On March 21, 2012 by Kelly

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a young (okay, not so young) woman and a man wed. Like most newly married couples they couldn’t wait to start their life together. They received lots of fabulous gifts from friends and family. Married Couple They began with their “starter” home and gratefully accepted hand-me-down appliances to get them started. Several years passed and their family grew. Growing Family And thus was born a small little freezer cooking website as a hobby to help other busy moms out. Once A Month Mom Freezer Cooking The blog grew, and so did the once a month cooking expeditions in this tiny little “starter” home kitchen.

 Once a month meals starter kitchen

The refrigerator started to groan in protest over its heavy loads. Leaking water throughout meant a makeshift catch bowl was needed internally to keep ice pools from forming. There was no working ice maker, so they filled tray upon tray daily.

Freezer ice cube trays

The oven was functional but a tad bit off temperature. And the dishwasher sounded like it was competing with the toddlers for attention.  And so the happy couple, drunk on their love and their small family of four, pined for a time when they might be able to have “big people” appliances. And the hobbiest blogger turned small business woman struggled through massive dishes to bring good treats to all that wished to indulge. Until one day, the appliance fairy godmother called with some exciting news! With the wave of a wand and a click of a url; this bloggers dreams were going to come true. Bright, shiny, new, state-of-the art appliances as only she had seen in far off places before. All hers. Well, theirs. And even though this blogger is about to enter into kitchen paradise, rest assured that this story is not yet over. As time carries on you will see, hear and maybe even touch these beauties. You will get to see what happily ever after looks like.

Disclosure: I was provided with appliances courtesy of KitchenAid. All the opinions are mine. All the opinions in this post are mine.  Want to know more about how I facilitate reviews, view my full disclosure policy!