On August 20, 2010 by Kelly

Italian Stuffed Peppers sliced diced chopped red peppersToday we are talking green peppers, or some refer to them as sweet peppers, at least the yellow, orange and red ones. Any way you slice it they are all about the same when it comes to equivalents and yields. So today we are talking about all of them. I love green peppers. They are great straight from the garden, cut up and dipped in ranch dressing. Mmm. I also liked them cooked in many dishes. I have recently experimented with a variation on stuffed peppers because I am not such a fan of the traditional kind. These were a much healthier version to me and were much tastier than the traditional variety. As for equivalents and yields, here are my measuring results:

sliced diced chopped red peppers

Recipes Using Green Peppers: