We provide 20 different meal plan and dietary types so that you can choose the best one for your needs and budget!

Our Meal Plan Types include:

  • Food Allergies: includes Big 8 Allergen-free, Nut-free, Egg-free, Dairy-free and Gluten-free meal plans
  • Baby: includes baby food recipes from ages 12 to 18 months!
  • Diet: low fat, low calorie, and weight watchers points included
  • Gluten Free Dairy Free: these recipes are free of gluten and dairy products
  • Mini: 5-7 recipes doubled to 10-14 freezer meals
  • Paleo: follows the “caveman” diet
  • Traditional: family-friendly, and your mom’s home cooking!
  • Vegetarian: hearty grains, meatless, vegetable-focused
  • Real Food: minimally processed, from scratch, whole food recipes
  • Instant Pot: cook from frozen recipes using a programmable pressure cooker
  • Slow Cooker: simple meals using a slow cooker
  • Keto: follows the ketogenic diet; low carb, high fat, grain-free
  • Vegan (Plant-based): recipes that focus on a wide variety plant-based ingredients and are always 100% vegan
  • Dump And Go: recipes that require no cooking ahead of time, just dump in a bag ingredients
  • Ready To Eat: recipes that are precooked prior to freezing and simply need to be reheated
  • Diabetes-Friendly: carb controlled and sodium smart recipes
  • Low FODMAP: recipes compliant with a low-FODMAP diet that eliminates difficult to digest sugars found in many fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products
  • Autoimmune Protocol (AIP): recipes compliant with the strictest phase of the Autoimmune Protocol
  • Low Histamine: recipes that are low in ingredients containing histamines, such as cured meats, nuts, vinegars, and fermented foods
  • Recipe Collection: recipes that have a common ingredient (i.e. pumpkin, apple) common type (i.e. appetizers, desserts) or common theme (i.e. holiday, party, event)

For a more thorough description of each meal plan type and its criteria, please scroll below for more information!

Please note that we also have a wide variety of other categories you can search and filter by, including Kid Friendly, All in One Meals, Whole 30, 30 Minutes Meals, and so much more!

Use those filters to create completely custom meal plans using our database of 13,500+ freezer-friendly recipes and hundreds of pre-made meal plans!


√ Family-Friendly Recipes √ Your mom’s home cooking!

Meet our family-friendly favorites that remind you of mom’s home cooking!

The original Once A Month Meals meal plan, created to get people out of the drive-through line and back to the table! Recipes are easy to prepare, family-friendly, and include everyday ingredients.

Learn more about our Traditional Meal Plans here.

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Slow Cooker

 Simple Meals  Seasonal Ingredients √ All using the Slow Cooker!

Set and forget these “low ’n’ slow” meals at home so they’re ready when you get home!

This meal plan is for those who own a slow cooker, also more commonly known as a Crock-Pot!  The recipes in this meal plan include a variety of dietary types from your mom’s home cooking to vegetarian and diet dishes! The recipes in these meal plans are many times very easy to assemble and make freezer cooking even faster and more efficient!


Instant Pot

Cook From Frozen  Simple Meals √ All using the Instant Pot!

No thawing required! This meal plan is perfect for cooking meals from frozen right after school!

This meal plan is for those who own a programmable pressure cooker! Here at Once A Month Meals we like the Instant Pot in particular, but any brand will do! The recipes in this meal plan include a variety of dietary types, but all recipes can be cooked from FROZEN! Yes, you read that right. Try this meal plan out if you want to make freezer cooking even faster and more efficient!


Real Food

√ Unprocessed  From Scratch  √ Whole Foods

Unprocessed, from scratch, whole foods meal plan. Eat “real” this school year!

Replaces processed convenience items with homemade or real ingredients. On this meal plan, we like to mix family favorites (sometimes adapted with whole grains or natural sweeteners) with a few more adventurous dishes that highlight seasonal produce or exotic spices.

Learn more about Real Food/Whole Food Meal Plans here.

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Grain- and Dairy-Free √ Follows the “caveman” diet

Follow the “caveman” diet using protein-rich meals in this Paleo meal plan.

A.K.A. the “caveman” or “primal” diet. Paleo features “hunter-gatherer” ingredients such as meat, eggs, seasonal produce, nuts, and natural sweeteners. What you won’t see on the paleo meal plan: grains, soy, dairy, legumes, sugar, or processed foods.

Learn more about our Paleo Meal Plans here.

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 Low Carb  High Fat  Grain Free

Stick to your low carb, high fat, grain-free goals with this Keto meal plan!

The guidelines for this meal plan are based on the Ketogenic Diet, a pattern of eating that is designed to promote a state of ketosis in the body. In general, the Keto diet is high in fat, low in carbohydrates, and moderate in protein.

Learn more about our Keto Meal Plans here.



 Low Fat  Low-Calorie  Weight Watchers Points Included!

Enjoy this low-fat, low-calorie meal plan full of seasonal favorites! Weight Watchers Points included!

Reduces fat, counts calories, and tallies points (Weight Watchers). This meal plan was designed for those who loved our Traditional freezer cooking offerings but wanted to lighten up their meals. Whole grains, lean protein, low-fat dairy, and vegetables are featured.

Learn more about our Diet Meal Plans here.

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 Hearty Grains  Meatless √ Vegetable focused

For the “meatless lovers” in your house! Enjoy hearty grains and vegetable-focused meals that fill you up!

Intended for the typical vegetarian, including a variety of grains, beans, and seasonal produce, and the occasional meat substitute.

Learn more about our Vegetarian Meal Plans here.

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Gluten Free, Dairy Free

 Gluten Free  Dairy Free  Simple Meals

This meal plan will satisfy the gluten free or dairy free member in your house!

Tailored to the average individual or family who has to remove gluten and/or dairy from their diet. It uses some special gluten free baking ingredients and dairy substitutes but has a generally simple grocery list comprised of naturally GFDF ingredients.

Learn more about Gluten Free Dairy Free Meal Plans here.

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 Carb-controlled  Sodium smart  Satisfying

Diabetes-Friendly meal plan includes a wide variety of satisfying recipes that are carb-controlled, contain a sensible amount of sodium, and are packed with nutrient-dense foods such as fruits, non-starchy vegetables, lean protein sources, and healthy fats. Recipes follow the guidelines of the American Diabetes Association.

Learn more about our Diabetes-Friendly Meal Plans here.

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Vegan (Plant-based)

These meal plans focus on a wide variety of plant-based ingredients and are always 100% vegan. They avoid all animal-based products, including but not limited to meats, dairy, eggs, and honey.

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Autoimmune Protocol (AIP)

Recipes compliant with the Autoimmune Protocol diet

Recipes on these meal plans are compliant with the strictest elimination phase of the Autoimmune Protocol, a diet aimed at moderating autoimmune conditions through the consumption of nutrient-dense foods and the elimination of potentially inflammatory ingredients. This is a specialized version of the Paleo diet and does not include ingredients such as eggs, nuts, seeds, and nightshades.

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Recipes that follow the guidelines of the Low-FODMAP diet

The recipes found on these meal plans meet the guidelines of a low-FODMAP diet, which eliminates the fermentable sugars found in many types of fruits, vegetables, grains, and dairy products. These meal plans are curated by our Registered Dietitian and follow the most up to date recommendations laid out by the Monash University FODMAP Diet and other evidence-based resources.

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Low Histamine

Recipes that eliminate high histamine ingredients as well as ingredients considered to be histamine liberators.

Recipes on these meal plans focus on fresh ingredients and avoid foods that are known to be either high in histamines or histamine liberators. Recipes also avoid cooking methods, such as slow cooking and fermentation, that are thought to increase the histamine content of foods. 

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Food Allergies

You can expect to see food allergy-friendly options such as big 8 allergen-free, nut-free, egg-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.

Learn more about our Food Allergies Meal Plans here.

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Mini Meal Plans

5-7 recipes doubled to 10-14 freezer meals

These are perfect for those short on time (aka you only have an hour in between naps to cook!) and those who want to spend less time in the kitchen!

Mini meal plans are simply smaller meal plans that take less time to cook. Mini’s are perfect for the cook who is new to freezer cooking, short on time, short on space or just wanting to stock the fridge for a special occasion or season. They cover everything from shortened versions of the meal plans listed above, use of a certain seasonal or sale ingredient, special diets, side dishes, or seasonal needs like grilling or holiday fare.

Learn more about our Mini Meal Plans here.

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Baby & Toddler

This meal plans covers purees, finger foods, and even lunch box meals. These meal plans and recipes are a valuable resource for anyone committed to cooking homemade baby food or keeping your kiddos out of the cafeteria line this year.

Learn more about our Baby and Toddler Meal Plans here.

(Baby/Toddler meal plans are not released monthly as the others but on a periodical basis.)

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Can I mix and match recipes from all these meal plans and dietary types?

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