Introduction to the Once a Month Meals Traditional Menu

On August 21, 2013 by Debbie

Welcome to the Once a Month Meals Traditional Menu

The Traditional Menu is the original Once a Month Meals Menu. It is our longest running menu and often our most popular.  The original intent is still the same: that the “traditional” or “average American” family gets to the dinner table together. It is full of family friendly recipes and comfort foods, but this goes way beyond casseroles. We aren’t too fussy about this menu, but we do try to provide you with a wide variety of options while making meal planning simple and convenient. To that end, you will find each menu has 15 dinner recipes. 

Types of Food Included:

This menu will include classics such as lasagna and chicken pot pie. We will also try to spice it up sometimes, but not too much so that everyone can enjoy it! We base all of our menus on seasonal produce and sales so that you can have the best flavor at the best prices. As this menu is for the “average” family, we aim to keep it budget friendly, so you will not see expensive specialty items here. We also value your time, so if there is a convenient store-bought option, we will use that instead of cooking every item from scratch.

Here are some examples of main ingredients you will see on this menu:

  • Seasonal produce
  • Meats – mainly chicken, beef, and pork, and occasionally seafood
  • Pasta, rice, and other hearty grains like oats
  • Legumes (we will use canned beans for convenience)
  • All purpose flour and white sugar for baked goods
  • Eggs
  • Dairy
  • Pantry staples such as packaged mixes, soups, broth, and sauces

Types of Food NOT Included:

We really aren’t too picky when it comes to the Traditional menu. We try to provide healthy, balanced meals, but there really aren’t any restrictions here. If your family has any food restrictions, please take a look at one of the other menus we offer for various health needs.

Tips and Resources for our Traditional Menu:

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