Meet My New Kitchen{Aid} Staff!

On April 20, 2012 by Kelly

You have probably learned by now I am a bit of a tease. A month ago I start a tale about a fairy tale kitchen and then nada! How remiss of me. Let’s remedy that. KitchenAid OAMM Before and After Kitchen I have spent the last several weeks getting to know these fine ladies. They are a wonderful crew and I am beginning to wonder how I have ever lived without them. They really are making my time in the kitchen more efficient. I simply had no idea! I have been pouring over their owners manuals, polishing their edges, testing out their features and getting to know each and every one on a personal level. I’ve even decided to share with you their names. Yes, they have names. Any good kitchen staff does! This one is no exception. KitchenAid Stove First there is Greta. She is a beauty. She gets her name as a derivative of Gretal. She is so named because she is so cavernous that my children could easily fit inside her. (Don’t worry, there is no chance that will happen). You get the idea, she is spacious. I plan to give you a run down of all of her details very soon but for now you should note that she is the top-of-the-line, double oven range with 5 gas burners that make me sing as I make supper. No lie. She is a beauty. Greta. KitchenAid Refrigerator Next, there is Big Bertha. Oh Big Bertha, how did I ever live without your many shelves, special produce drawers, ice maker, water dispenser and deli drawer? She is so named because she is deep and wide and bigger than any refrigerator I have ever used. She is large and in charge and she is one of the most beloved members of my new staff. KitchenAid Dishwasher Then there is Tacy. Tacy means “silent”. And there isn’t a better word to describe her. She has some amazing features but none greater than the fact that you can’t ever tell if she is running. And I am not exaggerating. I turned her on the other day before a friend arrived for dinner. We spent time talking in the kitchen and having dinner. After dinner I said, “By the way, the dishwasher is running”. She didn’t believe me. 🙂 Tacy is that quiet. I am kind of stumped for names for our last staff member though. Do you think you could help me out? It really isn’t kind to have staff without names. Nothing has just popped out at me though. KitchenAid Microwave The beautiful microwave. She needs a name that means “sensitive”, or “feeling”, or something of that nature. She is a beauty. Nice and big, yet gentle and kind. She senses the food in her belly and adjusts accordingly. She makes popcorn to perfection, cooking each kernel without burning the multitude. She defrosts with ease. Got any good names that say all that? I hope so. I am stumped. Again, I will tell you a bit more about each of them in the coming weeks. They are amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled nor feel more blessed that they have joined our family. Disclosure: KitchenAid provided me with these appliances. I was not compensated for this post nor was I asked to name my appliances, I’m just that corny. All the opinions in this post are mine. Want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!


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      1. I have a KitchenAid dishwasher and an under the counter ice machine. I had to have both worked on within 6 months and the ice machine just flat replaced. I have been VERY disappointed with these KitchenAid appliances and will never buy another one of their major appliances.

    1. I had a Kitchenaid double wall oven, it never reached the proper temperature. I had the repair person in at least 10 times. The
      self clean stopped working and I was told since the oven does not
      show an error message, nothing could be done. I also had to replace
      my Kitchaid dishwasher, leaked and the door popped open when running.
      I will never buy Kitchaid again. These appliances were six years
      old, purchased in a new home for a gourmet kitchen.

  1. I SO wish I have a kitchen with these… but the name for the Microwave should be grace…because when you put something in you alos have time for a little “grace”….:)

  2. I want the fridge! Of course, then I would have to knock a bigger HOLE IN THE WALL of my kitchen to get her in. Yes, seriously. (What a mess.)The oven… Oh, a double oven! But the stove top? I’m a MESS. Stuff boils over. I do like my glass top for that reason. Wish there was a way to have the best of both worlds!

    1. Ha! With all those mouths you are going to NEED a bigger fridge. 🙂 And I wouldn’t give up my gas stove for anything. I will just have my husband clean up my mess. 🙂

    2. Amy,
      I used to have that double oven stove with the electric glass top. They do make them. I now have a gas stove, and I would never go back to an electric stovetop.

  3. Gorgeous! I don’t have a name for the microwave, but I know you’re going to enjoy all those beautiful new appliances!

  4. Adele, meaning “noble; noble kind; noble, soft, tender”. Adele is strong and dignified on the outside, but open her up and you can see her softer, warmer side, which provides perfectly tender homemade potato chips and warm water for baking bread. Adele also has a powerful voice, and uses it to sing out “beeeeeeep!”

  5. Its totally fine all of my “babies” have names. They totally fit them too. My BEAUTIFUL raspberry sparkle kitchenaid mixer’s name is Gloria…simply because she’s a diva.

  6. Serena would be a great name for your microwave. As soon as you described her, thats thr name that popped in my head and i couldn’t think of any more perfect.

  7. Oh Greta is my favorite and she is beautimus!! I so want a gas stove in my kitchen. Let us know how the double oven does. Have heard some positive and negative feedback on it but I think it looks GREAT!

  8. I so agree with naming your work mates. Only our washing machine has a name – Mabel. Maybe because I spend so much time with her. She came from a loving home who could not look after her anymore. (Her parents were old and went into full time care). Mabel is faithful.

  9. Maybe you need a Latin man to add a little heat to the mix & assist you in cooking some delicious nachos or queso in a hurry? In that case I’d consider “Senior Gonzales” (aka Speedy Gonzales) 😉

  10. Saw your post and about passed out with envy when I saw your new babies! I could do so much damage with that beautiful stove …sigh.. I too name my appliances and until now thought I was the only one. My best friend in the worldbis lovely yellow kitchenaid mixer! When I saw the new microwave the name that instantly came to mind as “Maggie”. Looked it up and it means ‘Pearl’…which sounds fitting, at least to me…lol..and Maggie sounds like a sweet soul..

  11. I’m thinking the microwave should be Michelle…or Mickey…as a derivative of mike-rowave :DPoppy as mentioned before is a good one…just a thought…

  12. Fun, Tricia! I have to say, I’m jealous mostly of Big Bertha. I dream of having a fridge with French doors up top, a full freezer below. Love it. Enjoy the new staff members!

  13. My submission for your Microwave name would be Micah (who resembles God). She seems to be a bit of a miracle worker. The whole set looks great, you have a beautiful staff.

  14. I too purchased an entire suite of Kitchen Aid products and was initially very excited. I have the exact same oven and was very dissapointed in the consistency of the temperature, and had 50 degree swings. I had to call for repair after, you guessed it a month or two out of the warranty period. Kitchen Aid customer service was heartless, and I paid $150 for an authorized repair guy to come out and go through the settings on the panel only to do a master reset, which the KA Cust service could have told me how to do, but did not. The oven still temperature swings.The $800 dishwasher does not clean as well as the previous $200 dishwasher, and runs twice as long to do so. It is quieter, but the results are poor.The microwave option panel rattles, and the ice dispenseron the fridge is the loudest and poorest performing ice drop unit I have had to date on a fridge.A lot of money for cosmetics for a name I thought I could trust.Very dissatisfied.I will not buy their products again, nor recommend them,, because the quality for the price is very poor.Sorry to have to tell the hard truth.Their customer service policy is horrible. I don’t think they stand behind thir propped up name implying quality.Hope others have better luck, butnfornthe rest, don’t get your hopes up.

    1. I hate to hear that this was your experience. We have had other products of theirs and been very happy. As for customer service, any situation I have dealt with has been met with great service thus far. And no, not because I am a blogger, several I talked to didn’t know I was a blogger writing about their product.

  15. I see her as Roberta Mae Sue O”Hara. Before you say anything, she is truly a belle, look at her! And,she is capable of handling any type of situation or food. After all, she cooks popcorn, warms up leftovers, lets you know the time, tells you how long to cook everything, she has it all going on. She is strong and proud and deserves a strong and proud name.

  16. I too have a kitchen of all KitchenAid appliances purchased when we redid our kitchen two years ago. I splurged on their duel-fuel stainless steel range with a “steam-assist” oven because I am a serious baker. I have to say I do love their appliances. I have however kept the range’s extended warranty going because I fear one day the steam won’t work or whatever, but so far, so good.
    And should we ever sell our townhouse, having all KitchenAid appliances clearly adds value in comparison to cheaper appliances, or even a mish-mash of higher end appliances.

  17. PS: Back in the late 1970’s (while in chef’s school), I saved up nearly $400 for a KitchenAid stand mixer (actually made by Hobart), and it works as well today as it did back then. I have most of the attachments and can grind my own meat and make my own ice cream. A real work horse. Funny that today, the price for KA stand mixer is just about the same as it was over 30 years ago.

  18. Don’t waste your money on kitchen Aid. Trouble with my stove not getting to temperature timely. Microwave turning on by itself. Don’t waste your money. The name is worth nothing in my book.

  19. I came across your blog while looking for name suggestions for my white kitchenaid mixer. I previously “fostered” a red mixer & called it Clifford (like the big red dog). Now that I have my own I’m struggling for a name.
    I definitely think these appliances need a name – especially considering how scarce they are here in Australia. We don’t get the lovely Bertha’s & Greta’s, Only mixers & blender here 🙁 The stand mixer alone retails for $799!!! Attachments are just as bad – I think the pasta set is close to $700 as well. Crazy! I’m hoping to buy my attachments online from the US when I can afford it as they’re much more affordable! As for your microwave… what about a sexy male name to heat things up in the kitchen? I think your other girls will enjoy that too 😉

  20. My home in NC has all Kitchen Aid appliances and I love them all except the stove. The stove is electric and has the solid buner’s. The top is hard to keep clean and the burners need constance upkeep.
    I adore my side by side frig. We purched it in 1988 and the only thing I’ve had to do is replace the gasgets around the door’s one time. Not bad for a 24 year old frig.
    I how home a home in OH and have just replaced the old stove with a Kitchen Aid dule fule confection stove/oven. The stove top is gas and the oven is electric. I love it.

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