How to Throw a Freezer Meal Baby Shower

How to Throw a Freezer Meal Baby Shower

On May 5, 2024 by Once a Month Meals

Honor new parents with the gift of freezer meals! This post will tell you how to successful plan and execute a shower to stock their freezer before baby!

20 Easy-to-Make Lunchbox Ideas for You or Your Kids!

On May 5, 2024 by Tricia

Don’t you wish packing lunch was easier? We always start every year off with the greatest and best intentions.  PB&J’s cut into fun shapes with sweet notes to our kids. Salads pre-portioned perfectly into our prettiest containers. Colorful, balanced meals…

How to Pack School Lunches with Freezer Meals

How to Pack School Lunches with Freezer Meals

On May 5, 2024 by Once a Month Meals

Here are some tried and true Once A Month Meals freezer meal recipes that can easily be made ahead of time for quick and easy lunch box packing.

Sheet Pan Freezer Meal Plan

On April 30, 2024 by Mindy

Discover the game-changing magic of sheet pan dinners with our Sheet Pan Freezer Meal Plan! Revolutionize your mealtime with these quick, easy, and delicious make-ahead meals. From efficiency to versatility, these one-pan wonders offer countless benefits. Say goodbye to kitchen chaos and hello to stress-free cooking. Explore our handpicked recipes and simplify your meals today!

DIY Single Serving Meal Prep Bowls

On April 14, 2024 by Mindy

Transform your meal prep routine with our meal prep bowls meal plan. Save time and reduce waste by preparing delicious, ready-to-eat meals in advance. 5 recipes will leave you with 40 meals ready when you are- we’ve got everything you need to make freezer meal prep a breeze. Start saving time and enjoying hassle-free meals today!

Taco Freezer Meal Plan

On April 10, 2024 by Mindy

Elevate your taco game with freezer-friendly recipes! Discover how to prep and freeze tacos for quick, delicious meals anytime. From chicken to pork, we have endless options. Say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to convenient, homemade goodness. Get started today! 5 recipes on this meal plan double to 10 dinners in a flash.

Rotisserie Chicken Freezer Meal Plans

On March 17, 2024 by Tricia

    When I dueted Katie’s deboning a rotisserie chicken video and posted it on Instagram I had no idea that it would go viral! But nearly 11 million views later, here we are! Who knew deboning a chicken could…

Effortless Spring Freezer Meal Plans for Quick, Customizable Cooking

On March 17, 2024 by Tricia

Are you ready to breeze through your spring meal planning? Whether you’re embracing the blooming season or still feeling the winter chill, OAMM is dedicated to streamlining your meal prep process. Our primary focus at OAMM is to ensure meal…

Effortless Dump and Go Freezer Meal Plans: Thaw or Not, You Decide!

On March 17, 2024 by Tricia

Are you caught in the debate of thawing versus not thawing your freezer meals? Fear not! We’ve distilled that knowledge into the ultimate dump and go meal prep plan tailored for both sides of the thall/thaw and flat/round discussion! Once…

Spring Peak Produce

Spring Peak Produce Picks

On March 16, 2024 by Once a Month Meals

A list of our favorite recipes containing seasonal spring produce to help you eat with the seasons or make use of local produce from your CSA or farmers market.

10 Tips for Organizing Your Freezer!

On March 16, 2024 by Once a Month Meals

Now is a good time to clean out your refrigerator freezer. With March freezer food sales coming up and your Once A Month Cooking BIG DAY around the corner (you DO participate in OAMC don’t you?) you will need some extra freezer space! The girls over at Food Storage Made Easy are assisting us with some tips today!

50 Freezable Burger Recipes

On March 15, 2024 by Tricia

National Hamburger Day is sure to delight everyone in your family! There are traditional as well as new recipes that will be a pleasant surprise to all. Ranch Cheddar Burgers, Gluten Free Dairy Free Teriyaki Burgers, Spicy Black Bean Veggie Burgers, Stuffed Turkey Burgers as well as a kid-friendly option too!