the next meal.
  • Find some go-to easy items to use in cooking: marinara, etc.
  • In the absence of chips, bacon is a fabulous replacement as a vehicle for guacamole. Consume in moderation. 🙂
  • I love raw cashews that I toasted myself more than I like the store bought ones that are toasted and salted.
  • I do feel better and have more even energy throughout the day, but I don’t feel that I feel a whole lot different over all. Once I start adding in the illegal ingredients at the end again I might think differently. It is hard to tell.

Tricia's Whole30 Journey - Day 15Real Meals from our Whole30 Journey

For the most part we stuck to last week’s plan. A few nights we switched things around, and one meal is getting bumped to this current week.

Next Week’s Meal Plan

Some of the meals I wasn’t “feeling” or we moved around or bumped because I forgot to defrost them or turn on the slow cooker. 🙂 Also, we don’t get too creative about breakfast around here, I am just going to list breakfasts in a list to start with because they are basically the same.

  • Breakfasts – Scrambled or Fried eggs, omelets, bacon and/or sausage, avocado slices and occasionally Monkey Salad.
  • Day 18 (Sunday): Brunch – Eggs, sausage, bacon; Dinner – Seasoned Burgers, Sautéed Mushrooms, Grilled Squash
  • Day 19 (Monday): Lunch – Salad with Citrus Marinated Chicken; Dinner – Marinated T-Bone Steaks (adapting to be Whole3o compliant, post coming later), baked sweet potatoes, roasted cauliflower
  • Day 20 (Tuesday): Lunch – leftovers; Dinner – Sweet Potato Soup and Sweet Potato Chicken Hash (Didn’t end up doing this last week.)
  • Day 21 (Wednesday): Lunch –Buffalo Chicken Salad; Dinner – Ginger Salmon with Asparagus.
  • Day 22 (Thursday): Lunch – Out to lunch, probably Chipotle; Dinner – Chocolate Chili, avocados
  • Day 23 (Friday): Lunch – leftovers; Dinner – Grilled Seasoned Chicken, Guacamole, Sweet Potato Fries
  • Day 24 (Saturday): Lunch – leftovers; Dinner – Damn Fine Chicken with Cauliflower Mashed “Potatoes

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