Introduction to the Once A Month Meals Diet Meal Plan

Welcome to the Once A Month Meals Diet Meal Plan

There are many who love to once a month cook, but don’t love all of the calories of the Traditional Meal Plan – our Diet Meal Plan is just for you!

How Do We Label “Diet”?

The Diet recipes are family friendly favorites that have been adapted to help you lower your fat and calorie intake and control portion size. Each recipe included will contain nutrition information calculated by our Registered Dietitian.

Our diet meal plans are made up of a variety of dinner recipes will help make dieting and meal planning simple and convenient.

Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers Freestyle Points are included with all diet recipes. Recipes range from 0-12 points per serving. Points are calculated as accurately as possible by our dietitian. However, Once A Month Meals is not associated with Weight Watchers, so please use your own Weight Watchers tools to ensure your personal point calculations are correct.

**We are aware of the recent changes to Weight Watchers SmartPoints and the update to Weight Watchers Freestyle. We are currently in the process of updating our recipes to reflect those changes. Categories with freestyle in the title have the updated Freestyle Smart Point values. Recipes in the category Wwsmartpoints are currently under review and have old SmartPoint values. If you have a question about whether the SmartPoints have been updated on a specific recipe, we can connect you with our Registered Dietitian who will be able to provide you with that information. Simply email us at We appreciate your patience as we work to make these updates for you!

Types of Foods Included:

No matter your dietary preferences, we have diet recipes that will work for you! Many of our diet recipes are much like those found on the Traditional Meal Plan but with a healthy twist. However, we also have a wide variety of diet recipes for those interested in real food recipes, vegetarian meals, or for those with food allergies.

Our goal:

Our goal is to provide you with delicious recipes to help you easily meet your diet goals. In our diet meal plans you will find tasteful variety, well-balanced ingredients, and appropriate portions to fit your lifestyle. To keep your diet and your budget balanced, you will see seasonal produce and sale items on this meal plan. We aim to include affordable, mainstream ingredients, but you may occasionally see some specialty items.

Here are some examples of main ingredients that you will see:

  • Lean protein such as chicken/turkey breast, pork, fish, lean cuts of beef, and legumes
  • Whole wheat flour
  • Low-carb baked items such as breads and tortillas
  • Moderate portions of rice, pasta, and high fiber grains
  • Plentiful produce
  • Low-fat versions of dairy items
  • Low-fat or reduced sugar versions of packaged items (mayo, jellies, etc.)
  • Limited use of sugar

Types of Foods Typically NOT Included:

  • High fat dairy items
  • High calorie/high fat cuts of meat
  • Other foods (packaged or other) with high fat, calorie, carbohydrate, or sugar content per serving

Tips and Resources for our Diet Meal Plan:

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