Mother’s Day Instant Pot Giveaway!

On May 7, 2018 by Kelcey Flynn

{This giveaway is now closed!}

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Help us take the pressure off mom in 2018 with a Mother’s Day Instant Pot Giveaway!

At Once A Month Meals, we’re in the business of supporting moms the other 364 days a year using freezer meal planning. Pair that with an Instant Pot (aka cook from frozen) and it’s a match made in heaven!

Every mom, grandmother, stepmother, and “like a mother” can tend to bear the brunt of preparing the bulk of the meals for their families. And let’s be honest, all moms love the thoughtful cards, chocolates, flowers, and maybe even the special breakfast-in-bed. However, have you ever thought about gifting her something that supports her throughout the rest of the year?

Why not give the mom in your life the tools she needs to make meals ahead of time, so she actually has time for what really and truly matters to her at the end of the day?

That’s why we’ve decided to giveaway an Instant Pot 9-in-1, 6QT in honor of Mother’s Day! Because moms are worth celebrating.

And friends, even if you don’t win, you can easily purchase her a membership to our site (as low as only $16!) so she has access to a meal planning system that wants to make the most of her money, ingredients, time and sanity.

Win an Instant Pot 9-in-1, 6QT!

Includes 9 functions (same as 7-in-1 6QT plus cake and eggs), and holds up to 6 quarts, great for 4-6 servings!

Functions include:

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Rice cooker
  4. Sauté
  5. Steamer
  6. Warmer
  7. Yogurt maker
  8. Egg cooker
  9. Sterilizer …all in ONE! (it even makes cake too!)

Reasons Once A Month Meals Instant Pot Freezer Cooking is great for moms:


How to Enter

1. Comment below on this post on how an Instant Pot would help the mom in your life this Mother’s Day!

What would an Instant Pot allow her to do more of?

  • Save money?
  • Eat out less?
  • Make healthier choices?
  • Spend less time cooking?
  • Try out freezer cooking?
  • Start a hobby?
  • Spend more time with her family?

No matter the reason, share with us how you think an Instant Pot will help improve her time spent meal planning!


2. Subscribe to our Newsletter! (+ get a FREE meal plan!)

You’ll receive a Free Mini Freezer Cooking Menu just for signing up!

We promise we won’t bombard you with spammy emails. Seriously, no one likes that. We promise to provide only the best tips, tricks, recipes, menus, meal plans and more to get you cooking faster and saving time like never before!

If you are already subscribed, let us know in your comment below!


3. Comment on one, or both, of our Facebook LIVES this week to learn more about Instant Pot Freezer Cooking!

Watch and respond to our Mother’s Day Giveaway Facebook LIVES about Instant Pot Freezer Cooking!

  1. Join our team member Kelcey on Monday, May 7th at 12PM EST to talk about the contest and why Instant Pots and Freezer Cooking are MADE for each other. (Plus her favorite products including a few tips and tricks!)
  2. Or you can join both Kelcey and Ricki on Thursday, May 10th at 11AM EST while they show you HOW to prep frozen meals specifically for the Instant Pot. (You’ll see the process from start to finish from prep to freezer!)

We love to help encourage and educate you on how to use your Instant Pot with Freezer Cooking! So invite your friends, YOUR MOM and more to chat with us LIVE!

Comment with a question you may have, ways you’ve used your Instant Pot, things you’re excited to try, tag a friend, and more! (These comments can be LIVE or after if you want to watch the replay!)

Come join us as we share recipes, meal plans, tips, tricks and more!

*Each comment, tag, or share is an entry!

4. Comment on this Instagram Post by tagging a friend or mom you think needs an Instant Pot!

Do you know a friend or maybe your own mother, who is on the fence about the Instant Pot? Comment on this Instagram post by tagging them in your comment so they can learn about Instant Pot cooking as well as get in on the giveaway action!

Feel free to comment more than once and tag multiple friends and multiple moms! *Each comment, tag, or share is an entry!

The Fine Print

There are a 4 ways to enter the giveaway. No purchases are required. You are also not required to follow or like Once a Month Meals on social media. However, you may wish to do so in order to automatically receive notifications about the event instead of having to remember to check back in.

You do not have to be a Once a Month Meals member to participate either. If you wish to freezer cook and need some resources, but you aren’t quite ready to sign up for a membership, try a FREE mini menu on us when you sign up for the Once a Month Meals newsletter.


  • Anonymous comments to this post will not be counted as valid entires.
  • You must have a Facebook account in order to comment on either of the LIVE videos. This will give you one entry. Additional entries for posts to the page or responses to the Facebook LIVE will increase your odds of winning, but are not required.
  • You must have an Instagram account in order to comment on our Instagram post. This will give you one entry. Additional entries of commenting, following or tagging will increase your odds of winning, but are not required.
  • Eligible for a winner in the US or Canada. We will not be able to ship the Instant Pot overseas.


  • We will choose winners using a random generator after combining blog post comments, Facebook comments, Instagram tags and newsletter subscriber lists.
  • Winners will be announced within 72 hours of the close of the contest (12 PM EST May 11, 2018).
  • We will notify winners via Email, Facebook private message or Instagram private message. Winners must respond within 7 days to claim their prize.

Again, there is no purchase necessary to win this giveaway. Sorry, but this giveaway is void where prohibited by law. Finally, all winners will be chosen at random. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. The Instant Pot being given away has NOT been provided and is not in any way associated with the brand Instant Pot.



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  1. Saving money by eating out less and saving time by cooking hot fresh and fast!

  2. My mom would love this to help her prepare healthy meals with little effort on a daily basis.

  3. I love my IP so much I just bought a second one… But I would LOVE to be able to gift one to my bonus daughter’s mom. She is in a wheelchair and has trouble reaching the stove, so an IP would make a huge difference <3

    1. I so need one off these! I love to meal plan. This would save so much time and freezer space!

  4. It will help save money by not eating out all the time when you are short on time, make more nutritious meals for my family, and by make a larger portion it will create easy freezer meals to!

  5. My Mom needs this to help her make healthier decisions that are easy no excuse meals. Plus she’s the best Mom I could ever hope for and would be so appreciative of a gift like this.

  6. I love my IP! I have meals ready in minutes that are healthy and allow me to spend time with my family!

  7. Eating healthy by not going out as often. Also cooking a great variety of tasy meals is a shorter amount of time.

  8. I’ve been curious about the InstaPot for a while now… I would LOVE the chance to try it out for my family of 5 🙂

  9. This would be a great way to cut back on eating out knowing I can get a healthy dinnner in the table fast and not have to order out again.

  10. I make slow cooker freezer meals usually and I never seem to remember to take the meal out to thaw or start the meal. So, cooking a freezer meal from frozen will help my inability to be prepared in advance.

  11. I would gift this to my mom to help her eat healthier and spend less time in the kitchen

  12. It would allow her to cook kid friendly, healthy meals in half the time! More time to spend with kiddos! 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  13. My mom has taken an interest in my IP, ever since she put the first bite of my cheesecake in her mouth! An IP would help my mom cook more, spend less time cooking, eat healthier (not out of boxes), and enjoy her meals again.

  14. I love how easy and simple the cooking is in the Instant Pot. Chicken comes out easier to shred then normal cooking method. I have a friend that is a new single mom and would benefit from having one.

  15. MY mom has health problems that make it hard for her to stand and cook healthy meals. This would allow her to cook easy, healthy meals even on the days she is not doing good.

  16. We are so busy, having an option for quick meals will save so much time! Less time eating out!

  17. I have been wanting one of these for a bit now. It would be a great asset to my attempts at once a month meal planning/prepping/cooking. I manage an adult foster care home and I cannot think of a better way to spoil those who are here living out their golden yrs. I would love to gift one to my niece, who is a young mom. How great would it be for her to have more time with her babies yet be able to prepare nutritious means for them.

  18. My Mom loves using mine when she visits & sees how healthy and useful it is in freezer cooking. I would love to gift this to her, so they can eat healthier, do meal preps and spend less time in the kitchen!

    1. Also already a member of OAMM and I love getting the newsletter along with tips, tricks, recipes, menus, meal plans ideas. Helps make cooking/meal planning so much easier!

  19. I have been a OAMM subscriber for years. Now that I have an instant pot, I am able to go from freezer to table in less than an hour and love it! I want my mother to have the same no hassle dinner freedom that I do!

  20. I love my instant pot! My mom needs one so she can save herself done time in the kitchen!

    I’m already subscribed.

  21. I have heard so much about the IP and really think it would help me in planning our menus which would save money which would benefit us financially by not eating out so much. We all know how much healthier it is to know what we are eating. On the plus we have you and your plan to help us .

  22. My sister would be a great mom to win this instant pot. She’s a hard working mama and could use some help in the kitchen.

  23. My mom watches my two young daughters for me while I’m working. She also helps me cook my meals once a month. She definitely could use an instant pot to help give herself more time to garden, paint, and enjoy her own life!

  24. My daughter is a new, first-time mom, and could really use this to save time in the kitchen so she can spend more time with her daughter. 🙂

  25. Save on cooking time and gain on flavor! Will cook more often and therefore save money by getting takeout less!

  26. This would make my daughter’s life so much easier! Hubby has been out of work going on two years, 3 young children and sole breadwinner for the family…she is one tired Mama!

  27. I would love the mom in my life to try this! I think it would be a blessing to her Very busy life!!!

  28. I have heard so much about the Instant Pot. Sounds like between OAMM and an Instant Pot, this single working mom of 3 would hit the jackpot!!

  29. I am the mom that I would love to win this for! For the most part I am core to my family and I run the kids here and there (yes, no help from my husband at all). Dinner many times is the quick french fries sadly. I think a IP would make things simple!

  30. We’re making a HUGE life change – moving out of state, my mom moving in with us, new jobs, new schools X 3 kids. I can’t even imagine how we’re going to get it all done but I know this would be an incredible tool in our arsenal.

  31. The way this would help the most is cooking from frozen . But I want to try all the great ways this would help .

  32. It would allow me as a mom to help my husband and family more. Since I have 3 chronic nerve diseases , that interfere with allowing me to help in the kitchen as much as I used to. My husband has to pick up the slack, and he does. But this would help allow me to do more, help us eat healthier too. I know others appreciate the factors of ease and health it allows for too.

  33. I would love to win this for a good friend. She has 6 kids, so an instant pot would be very handy at meal time.

  34. It would really help my family. It would allow me to help in the kitchen more. I have 3 nerve diseases that cut in to my kitchen time. This would make things so much easier.

  35. This would cut my time in half! I’ve never used a pressure cooker but I’ve heard great things. My question is, is the consistency of meals the same as if you were to cook at a normal time? Like does it affect food like a microwave?

    1. Hi Christina — Great Question! So items like roasts do really well in the Pressure Cooker, they are super moist and delicious. Pork chops and chicken can be a little tricky, just have to get use to it so it doesn’t dry out. So it’s just a learning curve. There are some different textures cooking with a pressure cooker, but it just takes trying it out to get use to what your family likes and doesn’t like cooked in your Instant Pot. I love cooking pasta in it. I made a one pot meal last night and cooked it for 4 minutes and had a delicious meal on the table! Hope this helps!

  36. I would LOVE an Instant pot to save time. I’m a single mom working full time and by the time i get home i dont want to sit in front of the stove cooking for an hour. It would be so nice to set it and help the kids with homework and other stuff that needs to get done. Happy Mother’s Day to all you beautiful ladies!!!

  37. I would love to give this to my mom to help out on those days that a good hearty meal is needed but no time to be had. Thank you!

    I am also subscribed to the newsletter.

  38. We are a little league family so we are at the field at least 4+ times a week so this wonderous device would allow us to still have nutritious meals quickly and easily before, after or to take with us on those hectic days and nights! This would make this baseball Mom’s life so much easier 💯⚾️😊

  39. I recently had a baby and had to move in with my parents. My adult sister who has epilepsy also lives with us. My mom is a super mom who does everything. She works full time, cooks dinner, helps with the baby and keeps a smile on her face. An instant pot would save her so much time and money. We all could plan healthy meals and make it a family thing. It would put a big smile on her face.

  40. An instant pot would help my family eat healthier, save money and time. My mom would be able to have a little time to herself.

  41. Oh man what a great idea to have pre-done frozen meals and use the instant pot to cook them!!! Great ideas!!

  42. I would love to have an IP to have time to focus on my kids with patience during the witching hour when I’m otherwise scrambling to prep supper.
    I am already subscribed to the newsletter and get tons of good information from it!

  43. I am a pastor with an irregular schedule. My husband and I end up eating out several times a week. This is not good for our budget or our bodies. We need a simple way to eat healthy at home despite our schedules.

  44. With a baby who pulls all my attention, it’s hard to plan meals in advance. I’ve been eyeing up an instant pot for a while now, thinking that would be a great solution to my “always forgetting to thaw meat” problem! My husband has been successfully lost 75 lbs in the last year, and an instant pot would help us continue to raise our daughter with healthy eating habits.

  45. The instant pot would help with the grocery budget, making healthier meals and less take out food.

  46. I would give it to my mother in law- they are trying to eat healthier and this would help

  47. As a mom of three grade-school children and a toddler, that works full-time, holds a position in her church, and is just trying to make sure everyone is fed a healthy meal, my sister in law would really get some good use from an instant pot!

  48. Our daughter-in-law is expecting her third baby soon…I would love to give her an Instant Pot to help this busy mama save time in the kitchen.

  49. The mom in my life that needs an Instant Pot has a toddler, is expecting another little one, and needs all the help in the kitchen she can get (I’m not sure she knows how to make pasta, even!). An IP would help her save money and save her sanity!

    I’m already subscribed to the newsletter, thanks!

  50. My step-mom has yet to discover just how amazing an instant pot is. It would save her so much time, especially on Sunday when she has to feed a crowd.

  51. My youngest daughter would be the perfect one to receive this instant pot! She’s a hard working single mom that does so much to help others.I have one and love it more everyday!

  52. The instant pot will help me by being able to cook from frozen! I’m the worst about remembering to thaw my meals ahead of time.

  53. My future sister-in-law told me at the surprise birthday party she threw me that she wanted an Instant Pot for Christmas. I love mine but would love to gift one to her now to feed my brother & her children & grandchildren!!

  54. Thank you for this contest! I am already subscribed to the newsletter, too. I love the recipes that are shared. I am gearing up to do some freezer cooking. I used to go to a make ahead kitchen and prep 10 to 12 meals at a time, but it seems like they’ve all gone out of business. This might be what I need to get back into making meals ahead and saving time each day after work.

    Happy Mother’s Day to you all, too!

  55. I need to get back to making meals in advance. I used to go to an off-site kitchen to make 10-12 meals at a time, but they all seem to have gone out of business. Thanks for doing this!

    Happy Mother’s Day to you all, too!

  56. We are big rice and bean eaters. I love how fast the insta pot could have dinner ready for our family, giving the mom (me!) maybe a little down time?

    1. Laura, those are my FAVORITE things to make in the iP! HIGHLY recommend friend! 💕

  57. This would be a great gift for my family and I. We are expecting our 3rd baby just after mothers day. I will be having a lengthy recovery as this will be a repeat cesarian. This would be a great help with meals.

  58. I love that you can cook frozen meats in it! I can’t tell you how many times I forget to thaw meat for dinner and have to come up with something else. Huge time and sanity saver!

  59. Being able to either set a timer to have dinner ready when you get home, or have dinner ready fast after getting home! Plus the menus for instant pot look delicious!

  60. This would be a game changer for my mom and dad. They need convenient healthy options.

  61. My mom is the best mother and grandmother ever! If I had an Instant Pot, I’d cook for her every chance I get and would be happy to do so.

  62. An instapot would really help my Mom who has been fighting ovarian cancer for the last 9 months. It would allow less time on her feet in the kitchen and would be simple enough that my 80 year old Dad could help with meals

  63. I am a busy mother and grandmother who works 50 hours a week outside of the home and struggles to get dinner on the table after a long day. The Instant Pot as well as a subscription to Once a Month Meals would help take the “meal stress” off my plate.

  64. I am a busy mother and grandmother that works 50 hours a week outside the home. I struggle with getting dinner on the table quick at the end of the day for 3 adults and 3 grandkids. Winning the Instant Pot would be such a blessing that would take the “dinner stress” off my plate and replace it with a good meal.

  65. Many of the reasons you listed would be why I, as a mom, would love an Instant Pot.
    Since I also recently left my job saving money and eating out less is very important. I also need to make healthier choices.
    I would love to spend less time cooking while also trying out freezer cooking. I did once a month meals a long time ago and they were fabulous for my family.

  66. Would love for my mom to win this instant pot because she has little counter spaces in her RV and she loves everything I make in mine. From beans, boiled eggs, frozen chicken and much more…
    I got mine second hand but I love all the food I can make in there find my self cooking more at home 🤗

  67. It would be for my wife the best mom for my little girl. We are now expecting a second girl and this would be amazing just like she is.
    Thank you

  68. Healthier meals! Meal planning is a struggle, and this would definitely help with the procrastination factor.

  69. My momma friends would appreciate this to save time and eat healthy, especially during summer months so they can spend as much time outside and in the garden with family and friends as possible!

  70. Oops…I commented, but forgot to say that I already have a subscription to your newsletter.

  71. I would love to give the instant pot to my MIL, she uses to cook using an old pressure cooker but it broke! It would save her time and make her life easier plus she could try freezer meals to add to her healthy menus.

  72. My daughter is due anytime with her second baby. I feel like the IP would be such a help to her to be able to take care of her family with healthy meals even in a time crunch with new baby responsibilities.

  73. This will help my mom so she can cook less. It seems she is always in the kitchen. She deserves to relax a lot more!

  74. I’d love the chance to try out an Instant Pot! We are getting ready to move and I can totally imagine how easy it would be while we are in packing boxes too!

  75. I would love to have an Instant Pot to help prepare meals for our family of 7. I work full time, so this would greatly reduce the time it would take to make exceptional meals.

  76. My Mom works full time and volunteers so this would definitely help her get a lot of meals done quickly–she would love it!

  77. My mom is the best! She is on disability because her back is really bad and a few other problems that have kept her from working. I go over once per week and make a few meals to add to the freezer for her and my dad who is older then her and doesn’t get around very well.
    They love that I come do this for them so they can just warm it up in the microwave. However everyone knows that Microwaves dry out meats which makes them tough to eat.
    Your IP would be the answer to them enjoying their meals I make for them. They have done so much for me over the years and I have now been early retired do to my disabilities. The IP would be great to make me and my son a few meals to so my son could heat them up for his meals. He would then be able to enjoy a healthy homemade meal.

  78. I would love an Instant Pot! As a pain disabled single mom it would make it *so* much easier for me to be able to provide variety & nutritious meals for us.

  79. An instant pot would help my Mom prepare quick and healthy meals. She is recovering from a heart attack and this would help take the pressure off when it comes to preparing dinners.

  80. Sandra Bonin

    Thank you so much for the Instant Pot giveaway. It would be such a great BLESSING to win this for myself. I’m disabled and have to use a walker constantly. I can’t even cook because I can’t even stand long enough at the stove. So my husband who works full time has to come home and do all the cooking so we usually end up eating fast food that of course isn’t good for us. And we both want to loose some weight and eat healthy so this would be so great for us. That way he could do the cooking on the weekends and then freeze the meals. And then during the week he can just put the meals in the Instant Pot from the freezer when he gets home and I could probably even do it. And that would give us more time together. Thank you in advance.
    Happy Mother’s Day to all of Mom’s out there reading this.

    P.S) I am also signing up for your newsletter now.

  81. a new instant pot would be so helpful for us, it would allow dinner to be ready much faster!
    *already subscribed and a member*

  82. Already subscribed to the newsletter. The instant pot saves time, decreases the heat in the House by cooking in the instant pot versus the oven. And you can decide last minute what to make for dinner and cook from frozen super fast!

  83. It would actually be a gift for my daughter-in-law. She is the mother of two active boys and works full time. She could have supper on the table in record time and be outside playing or helping with homework! My Mom is 86, not really into learning new techniques.

  84. An Instant Pot would help the mom in my life to spend less time cooking and more time with her kids! It would also help her to save money and feed her family healthier meals by eating at home more often instead of resorting to fast food. It would be so helpful!

  85. I have already subscribed to the OAMM newsletter. I think an Instant Pot would be a great addition to my own kitchen as a mom of two little girls, because it would allow me to cook healthy meals in less time for all of us!

  86. I would love to win an Instant Pot because it would help me save even more time in the kitchen!
    Spend more time with her family?

  87. An Instant Pot would be a wonderful tool to have in my kitchen for those busy weeknights when I am pressed for time! I think this would be amazing to have for MIssissippi Roast with a ton of pepperoncins incide.!

  88. I do freezer meals mostly to give to others thru difficult times. Would love instant pot to even cook meal after work and get it to family that needs it. I can even hear of need while at work with an instant pot.

  89. An instant pot would help make homemade dinners a possibility on crazy nights!

  90. My daughter loves her Instant Pot and said I should get one too so winning one would be great!

  91. This would help my elderly parents because I would be able to make freezer meals for them so they could easily pop in a healthy dinner without any stress!

  92. This would be a game changer!! Saving both time and money is always a win! Thank you!!!

  93. To save money by not eating out. I always forget to take food out of the freezer so being able to cook frozen food in the Instant Pot would be amazing!! Thanks for the chance to win. Also I’m already subscribed to the newsletter 😉

  94. This is a great time saver and it would make it easier for me to get back into cooking more and reduce my eating out.

  95. I would love to give one to my daughter for Mothers day. With two very needy children under five it is so hard for them to get healthy food on the table every dinner time. Some pre-planning and using an instapot would really help them.

  96. An Instant Pot would help by being able to spend more time with family doing the things we love but still getting healthy great quality meals for the whole family.

  97. This would help my Mom make healthy diabetic meals for Dad. With her work schedule having this in her life could literally change their health and help them make better choices.

  98. My Mother-in-law would love an Instant Pot to help her eat healthier and save time. I love mine and she would love hers, too.

  99. I love Instant Pot. Such an easy way to make a healthy real food meal. I want to give one to my Mother-In-law or use to make regular dishes for her week. Thank you!

  100. I love Instant Pot. I would love to give one to my Mother-In-law or make healthy real food dishes for her week. Thank you

  101. I love Instant Pot. Such a lovely way to cook healthy real food. I would like to give or makes dishes for my Mother-laws week. Thank you

  102. If I were to win the instant pot I would be able to spend more time with my family and less time in the kitchen.

  103. I am already on your email. Love it. Love healthy real food in the Instant Pot. I would like to bless my mother with one or dishes for her frig.

  104. My mom is 82. Seven years ago I contracted Flesh Eating Bacteria from my job & almost lost both my hands & 1 foot. My mom was there for me! She learned how to check my wounds, hook up my meds, help me dress, & cooked all my meals. To be able to give her an Instant Pot would be such a blessing to me & to her! It would be a blessing to me, because I can’t afford one now, & a blessing for her, because it would save her so much time in the kitchen. She makes her own jams & jellies so the pressure cooker &/or slow cooker would be a great tool for her to use on the Instant Pot! Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mothers! Blessings!
    I am already signed up for the newsletter.

  105. Being able to save money and eat so much healthier. An instant pot will provide quick healthy meals and with the preplanning help of the menus… this could be a life saver. Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

  106. My mom has been living in a camper until her house is built and this would definitely make it easier on her for cooking meals.

  107. We just moved to AZ, and even turning on the toaster oven, my husband says too hot! So this would be great to still have good dinners every night!

  108. I use my Instant Pot all the time! My daughter-in-law is a great Mom and Wife, all while working outside the home, too! She could really use an Instant Pot – and then I could gift her some of my IP frozen OAMM meals for those busy times!

  109. I would like to nominate my sister-in-law Maria for an Instant Pot (I keep telling her how much I love mine, but she’s on a tight budget). Her husband was diagnosed with MS in his early 30’s and has slowly deteriorated to the point that he’s been bedridden for about 5 years, so they have an aide come in every day so Maria can work. She also has a 16-year-old daughter who went though some tough psychiatric issues a couple years ago and was hospitalized for 9 months. (She’s doing great now, but my SIL is in a constant state of worry that things will slip backwards).

    Maria is the lifeblood of our family – there to plan the local MS Walk for charity, help with baby showers, weddings and funerals, or babysit at the last minute if you need a hand. And despite everything she goes through at home with her husband and daughter, she dutifully shows up for work every day with a big contagious smile – taking two subways and a ferry from Staten Island to Manhattan.

    I’d love for her to have an Instant Pot because I think it would make her life much easier knowing she could quickly throw a nutritious meal together for her family at the end of a long day.

    Thank you.

  110. We do Whole30 so it saves a LOT of time in the kitchen when we’re prepping for the week.

  111. Instant pot would definitely make it easier to make healthy, made from scratch meals for my family.

    I am already a very happy subscriber to your news letter

  112. Eating healthier because of controlling how much processed food we eat and spend more time together.

  113. My Mom turns 88 in a couple of weeks. She has used the old style pressure cooker for years and they are heavy, bulky and loud. I would love for her to win an Instant Pot to make it easier for her to cook for her and our father. He is 93.

    I love that older people are using the Instant Pot. It’s not just for young families. This would be a perfect Mother’s Day and birthday gift for our Mother. Thanks for the opportunity to win this awesome gift. 🙂

    I am a subscriber to your newsletter.

  114. My daughter was just saying the other day how much she loves the IP and wants one SO badly. This would be such a treat to win for her. She is a wonderful little Mama.

  115. Oh yessssss, momma and me would love it!! We’re trying to eat healthier, I’ve heard other health blogs talk about insta pots. This would help free up a lot of time and planning. Trying to cook healthy is hard work! Lol.

  116. It’d be an awesome housewarming gift for my transition into our new home next month! I haven’t been able to bake (scary propane stove in camper) or crockpot (no room in college sized fridge for ingredients or leftovers in this camper) in 11 months-crazy!! The house is almost done being built so I’d love to get back to meal prepping and freezer-ing some stuff ❤️❤️❤️😂😂

  117. I have a smaller instant pot but would love to win a bigger one that would feed our family better! I love cooking from frozen, it’s such a time saver!

  118. This is amazing!! I would give it to my sister in law!!!

    I am subscribed to your newsletter!

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  120. Maybe the Instant Pot will help mom not have to stand so much when cooking. She is 88 and is looking like she has stood over the sink and stove her whole life. Bless her heart, she is still going strong but her back starts hurting if she stands too long. She says the back brace helps but it really looks very uncomfortable. Thanks for the opportunity for the great Mother’s Day Giveaway!!

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  124. Since recovering from my son’s traumatic birth, my mom has been providing meals for my family several times a week. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen, so it would be wonderful to bless her with a tool to help make things easier for her!

  125. I have an auto immune disorder that has caused my hair to start falling out. My dermatologist says I need to go whole30 and an instant pot would help with all the cooking I need to do.

  126. My mom is in a place in her life where she doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen anymore. I’m trying to convince her that the IP meals are SO fast and easy!

  127. For me, to help with eating healthy while looking after our new baby (one month old yesterday!)

    I subscribe to your newsletter and am looking forward to finding the time to try your recipes.

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  138. My mother recently had life saving emergency surgery and is slowly recovering. An instant would decrease the effort and energy that she has to spend to prepare her meals. She lives out of state and by herself. This would be an amazing luxury for her. Thanks OAMM!

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    If I win one my baby sister will be a lucky girl.

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  153. Just subscribed to the email. Mini menu sounds fantastic and what a great way to test drive your service! I think an instant pot would make a wonderful time saver!

    1. For Instant Pot recipes, we have tested all recipes, and mostly find that it would be the same amount of time to cook from fresh or frozen. (It will take longer to come to pressure when frozen, though!) We do realize that because of different variables (how thick pieces of meat are etc.), others could have a different experience. We love cooking freezer meals in the Instant Pot!

  154. My sister is the best Mom ever! She could definitely use the instant pot to make healthier meals for her family. She is so busy, and lives is a rural area, that healthy meal choices are a real struggle. I’ve been telling her about the instant pot!