On December 11, 2011 by Kelly

We can’t have a Do It Yourself Gifts Week without including a post on gifting meals now could we? It is, after all, what we do! chillin for the holidaysI am not a crafty person, I clearly am not a decent baker either. But freezer meals? That is MY domain. Gifting meals can be a bit tricky but can be wonderful, none the less. Don’t underestimate the gift of making a busy family a home cooked meal. And let’s not forget pregnant moms, moms with a new baby, someone who just had surgery or an older couple (singleton) who find it difficult to navigate the kitchen these days. These are among the many that REALLY appreciate this gift you have of making freezer meals. It is great to have meals ready for an emergency that occurs in a family. No running to the store for ingredients, I only have to go as far as the freezer. It is such a relief to a family experiencing a crisis. gifting freezer mealsI always feel like my meals need a little dressing up so I recently did just that to my meals. To the casseroles I punched holes in the sides (recommended to do BEFORE you freeze the meal) and then when the meal was frozen and ready to go with a friend, I threaded it with some ribbon and tied bows around it. I also sent preparation cards and labels with each of the meals (not pictured) so that there was no guesswork on their part of what to do with the meal. If you are making meals in gallon ziploc bags or plastic containers there are almost always holiday themed ones that you can use. Or if you would like, set the kids to adding festive stickers or messages to the bags/containers, on the outside, before you freeze them and add a personal touch. Then the whole family can get it on the activities. gifted freezer mealsAfter you have decided that you will gift a meal and to whom, the next question is what to gift. Here are some of my favorite meal combinations to have on hand for friends and family during the holiday season and just about any time.

Traditional Meals:

Whole Foods Meals:

Diet Meals:

Gluten Free Dairy Free Meals:

Vegetarian Meals: