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Baby & Toddler Food: Get Equipped

On September 5, 2014 by Tricia

Let’s take a look at some of the gear and gadgets available to help you tackle homemade baby food. With everything available these days, the process can be as basic or as high tech as you prefer. We’ll start with our favorite basics. From here, things can be more “Choose Your Own Adventure”.

Parent Powered

Regardless of your DIY intensity preference, a good knife is the place to start. We highly recommend this little prep set by Wüsthof. But if you are looking for a simpler and more budget friendly option these work just great for the multitude of chopping. Baby playing while parent is cooking

Saucepan and steamer basket – Whether you are boiling or steaming the food to prep for the purees, a medium saucepan is a must have. We prefer the solid steamer baskets over the collapsable ones.

Food mill – Food mills are a good alternative to food processors in this arena. They have multiple discs for different textures so you can make the puree smooth or lumpier depending on baby’s age. A food mill can also power through tough veggie skins and leave seeds and peels in its wake. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be whipping purees up left and right. If kitchen storage space is tight, a potato masher, ricer or mesh strainer will do in a pinch as well.

Gadgets Galore

Steamer – A more automated version of the stovetop variety mentioned above. You can set a timer and let it work it’s magic. This one is stainless steel so no BPA to worry about. Plus it will shut off automatically if the water gets too low.

Food processor – It slices! It dices! It makes julienne fries! Well, not really, but it is the wonder machine of any OAMM kitchen. The food processor is the most used appliance given real estate on our counters. It does prep on fruits and veggies before they are cooked and takes over where the stove leaves off. You could use a blender as well when it comes to pureeing. The consistency the food processor achieves is much smoother for picky babies.

Beaba Babycook makes freezing baby food easy

Baby Food Maker – It’s a blender, steamer, defroster and reheater all in one. With a 2 1/2 cup capacity bowl, it can’t handle large quantities but it does do it all.



With all this kitchen equipment talk, if you’re in the mood to do some gadget gawking, check out some OAMM favorites here. Overall think through what kitchen items you’d like to have on hand for your cooking day. Maybe it’s time to go spelunking in the recesses of your kitchen drawers for that potato ricer, or you call a friend to test drive equipment before making a purchase. Either way, a little forethought can make your first go round  less stressful. You could even buddy up with another parent and share some newfound adventures in baby food making for a playdate of your own.

More questions or ready to move on to the next stage?

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