On December 19, 2016 by Kim


Last week we gave you some rules for frugal meal planning and grocery shopping this year. Now that you know the principles, here are a few recipes to get you started!  Don’t forget, if you have a membership, you can use Swappable to create a custom menu of your favorite budget friendly recipes!

Use these 20 budget friendly freezer recipes to save more money this year!

Grilled Cilantro Lime Chicken

Simple Recipes

Peak Produce Picks - Sweet Potato

Meatless Recipes

Budget Friendly Freezer Recipes

Bonus Tips: Make it Yourself!

Sometimes making an item from scratch is more frugal (and more healthy) than buying the package, especially if you are making one of those “Oops, I forgot the _____” trips. I don’t know about you but those trips for me always result in extra money spent on impulse buys and gas. I love having these items on hand in my freezer when I need to make a quick dinner out of thin air.

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