On March 7, 2012 by Kelly

While I don’t normally purchase kitchen equipment that has one specific task, if I were just starting my family, this baby food maker by Beaba would be a handy appliance to have.  It steams and purees baby food, all in the same appliance – handy!  When I first read the instructions I was a little confused about how to use this appliance.  But with the help of my husband I realized my mistake and I pretty quickly steamed and pureed a pear.

Using the Babycook is as Easy as Four Steps

Pear in the BabyCookStep 1: Dice fruit or veggies and place in the cooking basket.  To try this out, I peeled, cored, and diced one pear.
Purees in the BabyCookStep 2: Measure the appropriate amount of water and pour into the steam compartment. The instructions include details about how much water to add for different types of fruits and vegetables.This is where I went wrong initially.  I must have completely skipped over the part in the instructions about the steam compartment until my husband pointed out my error!
Pear Puree in the BabyCookStep 3: Plug in the Babycook and turn the button towards steam.  At this point you just sit back and wait while your fruits or vegetables steam.  This step takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  When the food is ready the little orange light on the button shuts off.
Pear Puree in the BabyCookStep 4: Dump the cooked fruits or vegetables out of the steam basket and into blending bowl along with the cooking water.  Turn the switch to blend and puree to the consistency you want.

The instructions come with a handy chart detailing how much water you need to add for common fruits and vegetables.  It also came with a great recipe with some interesting baby food combinations for different age ranges.  The Baeba babycook would be a great addition to your kitchen if you want an easy way to prepare fresh purees for your baby.  If on the other hand you want to prepare larger amounts and freeze them, a larger food processor or blender would probably serve you better.  The steam and blending bowl are not very large and cannot accommodate the larger quantities that some of the baby food menus require.

Pear puree ready for baby.

Pear puree ready for baby.