On April 20, 2012 by Kelly

You have probably learned by now I am a bit of a tease. A month ago I start a tale about a fairy tale kitchen and then nada! How remiss of me. Let’s remedy that. KitchenAid OAMM Before and After Kitchen I have spent the last several weeks getting to know these fine ladies. They are a wonderful crew and I am beginning to wonder how I have ever lived without them. They really are making my time in the kitchen more efficient. I simply had no idea! I have been pouring over their owners manuals, polishing their edges, testing out their features and getting to know each and every one on a personal level. I’ve even decided to share with you their names. Yes, they have names. Any good kitchen staff does! This one is no exception. KitchenAid Stove First there is Greta. She is a beauty. She gets her name as a derivative of Gretal. She is so named because she is so cavernous that my children could easily fit inside her. (Don’t worry, there is no chance that will happen). You get the idea, she is spacious. I plan to give you a run down of all of her details very soon but for now you should note that she is the top-of-the-line, double oven range with 5 gas burners that make me sing as I make supper. No lie. She is a beauty. Greta. KitchenAid Refrigerator Next, there is Big Bertha. Oh Big Bertha, how did I ever live without your many shelves, special produce drawers, ice maker, water dispenser and deli drawer? She is so named because she is deep and wide and bigger than any refrigerator I have ever used. She is large and in charge and she is one of the most beloved members of my new staff. KitchenAid Dishwasher Then there is Tacy. Tacy means “silent”. And there isn’t a better word to describe her. She has some amazing features but none greater than the fact that you can’t ever tell if she is running. And I am not exaggerating. I turned her on the other day before a friend arrived for dinner. We spent time talking in the kitchen and having dinner. After dinner I said, “By the way, the dishwasher is running”. She didn’t believe me. 🙂 Tacy is that quiet. I am kind of stumped for names for our last staff member though. Do you think you could help me out? It really isn’t kind to have staff without names. Nothing has just popped out at me though. KitchenAid Microwave The beautiful microwave. She needs a name that means “sensitive”, or “feeling”, or something of that nature. She is a beauty. Nice and big, yet gentle and kind. She senses the food in her belly and adjusts accordingly. She makes popcorn to perfection, cooking each kernel without burning the multitude. She defrosts with ease. Got any good names that say all that? I hope so. I am stumped. Again, I will tell you a bit more about each of them in the coming weeks. They are amazing and I couldn’t be more thrilled nor feel more blessed that they have joined our family. Disclosure: KitchenAid provided me with these appliances. I was not compensated for this post nor was I asked to name my appliances, I’m just that corny. All the opinions in this post are mine. Want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!