On February 14, 2011 by Kelly

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope that no matter what life has brought you in the way of love and heartbreak that on this day you can find someone to pour some love into. It doesn’t have to be that “Mr. (Mrs.) Right” but simply the lonely neighbor, young teen girl you met last week that seems to be struggling, or those crazy toddlers that call your toy-strewn living room their home! Today is a day to simply spread some love. This is a busy week around Once A Month Mom land. I am excited that you and I have several opportunities to connect this week. So don’t forget to mark your calendars for these upcoming opportunities. I would love some of your Valentine love by seeing you participate. Here is a reminder about what opportunities I am talking about and when to mark your calendars for:

Menu Plan Monday

Johnny Marzetti with Cheesy Noodles

Monday – Hubby is surprising me with some sort of Valentine’s Date Night. TuesdayJohnny Marzetti with Cheesy Noodles, peas Wednesday – Dinner with HC – I’m taking guacamole Thursday – Chicken Ranchero Bake with Spanish Rice (recipes coming soon) Friday – At a blogging event at my favorite place on earth. Anyone know me well enough to guess where we are headed? Saturday – Still at blogging event.

Dinner – Ordering Pizza

Sunday – Sandwiches

Dinner – Mom’s Enchiladas, guacamole, fruit salad

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