Menu Plan Monday: The Week of Beef Edition

On June 11, 2012 by Kelly

Our local grocer had a great sale on their beef this week. Not the beef with the pink slime mind you, but the good stuff, the real good stuff.  So without husband in tow, I trekked to the store and STOCKED UP!  So eyeing the double digit pounds of beef in my fridge, I spent half of sunday prepping meals for us to eat this week and beyond!

Menu Plan Monday

From grilling burgers, to easy prep toddler lunches; we love beef this week!

MondayTex-Mex Burgers


  • Toddler Lunch – turkey sandwich on wheat bread with cheese, carrots & ranch
  • Dinner – Favorite Casserole, peachesTacos In A Sleeping Bag


  • Toddler Lunch – Pigs in a Blanket, pears, green peas
  • Dinner – grilled chicken breasts, fresh lettuce salad




  • Lunch –  out of town – kids’ fast food pick
  • Dinner – grill out at the neighbors


  • Lunch – Father’s Day lunch out
  • Dinner – New York Strips on the grill, baked potato

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  1. I’m kind of disappointed that a blog that I refer to often as a resource would use the incorrect term “pink slime” especially since that’s not what it is. I think using the correct term, LFTB would be more appropriate.

  2. I made the Tacos in a sleeping bag yesterday…oh my goodness, they are a hit! Not only were they super easy to make, but they taste amazing and everyone in my family loves them, 3 kids and daddy!
    Thank you very much!!!

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