On February 23, 2014 by Kim

Food is strongly associated with community. One of the goals of OAMM is to get you around the table with the people you love more often. For most that means sitting down with our families, the most basic building block of community. But we all long for meaningful relationships outside of that. We desire friends, peers, mentors and even those to whom we can reach out. Despite the constant stream of communication we receive from our numerous technological devices, truly connecting with those outside of our family can be surprisingly difficult. Let’s combine our needs (food), desires (meaningful relationships), and one of our favorite past times (freezer cooking) to kill a few birds with one stone: group freezer cooking!

The Benefits of Group Freezer Cooking

  • Variety – Try out lots of new ingredients and dishes, while keeping shopping and cooking simple.
  • Simplicity – Make only 1 or 2 recipes instead of the 12 to 15 called for on a regular OAMC Day.
  • Flexibility – Spread cooking time out as needed (i.e. cook a few meals each day).
  • Community – Build existing relationships or develop NEW relationships.
  • Service – Invite someone new, help each other out during difficult seasons (sickness, new baby, etc.), or make extra meals for someone in need.

Resources for Starting a Group

This is the beginning of a new series at OAMM with more resources to come. Stay tuned for posts on:
  • Getting Started including a Planning Worksheet, Invitation, and Member Survey.
  • Cost Tracking including a worksheet that calculates cost per meal and how much each member is owed or owes to the group after their purchases.
  • FAQs including staff videos and interviews with group swappers.

A Word On Community

YOU are all part of our community. We want to get to know you better and we want you to get to know each other better! If you have participated in group swaps, please share your experience with us in the comments below, on our Facebook page or Google+ page. Show us your pictures on Instagram. If you are just getting started with group swap, we welcome comments, questions and suggestions for new resources. How can we better serve you?