On December 30, 2015 by Erin Hellner

Get Started Freezer Cooking - 10 Step Guide Infographic

Monthly Freezer Cooking Made Simple

We wrote this post for anyone who needs a big picture view of freezer cooking. In it you will find 10 steps to get started freezer cooking.

So if you are…

  • New to Once a Month Meals and want to get started freezer cooking,
  • New to freezer cooking with Once a Month Meals
  • Have been reading about freezer cooking but can’t seem to figure it all out,
  • Or you want to start freezer cooking, but not sure how or if you want to commit to the effort

Then welcome! This post is for you!

We know that you are bursting with all kinds of questions about freezer cooking and about how our system of monthly cooking really works and we want to help you start answering those questions and get started freezer cooking.

Once a Month Meals gives you everything you need to shop, prep and cook a bulk of your monthly meals in just one day—and freeze those meals for when you want to eat them.

Now, we understand, that might sound like a lot to take on. But trust us. We’ve been in your shoes.

We are real people with crazy kiddos clinging desperately to our legs. We have real lives, and have tried to prepare a meal as fast as possible in between work and our wanna-be social life. And yes, we’re those people trying our best not to eat the bag of chips staring us down in the pantry. We get it.

Meal planning and eating well are really hard. No matter how you slice and dice it, it takes effort and work to make it happen.

We’ve created a system to help you achieve your food goals and make time for what matters most to you by making a monthly freezer cooking day a doable task. Take a look at our infographic and learn more about the simplicity of Once A Month Meals and monthly freezer cooking today!

Find more information here about How it Works or here about How to Join! Or skip down past the graphic to find more resources to help you get started freezer cooking.

Get Started Freezer Cooking with the 10 Step Guide Infographic

 More Resources to Help You Get Started Freezer Cooking