New Year’s Instant Pot Giveaway!

On January 1, 2018 by Kelcey Flynn

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Celebrate 2018 with us with an
Instant Pot Giveaway!

What a year we’ve had, and now a new one to come!

We’ve have had SO much fun introducing you to the ease of freezer cooking with the Instant Pot!

Some of our favorite parts of Instant Pot Freezer Cooking with you include:

Win an Instant Pot 9-in-1, 6QT!

Includes 9 functions (same as 7-in-1 6QT plus cake and eggs), and holds up to 6 quarts, great for 4-6 servings!

Functions include:

  1. Pressure cooker
  2. Slow cooker
  3. Rice cooker
  4. Sauté
  5. Steamer
  6. Warmer
  7. Yogurt maker
  8. Egg cooker
  9. Sterilizer
    …all in ONE! (it even makes cake too!)

How to Enter

1. Comment below on how an Instant Pot would help you & your family in 2018!

What would an Instant Pot allow you to do this new year?

  • Save money?
  • Eat out less?
  • Make healthier choices?
  • Spend less time cooking?
  • Try out freezer cooking?!

No matter the reason, share with us how you think an Instant Pot will help improve your cooking and meal planning in 2018!

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You’ll receive a Free Mini Freezer Cooking Menu just for signing up!

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3. Comment on our Facebook LIVE!

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We love to help encourage and educate you on how to use your Instant Pot with Freezer Cooking!

Comment with a question you may have, ways you’ve used your Instant Pot, things you’re excited to try in 2018 and more!

Come join us as we share recipes, meal plans, tips, tricks and more!

The Fine Print

There are a 3 ways to enter the giveaway. No purchases are required. You are also not required to follow or like Once a Month Meals on social media. However, you may wish to do so in order to automatically receive notifications about the event instead of having to remember to check back in.

You do not have to be a Once a Month Meals member to participate either. If you wish to freezer cook and need some resources, but you aren’t quite ready to sign up for a membership, try a FREE mini menu on us when you sign up for the Once a Month Meals newsletter.


  • Anonymous comments to this post will not be counted as valid entires.
  • You must have a Facebook account in order to comment on the LIVE video. This will give you one entry. Additional entries for posts to the page or responses to the Facebook LIVE will increase your odds of winning, but are not required.
  • Eligible for a winner in the US or Canada. We will not be able to ship the Instant Pot overseas.


  • We will choose winners using a random generator after combining blog post comments, facebook comments and new newsletter subscriber lists.
  • Winners will be announced within 24 hours of the close of the contest (1PM EST Jan 2, 2018).
  • We will notify winners via Email or Facebook private message. Winners must respond within 7 days to claim their prize.

Again, there is no purchase necessary to win this giveaway. Sorry, but this giveaway is void where prohibited by law. Finally, all winners will be chosen at random. The number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning. The Instant Pot being given away has NOT been provided and is not in any way associated with the brand Instant Pot.



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  1. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at making yogurt, and ANYTHING to help make cooking pulses easier, because the long-soak method is getting tedious, lol. As a vegetarian on a budget, taking the tedious portion out of cooking would make such an immense difference!

  2. With all of my 2 son’s doctor appointments, getting dinner done in a timely manner is difficult. Having an instant pot would help to stay out of the drive-thru lane!

  3. I began following a girl, instant loss, and weighed myself today. I am 190 pounds and hope to use the instant pot for three main things. Eat better and healthier, save money, save time. I am a 40 year old teacher, wife of a police officer and Mom to an 11 and 7 year old. This would be so helpful!

  4. I work long hours and sometimes get home at 5pm while other times it is after 7PM so this along with the freezer meals would allow healthy eating without a lot of time.

  5. An instant pot would help me with fast meals especially those days I forget to take meat from the freezer.

  6. The new instant pot would make us eat out less and have an easier time making meals once the new baby comes!

  7. This instant pot would help us to make healthier choices in 2018. I’ve got a 4 year old, 2 year old, and 5 week old that need to learn about healthy foods. And it’s fast!

  8. An instant pot would be so helpful for my family! I’m due in March with our third. I have a 5 year old and a 3 year old right now. My husband is busy with work and often works late. I’d love to be able to make a meal super quick for my little family.

  9. An instant pot would help me to spend less time cooking so that I could spend more time with my family.

  10. I want one so bad! I’m a busy working momma and not only would this help with quick dinners, but we would also save so much money!

  11. I have two days a week when I have a very short amount of time to prepare and serve dinner because of the varying schedules in my family. This would save those two nights from becoming an unhealthy hodge-podge of canned or boxed junk food.

  12. I have three little girls and am starting home schooled be next month so anything to help with meals would be awesome for this mama! I have been wanting to try the InstaPot for a while just haven’t had the finances to get one.

  13. This would help us make so many more healthier dinners on those nights when the rush is on. 2 full time working parents with 2 very active kiddos.! Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. And Instant Pot would help me not lose my mind as a mom when I’ve forgotten to defrost my food – or just need a quicker meal even from scratch. I would SO LOVE to get one!!!

  15. I have struggled with making healthy meals for my family and always feel guilty that we are making crappy choices based on convenience. An instant pot would allow me to make health conscious meals in a short amount of time.. A dream come true!

  16. Already subscribe, will love to win the IP. I am a single mom of 2 working full time, this would make my life easier.

  17. Started Paleo plan today. Ordered pre made foods for two weeks but going to need help preparing own meals for home and work in two weeks. The Instapot would be a huge blessing.

  18. I have 2 children with special needs. We are always busy and money is often tight. I am trying to find a way to cook good homemade meals for my family quickly and on a budget. An Instant Pot would help me do that!

  19. I have 3 children under 4! A daughter and set of Boy/Girl Twins!
    My oldest will be starting pre school
    Next week and I have a husband on afternoons. This would help me tremendously with saving time and introducing my family to new meals.

    Happy New Year!!

  20. I have a problem getting dinner prepared and am always shaking my head, staring at the fridge. This would make m my life so much easier. Sticking the ingredients into the pot a d forgetting about it would be a lifesaver!

  21. We love our IP, but we added one more little mouth to our family, and I am not finding that our little IP is not cutting it anymore. We are in a no-spend month and are saving up for our son’s tuition next year, so this would be a great addition to our kitchen and budget.

  22. Want to be healthier in 2018 with my family!! I’m so scared of pressure cookers by themselves! Think this would help me and feel comfortable to cook with!! Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year to you and yours!!

  23. This would be so helpful in getting meals on the table after a long day when all I want to do is spend time with my kids

  24. I hope to make delicious meals for my family while also allowing me to spend quality time with my family.

  25. I’m a busy wife, mother, grandmother, and full time accountant. I need quick, fast, easy, delicious recipes.

  26. I have a little boy with CP so an instantpot would be a helpful tool. I can set it and walk away. Less clean up too!

  27. An instant Pot would help us out with eating out less! We are a family of four and my twins are about to turn one and we will need a lot more recipe and quick food ideas for twin boys! Haha! Also freezing cooking? What? I mean I am so bad about waiting until the last minute to figure out what is for dinner that day. I’m a busy mom and this would be perfect!

  28. I would love to win this. It would help my family of 5 because I’m terrible at remembering to thaw in time for dinner! I don’t currently own an Instant Pot but I think it would be a game changer for my family.

  29. I love my Instant Pot and am hoping to do more freezer meals this year! I’d love to win one for my sister so she and I can swap ideas 🙂

  30. I’m a busy mom who works 40 hrs outside the home and has a daughter who is very into competitive dance. I need fast, easy and healthy meals. Oh ….and did I mention my dancing daughter is also vegetarian? I really could use make a head meals and and this magical pot to male it all work.

  31. I would love this. I love to plan ahead meals but sometimes get caught up with my daily activities – this would help me make what I had planned quickly.

  32. An instant pot would take so much stress out of our evenings! Once home from work, I only have 2.5 hours with my kids, I don’t want to spend them cooking!

  33. I’ve never seen an instant pot in person! I would love to save time by using one, especially with eggs! I hear this machine is wonderful!

  34. This would help me so much… you know it’s bad when your kids are sick of mac n cheese and frozen pizza 😕

  35. I could use the Instapot to have healthy meals ready for my children and in-laws. It would also be great to take when we go camping!. It would enable me to enjoy more time with the family and l less trying to cook!

  36. I’d love one of these! I’ve heard nothing but great things about them. This would definitely help us with healthier choices for our whole family and would help cut down on the “Let’s just grab fast food for dinner”.

  37. Love this! We are a family of 6, and excited to try cooking with an InstantPot! For most of the reasons listed above! We both work full-time, and all of our kids participate in extracurricular activities. This will be a huge game changer for us!

  38. We are a super busy family of 5, between working at home, homeschooling our oldest, baseball and church activities, dinnertime is always a struggle. I know an Instant Pot would be so helpful and appreciated!

  39. I need to get to meal prepping! Getting serious about making my family fresh instead of take out! Can’t wait to try some.

  40. I would so like to eat fresh (vs. canned) beans, veggies, etc. and go far more vegetarian than ever before, but for some reason, all the “work” of soaking things overnight is a deterrent. An Instant Pot would solve this issue for this retiree. Thank you.

  41. Having this instant pot would save me money as I would not be eating out as much and would also be able to spend more time with my 10 month old. I work a lot and watt on the go a lot as I don’t have time to cook

  42. I wouldn’t like to have an instant pot to use at my elderly parents’ house when I cook for them.

  43. Having an instapot would help in saving time and money for my family. I have four children and I’m constantly running back and forth. I would love to have one in my home.

  44. I am so glad to have found your page. I’m very interested in Instant Pot meals, now to get one! I’ve sunscribed to your newsletters and followed the Facebook. I’ll go to the live session now to comment. Thanks!

  45. Awesome giveaway! I’m still learning about the instant pot but I have picky eaters, vegans and dairy intolerance in my household and think that an instant pot could definitely help speed up dineers for out crazy household!

  46. My mom has 3 of these 2 6qts and 1 8qt! My grandma has 6qt too! I’ve been wanting for some time so this would be awesome! With a family of 7 I’m looking for easy yummy meals to make for all of us!

  47. We are committed to eating healthier in 2018 and both work full time. The instapot would help us cut out hours of cooking and be able to cook healthier for our family and still getting to spend quality time with them during our hectic work and school week!

  48. I take a week and make lots of different meals to freeze. My kids can pick whatever meal they want if I am late. From what I understand it would take me much less time to get all the cooking done which would give me more time with my family!

  49. I want to be healthier in 2018. An Instant Pot will allow me to cook for my family and eat take-out less often.

  50. This IP would specifically would help me in 2018 teaching my almost 11 year old daughter how to cook meals for the family in a safe and healthy way.

  51. I like to teach grandkids cooking. This is much safer than my pressure cooker! I want them to learn not to be afraid of pressure cooking. My mother m always used one

  52. This will definitely help me with the Keto Diet I’m starting this week. It’s all about the prep and if I can make ahead and freeze… ALL THE BETTER!!!! I need this in my life! Pick me! Pick me!

  53. IT WOULD help me better prep for my family. SO we could eat healthy meals at home and not eat out so much. I am very busy schedule and work late frequently. SO I NEED fast solutions.

  54. Praying I win this I’m a 41 year old Mom of 3 oldest is 21 middle is 14 and youngest is 2 and I’m not as energetic as I used to be I could use some help with quicker meals after working all day at my day job

  55. An instapot would help me serve homemade and healthy meals for my family even thiough I’m super pressed for time! Full time mom of 3, full time nurse and full time student!

  56. An Instantpot would help so much with a full time job, active duty husband, me going to prenursing classes and 3 busy kids!! I would love to be added to giveaway for a chance. Thank you!!!

  57. I am a single mom in wheelchair so an instan pot will help me to spend more time with my kid

  58. This year is bringing lots of changes, had some
    Health issues end of 2017, time for a new start and this would help me immensely with meal preparation.

  59. I think an Instant Pot would help make the crazy evenings of making dinner so much easier! I would love to win one!

  60. I think the Instapot would be a great effective tool for my daughters family ..she has a special needs 9 year old on feeding tube non verbal and does not walk also a 12 year old Autisic son.. recently married and blending a family together of a total of five children. Think this would be a great and healthy

  61. I would so love to have one of these. We are empty nesters and after raising 5 children. We find ourselves even more busy. Using one of these would cut down on time in the kitchen fixing meals.

  62. I would love to win an Insta Pot!!! I have seen so many AWESOME recipes and meals prepared in them. I have been on Weight Watchers since June, and an Insta Pot would help me meal plan so much better and healthier!!!

  63. An IP would help our family in so many ways. We would eat at home more since cooking time will be cut in half, which would save us money and cause us to eat healthier. We are excited about learning how to do freezer cooking as well.

  64. Would love to learn how to freezer cook. I have a family of 5 and home-school all my boys would be great to have dinners all planned out ahead of time. I currently do not own one of these and I am dying to get one. I follow your once a month meals and have made a few just using my oven or stove. My family has loved them. Thanks for all you do to help families plan and get healthier. 🙂

  65. I would love to win and be able to try out an instant pot. I would use it to save money, time and eat healthier!

  66. I LOVE watching your videos! I love how you teach to save time and money.
    There are several ways that the Instant Pot could help me and my family. They are as follow:
    Save money for my husband (he’s the only one with an income)
    Make healthier choices for my family
    Spend less time cooking and more time reading to my son

  67. Having an Instant pot would allow me to prepare healthier meals in the short time i have in the evening’s after working all day.

  68. I would love to have one of these as our family can not afford one. Thank you for considering us.

  69. This would allow us to have more versatility in our meal prep and expand our healthy meal choices.

  70. It would help me with my Weight Watchers Journey I have 100 lbs to loose so I need all the tools I can possibly get.

  71. This is a great opportunity! Thank you! Our busy and growing military family could use an extra hand and a way to help save money.

  72. I commute an hour one way to work each day. An instant pot would tremendously help me out with having more time with my daughter.

  73. I would love to win an Instant Pot. Meal planning is very overwhelming for me and I struggle to find the time for nutritious meals for our family. My husband is a skeptic and money is tight so buying the instant pot is not an option right now. Winning this would be wonderful. For the last couple weeks ive done some research and i think an IP would be a total game changer for us. 🙂

  74. We welcomed twins into our family this past year and I’m always looking for ways to cut down on meal prep and cooking time without compromising on health and quality of the meal. An instant pot would be a blessing!

  75. This would help our family out greatly as we are a large family of 7 with five growing kids they love to eat and eat well. So going out to eat is not really an option when it’s $100 a meal if not more. Being a full time working parent and getting home tired this would relieve a lot of stress of making dinner for 1 plus hours and being able to make up several meals to freeze would definitely help our lifestyle.

  76. Would love to win one cuz hubby is worried about the safety so doesn’t want to purchase. If I win one, he has to let me try 🙂

  77. I’m interested in knowing how much time instant pot saves and is it better then a slow cooker? Does it have the same dangers as a pressure cooker?

  78. I would love an instant pot!!! I love to cook and I’m on a sodium restricted diet and feel like the possibilities are endlessly when it comes to what you can make.

  79. I have cooked so many meals in my 66 years I am ready for some fast healthy dinners/ meals. This would enable me to do that.

  80. Would love to win an instant pot! It would be a lifesaver when it comes to making dinner on soccer nights. Which is 4 nights per week. It would definitely help us eat healthier and spend less time cooking.

  81. I would love to try all of your instant pot freezer meals. We are not able to go out to eat so this will help my meal planning easier

  82. So many good ideas for meals. I am trying to get my daughter set up with her own place. This would be a great housewarming gift for her.

  83. I love everything about this and have had it on my wish list. I hope to use it as I prep my meals for the week ahead for my new job starting Jan.3. My daughter has one and loves, loves it.

  84. As a family of one, I just find it easy to eat a bowl of cereal, but that is not enough to provide a balanced meal. I’d much rather find a way to make a quick meal with good and tasty food! I also need to stop throwing money away at having food delivered.

  85. I’ve been wanting an intstant pot for a while. I have a special needs son so spending time in the kitchen is so hard for me. I have to blend all my son’s food because he has Dysphagia so that takes all my time aside from taking care of him. It would just save me so much time to have one.

  86. An Instant Pot would be great to have for my family to help free up time and provide meals ahead of time.

  87. I keep Kosher and my current Instant Pot is for meat recipes. I would love a second 6 qt Instant Pot so I can make dairy recipes.

  88. We are a busy family of 5, the kids are in sports every night so we are trying to meal plan so that we can still eat healthy. A instant pot would help with reducing cook times so we can still eat a home cooked meal before we are off to sports.

  89. I would love an Instant Pot. It would help me cook healthier meals for my family, and help save money and time in 2018!! I have fibromyalgia and nerve pain in both my arms so I find it hard to cook using traditional cooking methods like on the stove top 🙂 Thank you so much for the opportunity to enter and Happy New Year!!! ❤️💕🌟

  90. It would really help me and my family because I need to make dinner quick. I keep my granddaughter while my daughter is at work but I also work nights so I really don’t have time to cook because I’m watching the grandbaby and trying to get some sleep.

  91. I’m terrified to try it. But I want to try it. With a house full of boys, running here and there to practices and homework not to mention that I am a working mom, I need help! If I can feed my boys healthy, home prepared meals, save time and money, I think my 2018 resolutions would be complete!!

    1. Don’t be terrified, we are here to help! About 70% of folks who hear about them feel the same way before using one. Then about 70% of those that finally try them fall head over heals. 🙂

  92. With an instant pot, I can have another option to create fast and healthy dinners for my family! Plus, I hear the lentils in an instant pot are amazing.

  93. An instant pot would help my famil make healthier choices while reducing stress and expense with freezer prep!

  94. The instant pot would help me prepare healthy meals for my husband and myself. We both have health problems and preparing healthy meals is a challenge.

  95. I’d love to win one! I love to cook, and taking care of three kids with disabilities takes up much of my time in the evening! I’d love to be able to save time, and make my family a healthy, nutritious meal!

  96. Happy New Year!!!! An Instapot would help our busy family with creating home cooked meals that are healthier than fast food and easier with your videos!!! Looking to get healthier in the new year!!!!

    Thanks and Blessings!!

  97. I have one instant pot, but would love to give one to my mom. It saves time and keeps us from eating out so much.

  98. I have started eating keto. We are a family on the go and i know an instant pot will make sticking to my plan so much easier.

  99. 2018 is goingto be a healthy year husband and I. The Instant Pot would be a great tool for our kitchen to help with that!

  100. So awesome! Thank you so much for the opportunity! Would love this as hubby and so are getting back into crossfi and would make life easier to make healthier choices!

  101. An Instant Pot will allow me to do alot of things. Save money, eat healthier, eat out less and spend alot less time cooking. Less time cooking will allow me to spend more time with my family, church activities and for scrapbooking. I have 3 young children and went back to work this past year full time. I am finding that I forget to take out food for supper or don’t have time to cook after work.

  102. Single parent that is gone 12 hrs a day during the week. Want something that is nutritious and easy that picky kids will eat.

  103. We are always at dr. Appointments and running around getting done. And I’m going back to school for nursing.

  104. Most of my sisters now have an Instant Pot and l like the idea of using the saute feature to cut down on dishes when compared to using a slow cooker.

  105. I am interested in having the instant pot cooker as my husband and I will be retired soon and our budget will be limited. I have too may times I’ve wasted food because it’s gone bad or gotten freezer burnt because I didn’t know what to do with it.

  106. I’m hoping to save time, money, and stick to a budget by cooking more meals and eating out less!

  107. We are always at dr. Appointments and running around getting done. And I’m going back to school for nursing.

  108. My husband just got a new job and the hours are not totally what we were hoping for I really want one of these bad boys so that we can utilize making meals in bulk and quickly as we have two children and I work 40+ hours a week

  109. I have heard such good things about the instant pot. We are on a tight budget and really working towards healthy eating for our whole family!!!

  110. Wow! The instant pot will transform my dull tasteless unappetizing meal into a fabulous healthy cuisine the everybody in the family will enjoy!

  111. We are on a health and weight loss journey after battling serious diseases and cancer for over 10 years. I’m hoping to make my busy schedule easier by cooking more at home and cutting out all going out to eat.

    1. I hope, if you haven’t already, that you will try out one of our healthy freezer meal plans in 2018 – Paleo, Keto, Diet (Includes Weight Watchers Smart Points). We would LOVE to cheer you on in the new year.

  112. It would save so much time. Between work, working out and getting my ADC certification, I wouldn’t have time to cook. If I can throw everything in the instant pot and be done, that wound be great!

  113. I loved the idea to freeze in a container and then switch it out to a vacuum sealed bag. I never thought of doing that!

  114. Having an Instant Pot would help me save time and money. I help cook for my elderly parents and this would be great for meal prep for all of us.

  115. I am a foster mom of six and a terrible cook. I would love an instapot to help make yummy homemade meals.

  116. I would love one! We are a busy family of four and it would help us get dinner on the table quicker.

  117. I already follow your page on Facebook, so I was delighted to see you guys talking about instant pots because I’ve been researching them this morning. I think it would be an amazing way to provide my guys with healthy meals that won’t take me forever to cook! Excited to learn more!

  118. I would use an instapot and your meal plan to prep for the week/month ahead of time so that during the week I can spend that time with my family and not stressing over what to make for dinner.

  119. Super excited about The 6 qt. Instant pot 9-1. I am a homeschooling Mom of 4 and prepping healthy meals takes a bulk of my time in a day. Too much time. In looking for ways to still have home cooked fresh meals and save time I discovered instant pot. Winning this drawing would alleviate quite a bit of daily stress that takes time and energy away from the kids and school. #gamechanger Also, making meals for families we know who are in need would be much easier. Woot!

  120. It would save me money and help me keep my resolution to not eat outside the house for health reasons.

  121. My family recently went dairy-free and would love another Instant Pot to help with making healthy meals! We don’t really eat out anymore so it is a lot of work cooking every meal at home. Thank you for this opportunity!!!

  122. Well to start with I thought I had received an Insta Pot for Christmas. However shortly after the trash man picked up the box I realized that I actually got a large crockpot. I am a 4th grade teacher with 2 boys ages 14 and 10. My husband is a truck driver so he is rarely home. It would be so nice to be able to cook meals quickly to allow me more time for my boys. I could make freezer meals as well. Thank you so much for giving away an Insta Pot.

  123. Ever since my ex husband and I divorced, it has been hard to cook for just one person. I have resorted to eating out which has caused me to gain weight. I want an Instant Pot so I can cook healthier meals, learn about freezer cooking, save money, and hopefully lose weight.

  124. I suffer from multiple autoimmune disorders and really need to focus on eating at home. As always a byproduct of eating at home is saving money. I would love to have this Instant Pot as a tool to help me to eat and feel better!

  125. I work full time as a nurse and this would make it so much easier for me and my family. This would also help me to make freezer meals for my college student who lives in college apartment. I have been wanting an instant pot for awhile now but cannot afford it right now. Thank you for this opportunity and congratulations to the winner!

  126. I would love to win this Instant Pot for a young couple who will be adopting a baby in just a few months. Just think, she could use your site to help her plan and assemble her meals prior to the baby’s arrival. What a blessing that would be for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  127. An instant pot would help us out greatly because with my toddler I will have the opportunity to spend more time with her. My husband and I both work now and so when my daughter and I get home it is her nap time then dinner and I need that time to be able to have a quick dinner that I can still play and teach her;). This is a great opportunity to eat healthy and eat out less because you can cook frozen meats in here too for a short time!

  128. We would be able to save so much money. I am wanting to make easier meals because our children are involved with activities and doctor appts. Thank you!

  129. Would love to have this! So many of the recipes I would like to do would be made so much easier with a second pot!

  130. Hi! This Instant Pot would help out with dinner time so much! I work full time and by the time I get home from work and picking up the kids it’s close to 6pm. Then to get dinner ready and cooked it’s after 7pm before we are eating. I also want to cook some healthier options for my family in 2018!

  131. I use my crockpot and stove a lot for my freezer meals. An instant pot would mean that I wouldn’t have to thaw my meals before I cook them. I also have already subscribed to the newsletter. Over the tips and recipes.

  132. Hello i do not have a stove and I could use another instant pot. It Would make cooking meals so much faster. Now I have to cook one thing then take it out then cook another. Love my pot. Would make 2018 eating faster.

  133. Having one would be life changing. That may sound melodramatic, but when you have four children, 2 that homeschool and two under 3, and a husband that works full-time you don’t have a lot of time for everything… We’re one of those paycheck to paycheck kind of families. Not really being able to afford one… Maybe one day!

  134. My time is so divided every day I need some help with preplanned and faster meal plans. This would be so helpful!

  135. I’m really intrigued by this instant pot and freezing meals to save me time in the kitchen!!!

  136. We are a family of 6 with busy schedules. I’m a doctor mom and my husband is a stay at home dad. The Instant Pot has revolutionized our lives… and we would be thrilled to own the 9 in 1 6 qt! It would certainly help to further simplify our lives!

  137. My family of five would love to have this!! It would make meal time so much easier with three teenage boys!!

  138. I would love to win this Instant Pot for my family . We are a military family whose children are constantly on the go with sports . We get home late at night from practices or tournaments and want to change the way we eat . Fast food seems to be a trend these days . I would love to be able to change that for myself and my family. Please consider me .

  139. I would love an IP. We are a family otg and I do my best to plan ahead with meals and our slow cooker, sometimes I fall short and fail to pull something out of the freezer. Would be great to still make a delicious meal from frozen to table in a no time!

  140. I would love to have one for my growing family 🙂 we are a family of 4 soon to be 5. I think it would help me get dinner on the table quicker and heathlier options

  141. I would love an instant pot! I am trying to make changes to how my family eats, and I would like to prepare more healthy and budget friendly meals.

  142. Winning an Instant Pot would help my family of 6 save money (on buying one, doing more meal prep, eating out less, etc.) and save us time. What a fabulous give away!

  143. Instant Pot would save a tremendous amount of time! The yogurt function would be especially fun to learn!

  144. With a full time work schedule and 2 kids it’s always a challenge to get dinner on the table in less then an hour. So we find ourselves eating out way to much. We would love an instant pot to help us get better healthier meals on the table in less time.

  145. An Instant Pot would help with my family by being able to cook meals quickly. It would give me the opportunity to pull something out quickly and cook it when my husband works strange schedules. I would love to be able to cook a wholesome home cooked meal for my family more easily. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  146. Would help with menu planning and to be able to make food in a short amount of time when we get home from work!

  147. An instapot would help our family save money especially with working full time and having kids!

  148. I would love to win. Thank you for the chance. I am trying to have the whole family eat healthier and the instant pot would help with that.

  149. It would allow my family to not eat cereal for dinner. Sometimes when it gets too late and nothing is thawed that’s what happens.

  150. Less time spent planning and more making memories with my kids! That’s what instapot would do for me!!

  151. I would love the Instant Pot for 2018 it would save us money from eating out and would help me make fresh healthy meals in much less time!

  152. I got the 5qt Lux 6 in 1 for Christmas. I am having so much fun learning. I have discovered that a second pot would be so useful since I would love to make the whole meal in the pot and not have to change and wash so often

  153. I did comment on Facebook, but I didn’t say how it would make things easier or better.

    Definitely less processed foods on the table!

  154. An instapot would help my extremely busy special needs family eat a home cooked meal more often!

  155. An instant pot would help me to prepare healthy homemade meals for my busy family. I work full time and have hungry, hungry boys!

  156. I would love something that would help meals easier!!! As a newly divorced woman and a new job something easy to make for my kids would be wonderful!!! And if I could make something healthy a goal for the new year would be a bonus!!!! I have seen the options the instant pot has and have been debating on whether or not to get one. I am so down for anything to help make life simple!!!

  157. I love to cook healthy meals but working full time puts a damper on that. Instant Pot would make it easier to make healthy meals for my family.

  158. would love it to start healthy cooking for my family and finding good easy quick recipes
    thanks for the chance

  159. Having a 6 qt. instant would help create more easy meals for our busy family! It would also help in freezing cooking for ourselves and our friends that need meals!! I am subscribed to the newsletter.

  160. Happy New Year! Thanks for giving away a chance to try our luck for this year beginning…iam New to instapot it’s good I find u know more to learn about ….entering for win This magic cooking instahand

  161. I’ve outgrown my 3-qt Instant Pot. It has been so useful in preparing meals, even when I work late. The freezer meals work the best with my schedule – being able to just reach into the freezer for a meal coupled with the efficiency and speed of the Instant Pot is awesome!!!

    Can’t wait to be able to cook more per meal without resorting to other cooking tools to get the meal on the table!

  162. With 2 kids under 5 and 2 parents working, this would give us much more family time and less time for me in the kitchen!

  163. An installation would make not only my Freezer cooking, but my daily cooking so much easier. Thanks for putting this out there.

  164. I would absolutely LOVE to win an Instant-Pot! I’m hosting 2 male high school exchange students and having an Instant-Pot would make my life so much easier & save me so much time! These boys can eat! Lol

  165. I have 3 active and hangry teenagers so an instant pot will be a life saver. With all the practices and running around I do after school there’s not much time for making healthy meals. We do grab and go many more nights than I’d like to admit!

  166. I need an IP to help us save money on eating! We’re a family of 5, I’m a stay at home wife/mother

  167. It would help with a large family to prepare things faster and not have to ignore the little ones half the evening to prepare food.

  168. This would be such an amazing time saver for our family! Both my husband & I work full time and our boys are in school and extracurricular activities. We have a few nights a week where I’m lucky if any of us eat! haha!

    I subscribed to the newsletter & commented on the FB live video

  169. I would love an instant pot. My family of five is very busy during the week and I find myself eating take out way too much! Having an instant pot will help us save money 😊

  170. An Instant Pot would be helpful in saving time and energy. Struggling with adrenal and thyroid issues makes cooking exhausting. Being able to throw things together in a pot and walk away while it cooks would be extremely helpful. Less take out. More home cooked meals. More energy. Yes I need all of the above.

  171. The instant pot would be a huge time saver! Having a 3 year old that just wants to play while I am stuck in the kitchen has been a huge struggle for us. I would love to be able to save time and play with her instead of being stuck in the kitchen!

  172. Gosh, what a gift!! Id be alll over freezer meals if i had the meal plans and 6qt Instant Pot!
    Thanks for the chance to win and happy New Year friends 🎊💗

  173. This would help save money, time and get more healthy as a busy military family that moves a lot I was thinking we could take it in car when we travel As well and save money eating out. We can keep freezer prepared meals in cooler and the pot to cook them in hotel.

  174. An instant Pot in 2018 will help me cook healthy meals for my family, especially for my diabetic son.

  175. An instant pot would help my family eat healthier- by eating at home rather than going through the drive thru!! That in turn saves money (which our complete goal is working is getting rid of our heavy debt).

  176. It would help our family eat healthier. And throw things together without having to plan and start hours ahead. I also look foward to tender meats as our always turn out dry.

  177. The Instant Pot would allow me to decrease time spent on meals and allow me to more easily provide nutrient dense meals for my family. I would also like to give freezer cooking a go.

  178. I am hoping to win so that I can meal prep with my limited schedule. I have been trying to do weight watchers, but being away from home 2-3 nights a week and staying in a hotel is a challenge. I’m not eating fast food but there is no place to cook based on the hotels i stay. I could however heat up healthy meals!

  179. Instant pot makes everything easier, healthier and cleaner for my family…and my dogs!!! I would LOVE to add an Instant Pot to my kitchen.

  180. I love insta pot please I would be so happy. I use it daily and would like to have one for the other items I want to make at the same time

  181. My husband works long hours. When I get home from work, help my son with his homework, keep my daughter entertained, cook, clean, and prepare for the next day, I am exhaisted. The instant pot will help to make my evening easier. Cokkkmg usually takes the longest

  182. As a family of one, this would great! My “go-to” for a fast food at home is a bowl of cereal. Obviously, this would be an improvement! 😁

  183. Omg I have been looking everywhere for one and they are sold out 😞 I have a family of 5 and we are always on the go. I’m not much of a cook but love my crockpot because I’m lazy. My big problem is I forget to set stuff out and I would love to feed my family good food and not the same 5 meals over and over ❤️

  184. Instant pot will help me and my family eat healthier Paleo meals to help with chronic illnesses and this sterilizer feature will help immensely with my canning meals

  185. This will help me so much especially on my busy work days. The fact that it has all these functions I can basically make anything from an appetizer, entree, side dish and/or a dessert. This will be my lifesaver!

  186. An Instant Pot would help with prepared freezer meal to cook quickly to encourage healthier eating and to enhance my time at the gym.

  187. Would love to learn more about freezer meals and think the instant pot could help.

    Make healthier meals

  188. Omg our family would love one and I would be a happy mommy too. This would make 2018 way easier on me being that their are days I leave for work 6am and get home 6:40 ish and then i have to figure out what to make cause I didn’t prep anything or forgot to take meat out of the freezer. I just starting to show my 15 yrs old so. How to make dinner and made a delicious beef stew.

    Happy New Year to you folks
    I just really want to win one

  189. I work a full time job and have 4 kids at home, I would love to win an insta pot to just help make meals easier in my home.

  190. I would love to win the 6 quart because it would make my meal prep quicker and easier, and I can keep a constant pot on making yogurt!

  191. This would be a blessing to our busy family of 6!!! Dinner time is always the hardest! Thanks for the opportunity!!!

  192. My name is Michele. I am a single mom of 3 special needs children & I am also working along with going back to college for my BSN. Life can be crazy! I am always on the go. My current crock pot is old and not heating well. I would absolutely love this! It would make my life so much easier!

  193. This Instant Pot would be an amazing addition to our family. We need to eat at home more and eat healthier in 2018

  194. I have been wanting an Instant Pot for so long. I have a big family and am super busy and would love a way to get meals on the table quickly.

  195. An instant pot would help me make dinner faster with a newborn and would help me make fast healthy meals for my family!

  196. I have many friends who LOVE their Pot. I need to be able to cook frozen meats fast because I’m notorious for forgetting to thaw stuff and after a 25 pound regain this year, I need to get back to eating less processed food that’s healthuer and better for me.

  197. We are a family of five and local pastors between church and sports this would be a blessing. No more fast food!! Hoping for a win!!

  198. Hoping this helps with quick meals that are healthy!! We are eternally busy, and a good healthy meal at the end of the day is important!

  199. It would help me make healthy meals for my busy family. We do a lot of take out or drive through because we are always on the go, and we’re wanting to stop doing that and start having healthy meals.

  200. I’m a single mom who works a non-traditional schedule. I think the speed of cooking would help me make more homemade meals, rather than heating up frozen dinners

  201. Freezer cooking has saved the family meal time and budget. My husband and I are both educators and we work long hours after school. Combine that with kids and their after school activities, and the idea of cooking a good meal after finally making it into the house could mean late, late dinners. The instant pot keeps me out of the fast food drive-thru and ensures that we can still be around the table at night without falling fast asleep!

  202. I am a busy mom of 3- working full time, going to school full time along with school and activities for the kids!! I want my family to be healthy and stop eating out! I need a simple solution, and this has peaked my interest and I know that we could definitely benefit from something like this. Looking forward to learning and reading more!

  203. we are two full time working,parents. Anything that can,simplify and,reduce our,cooking,time,would be,most helpful! Thank you for the chance.

  204. I have an instant pot and have loved using it. I would love another one to make multiple things at the same time. I work, go to school, and have kids at home so the instant pot has been a time saver!

  205. Winning would help my family out by save time and money. So we dont eat out as much and can make healthier choices at home

  206. Oh my gosh! The things an Instant Pot would do for my family! It would help cut down time in the kitchen did that we could spend more time together. It would cut unnecessary food waste, and in turn cut food costs. It would be a Godsend!

  207. Make better healthy choices for me and my family of 7! I want 2018 to be a year of positive change and gosh darn it I didn’t get an instapot for Xmas!

  208. An instant pot would be so helpful and save so much time, so i can play with my son and work my in home business!

  209. An instant pot would be just the thing I need when I get home from work at 5:15 and have to cook dinner for my family. I have my daughter and grandkids living with me and I want to be able to make nutritious meals without having to wait for hours to eat. I also know from others that there is so much more to an instant pot…desserts, soups. I am excited!!

  210. This would be so helpful, I love cooking for my family but with a new baby demanding attention it’s hard to find time, with an instant pot I’d be able to cook healthy meals for them, and still have time for the little one!

  211. I’ll be re entering The work force for the first time in almost 10 years and I’m freaking out on how to balance home cooking with house chores and helping my daughter after school with home work! I think this would be the answer to my prayer!!! My hubby and daughter don’t like slow cooked meals either so I really need a easy and tasty solution.

  212. Instant Pot is a reliable, quick, easy and FUN way to prepare meals. The convenience of not having to babysit food cooking on the stove, is a BIG plus for me! And, preparing ahead is terrific too! It’s just my husband and me most of the time now…but having meals waiting in the freezer is such a great idea! And, when the kids come to visit….quick and easy food prep makes for more visiting time with the family!

  213. Would love to win an IP… ALL SOLD OUT… I NEED ONE. Also can’t wait to learn how to use

  214. Dinner would be so easy as I watch my granddaughter during the day. Drive her home then go home to make dinner for my husband.

  215. Retired wife here who could use an 8qt pot, but every time I go to get one they are sold out! I guess the only way I’m going to get one is by winning it. Please and thank you. :>)

  216. Pick me please!!! Teacher who is exhausted by the end of the day, would live to cook nutritious meals quickly

  217. I have 5 kids and their ages are 12-4 and found out I have ovarian cancer. So this would help me since my husband works 12 hr shifts and cannot financially afford one right now.

  218. We have a 6 in 1 but it is not adequate for a family of 6
    Would save money from eating out with a second insta and my insta will not just sit

  219. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest. As a mother who has to travel for work, the Instant Pot would help me to prepare meals for my travels and have meals available for the family at home while I am away. The ease of using the Instant Pot (from what I have researched) will also give me more time out of the kitchen and with family while I am at home. Sounds like a big win for everyone!

  220. I’ve had my eye on an IP for awhile but have been intimidated by it. I would love to be able to meal plan, freeze and store meals and be able to warm up meals within minutes instead of taking an hour or two after work to make dinner.

  221. Have been dying to do this but have no idea how to start. Want to fill my daughters freezer before she has her baby.

  222. An instant pot will help my family tansition into keto, it’s been quite the struggle! I’d love to win!

  223. I’m an InstantPot newbie and am totally addicted! I’d love another one for make ahead meals and to make 2 things at once. Life is better with one InstantPot- but would be twice as nice with two!

  224. Really excited about this giveaway!! I am wanting one to make healthier meals, less processed, no more eating out and eating together more as a family!

  225. Wow, what a generous offer! Have always wanted to try my hand at freezer cooking. Working full time with hungry mouths waiting at home for something to eat as soon as I get in makes for a challenge when I get home. I think The Instant Pot cooking process would allow me to provide healthy, economical, and tasty meals for my family in less time than convential meal preparation. Would be very greatful for the opportunity to own the Instant Pot.

  226. I cooking for my 83 yo mother 3 times a week after I get off work. It would be great to come home and have a great meal made quickly. I really need to get one of these pots and give it a try! Fresh, healthy, quick and delicious meal.

    2018 spending time on Sunday meal prepping needs to be a plan. This will be beneficial for dinner and lunches!

  227. On December 19, 2017 I had bariatric surgery more specifically the RNwhy bypass weight-loss surgery. I needed to lose over 100 pounds I need something to infuse moistness into my meats . I bought an Insta pot for each of my sisters families for this holiday and chose not to buy for myself yet. I really wish to win it would be a great way to start off my new life thank you.

  228. The instant pot will help me to make healthier meals in the limited amount of time I have each day

  229. An instapot would be a huge blessing for my family! We’d be able to save money and eat healthier because of the convince of the instapot! Whoever is lucky enough to get this is going to have a great start to their new year!

  230. Instapot would help give more time for family along with healthier meal choices for a family with a very busy schedule.

  231. I would love to be able to have meals quicker and be less tempted to fry foods in order for our family to lose weight and eat more healthy!

  232. I would use this to help our grown daughters with their meals…. possibly even give as a gift.d

  233. I’m a Hockey mom! Constantly at the rink. Knowing dinner could be ready quick would be a God Send.

    Happy New Year 🙂

  234. I’m excited to try instant pot. As a single mom with 2 jobs, fast food has been my number 1 source for dinners. I’m hoping istant pot will be my new and healthy fast food❤

  235. I would love to use an Instant Pot for our busy nights! I’ve heard it’s a great way to get quick healthy meals for families.

  236. I am a newly empty nester. My husband and i are starting to focus on us again. Our goal for 2018 is to have a healthier and less stressful year. An IP would most definitely help us in that direction. Thank you for your generosity!

  237. An IP would help me to get dinner on the table quickly after work instead of picking up fast food. Also, dinner would be healthier.

  238. This would help with, the normal
    Busy family day to day. Sports, jobs, animal chores and plus house chores, time adds up and it would be nice to have this for theirs quick meals!

  239. The IP will help us save money and time with meals. Plus, it would be nice to have meals prepared ahead of time.

  240. I’ve been reading more about instant pots and would love to win this! It would help us out so much with meal planning as my husband works ridiculously long hours and I’m home with 3 kids, two under two, and an older son who’s into sports. It would make meals so much better! And less take out!

  241. I’m very interested in incorporating this Instant Pot into my family of 6! This would be a phenomenal tool to help speed up dinners and provide the nourishment my family needs!🌿

  242. Definitely help us eat at home more and get healthier. My boyfriend and I work full-time and need an instant pot asap!

  243. Want a healthier life style with easy cooking. I am headed back into the workforce, so our family life is about to change.

  244. I often don’t remember to put items in the crock pot in the morning and when I get home, not normally enough time to do it. If I can I normally end up cooking on the stove, but we are eating later. Need to start eating earlier. Think the Instant Pot would help when things like this happen and also make yogurt!!!!

  245. I’m so bad about starting or getting the crockpot ready in the mornings so this would be great to just have to do it after school/work and it be quick & easy

  246. I appreciate so much. I recommend it to all Instant Pot users. I would like an Instant Pot for our trailer. I never want to be without an IP!

    1. Oh Mindy, THANK YOU! We love hearing how much you love it! Your support means more than you know!

  247. An instant pot would definitely help us to eat healthy and make more meals at home! We’ve got a busy life as we foster dogs so we have 3 of our own and currently two foster puppies. Every time we get our fosters adopted we get more so our life is busy and easy meals would really help!

  248. I am so excited about the possibilities of using an instant pot in my home! My family eats out WAAAAYYYY too much because we don’t want to take the time to cook after dinner. I feel like this is a great way for us to spend more time together at home and be healthier overall (not to mention save $$$).

  249. An instant pot would allow my family to eat healthier and cheaper in 2018! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  250. I love pressure cooking and I especially love batch cooking. Prep once, clean up once. So efficient!

  251. Instant pot would help us save time! With 2 kids and one being a baby it’s hard to get in the kitchen to cook a meal!

  252. I leave home with my 5 kids at 6:30 in the morning and get home about 5:30 in the evening! I work 20miles from home! This would help with meal so much when I’m pressed for time to get a meal on the table, get kids, bathed and to bed on time!

  253. This would save a huge amount of time for our busy family and be able to enjoy a home cooked meal daily!

  254. It will help me save money to spend way much less spend less time cooking and spend more quality time as a family more

  255. Would make life so much simpler – dinner ready after church on Sundays! Would save time and money from eating out- and would eat much healthier !

  256. An Instant Pot will encourage more at Home meals and that will be both cheaper and healthier.

  257. Busy family always on the go! We cant do fast food meals because of me (I suffer fibro and other health issues so fast food can take me out for days). Which having two kids age 5 and 2 years old mommy cant be out.

    Anyways, thank you for the giveaway! Good luck to all ♡

  258. Hi
    My husband and I are both doing a Ketogenic diet and I do a ton of food prep. I think having an Instant pot would be such a convenient tool to have.

  259. Omgoodness! Winning one of these would awesome! I have been wanting one to help me get on track and start eating healthier by cooking meals without using pre-package one processed foods. It would also help me food prep for the week to stay on track.

  260. An Instant Pot would help me quickly put a meal on my table for those unfortunate days when I didn’t plan ahead. 😰

  261. I would use the instant pot to help prepare healthier options for our meals and to avoid eating out as often.

  262. This seems like such a time saver! I usually don’t get home from work till 7:30 ish so I do a lot of convenience meals. This could help us make them healthy and convenient!

  263. I would be able to spend more time with my teenager kids and less time in the kitchen. They will be gone from home too soon.

  264. I’m on the go so much that an instant pot would free up some time w/ meal preparation and still allow for making healthy meals.

  265. With two kids at two different schools we have a busy schedule. I think this would get us meals on the table instead of take out.

  266. With a son who plays multiple sports, the ability to make a quick yet still nutritious and healthy dinner sounds like a dream!

  267. It would help me save time cooking. I hate standing for long when it’s time to cook as I have RA and resorted to unhealthy foods on my bad days. My legs get nodules and I fall when i do too much. Which is everyday as we are a family of 6. Thanks for the chance!

  268. If I got an insta pot it would allow me more time with my family and time to help my daughter study. Fifth grade can be hard. Lol

  269. Working late each night, the instant pot would help us to make a regular meal each night and not be tied to the stove.

  270. The Instant Pot would help me not to eat out as much and to fix my dogs home cook meals a whole lot quicker

  271. Hubbys gone for the next 10 months, so this would help with quick meals when I’m busy with the kiddos and other activities. Thanks for the chance! Happy New Year!

  272. Our family of 8 is constantly on the go and I love making food from scratch. There are some days where that seems near impossible. I’d love to have an instant pot to help.

  273. Winning an Instant Pot would really help my family start off the new year in the right direction. Not only would it help us to save money, but it would help enable us to prepare healthy meals in advance, so that we do not eat out as often.

  274. New years goal to get healthier for family of 4 , lose baby weight and budget friendly meals. Moved cross country this past year and saving money in all areas

  275. Hi. I’ve been wanting to try the Instant Pot for awhile now. It would be helpful in so many ways… faster cook time, healthy meals, freezer meals & so much more!

  276. This would be great for my family! We are always running in different directions, would make dinner time so much easier!

  277. I would love to win this instant pot to make cooking easier. I’m not a cook but trying not to eat out as much. I can’t wait to learn more about freezer meals too.

  278. I would love a instant pot to help my family of 7 eat healthier and spend less time In kitchen and more time with them

  279. My husband just list 50 lbs. and we are looking to continue eating healthy so we can enjoy our children and grandchildren!!

    Looking for ways to cook healthy quick meals!!

  280. This would help as I work a lot of long hours. I received a GEM for Christmas and I feel i will like it, but I really want to use the. Instant pot pressure cooker.

  281. I would love to learn about freezer meals with the instant pot. It would make life easier for the boys at home when i work late

  282. I cannot wait to be able to have the ability to have healthier food options available for my family. As a busy Momma of 3, and a business owner I commonly find myself losing track of time and now dinner is either ordered in, fast food, or out of a box! This is going to so help me with time restraints and getting our health back on track!!

    Thank you!

    1. Oh Lesley, what a testimony! We feel you! Best of luck, and let us know how we can encourage and help you make time for what really matters!

  283. I would LOVE an Instant Pot for so many reasons but mostly to help us fulfill our goal of eating out less and saving money!

  284. This would be a game changer for my family. I would love the opportunity to relearn how to cook meals.

  285. Just learned about the awesomenessthatis Instant Outlast week when I gifted my daughter one for Christmas and she was beyond ecstatic over it. I had no idea she was dreaming of owning one! I so need one! Yogurt, fast easy delicious Meals after working All Day would be a dream!

  286. My biggest issue is taking meat out ahead of time to thaw. I’m always so behind and we end up eating late. I think this would help me make the most of our mess and time together as a family.

  287. Instant pot is so amazing. My husband is truly a health nut and having an instant pot would make this working teacher’s life so much easier to prepare and freeze meals in advance.

  288. Am a senior on very fixed income. Would love one to help my budget and easier cooking due to health issues. Would be a huge blessing to this ole gal!!!

  289. Would love to have more time to spend with my 3 girls instead of rushing around after school meal prepping!

  290. Enjoyed the live video! Please pick me. An Instant Pot would be a huge blessing to our family in helping us make smarter eating choices and better use of our time. We gave an IP to both of our parents this Christmas, but we would like one ourselves. We feel having one and sharing tips with our parents could potentially impact three separate homes!

    Please pick us!

  291. I would love to have an Instant Pot to save time and money in the new year! I am amazed at all the things you can cook with it and also that you can cook meals from frozen. I have been collecting recipes in hopes to have an IP of my own one day!!

  292. My son begins student teaching tomorrow, and between teaching, preparing lessons, commuting, and holding down a part-time job, he has very little time for cooking. Unfortunately, this means he either skips meals or eats fast food. The instant pot would help him to save money and eat healthy meals, and would make me feel so much better!! (And I could, and would, prep many of the meals for him!)

  293. An instant pot would help my family to eat healthier by eating at home more often. It would also make cleaning the kitchen much easier as everything can be cooked in one pot!

  294. I am hoping to make healthier choices and spend less time cooking…more time with the family!

  295. I would give this to my sons that are learning to cook for themselves in college. They love to cook but have little time and money. I would love to see them use this to eat healthy and save money.

  296. This would help my family start to eat healthier in 2018! And it would help us feed our daughter now that she is eating real food! I would love to be considered for this!

  297. New to the Instant pot cooking. Work full time and have a lot going on with family at home and in hospitals so quick cooking and meal planning is a must during this time. Not a big fan of eating out and grabbing fast food so hope to have meals in advance ready to go.

  298. Who wouldn’t like healthier meals produced more quickly? That’s what I’m hoping for.

  299. An instant pot would help cover for those rushed mornings where I forget to transfer that night’s meal from freezer to fridge. Backup meals (tacos, chicken strips) get old. Thanks to speedy cooking I might almost fake being organized!

  300. Hoping to use the instant pot to feed my family healthy quick meals instead of going through a drive through.

  301. An Instant Pot would enable me to prapare healthy meals for my family since we are all on different schedules. I am hoping to simplify my life in 2018!

  302. Always on the go with three kids in traveling sports…..this will be a life changer for us!!

  303. I like the potential energy savings aspect – and the time saving nature of the Instant Pot would help save us money and eat healthier by avoiding eating take-out meals on busy days.

  304. Insta pot would help with my families busy life. With us always on the go this would allow me to feed my family great food at home instead of going for a quick fix when we are in a pinch

  305. My friends are all RAVING about theirs & I would LOVE to have one! We are a busy homeschooling family with three boys and it would be amazing to be able to make faster meals!!

  306. I would love to get my family healthy with an instant pot! I have some major health issues and don’t like food so having a subscription that could lay out meals that our guaranteed to be a hit would be AMAZING! I want to ensure that my grandson learns to love foods and doesn’t inherit my picky food behaviors 🙁 Looking for all he help in success I can get!

  307. I am currently disabled with “congestive heart failure”, so I now need to eat less sodium in my diet. The instant pot would greatly help me to cook my meals quick and healthy, just like I need.

  308. An instant pot would help my family tremendously! My husband and I both work 50+hrs a week at our corporate jobs. We also own a small business that requires a lot of our time and attention plus I am an independent consultant for 3 direct sales companies. The idea of being able to cook healthy meals quickly and or meal prep is so appealing!!!! Keep us from eating junk and fast food while also helping us get on track for a healthier 2018!

  309. I have wanted an Instant Pot every since the moment I heard of one! I’m a busy momma – I work full time (leave for work at 6:15 AM, get home at 7:00 PM) and husband is a pilot so he is gone a lot. An IP would help me tremendously to make nutritious meals quickly for myyself, my husband, and my newly turned 4 year old. I have an autoimmune thyroid disorder and it’s very important for me to have a healthy diet so this would help my family so much! Thank you for this awesome giveaway!

  310. I’m changing the way I prepare my food to improve my health. The Insta pot would let me do that in a way that would help me create fantastic flavorful meals that would not feel like I was depriving myself of delicious yet nutritious foods

  311. I’ve recently become a single mom. I have two toddlers 3 and 4 and find myself making them a different dinner then myself because by the time I get home from work it’s just easier to make them Mac and cheese or chicken nuggets, etc. I then either ending up eating whatever I made for them or not eating at all because I’m too tired to quick a decent healthy meal. This would be a blessing to have for my little family of three. I was hoping to buy myself one with some Christmas money I received but the battery in my car died today so I have to buy that instead! I’m excited to learn some meal prep tricks on your site!

    1. Oh Amanda! Let us know how we can help and encourage you in this time! And best of luck in the giveaway!

  312. Among the other her features, speed being the biggest, I would love to try the yogurt making function. It would be a money and time saver!

  313. It would help me with my freezer meals! I use your site daily and would love more meal prep options

  314. I was just checking the Instant Pot out this week. I love to use my crock-pot but the Instant Pot has so many more options – I think I would be able to use it almost everyday!! My hubby is retired and he loves to cook and experiment and I work full time – we end up eating out or ordering take-out a lot which are not always healthy options. I believe this would help us save money and eat healthier which is important now that we are older and my hubby has some health issues.

  315. My husband has Alzheimer’s so this would help tremendously. Everything in one pot and I’m good to go.

  316. Great contest! I went to target this weekend to buy one and they were SOLD OUT 😔
    Being a mom to a 2, 3 and 9 year old, a wife and a full time nursing student, an instant pot would save my life for these busy weekday nights! I leave at 7am and do not return until around 5, everyday. I have 4 hungry people at dinner time and most days I am too exhausted to cook. Meal planning and prep helps but this would savee time and relieve so much stress! 🙂

  317. I’m excited to get some information on simplifying meal planning for my family of four. Since I work fulltime, the Instant Pot would really help me efficiently have good healthy meals for my family, and save money from eating out.

  318. The instant pot will help with healthy meals and saving money! I love to cook but hard to make meals that take long to prepare and cook with children. And there will be No more excuses to eat take out : )

  319. It would be such a timesaver for me. I am a single parent of 2 teenage boys & work 10 hour days. It’s way to tempting to grab drive-thru food on the way home but this would be great to have home cooked meals in minutes versus hours.

  320. I cook only for myself. I have celiac disease and it seems if I eat out I get sick. I work long hours so an Instant Pot would make cooking everything everyday so much easier. I eat very healthy but this would help with that too.

  321. Love an instant pot to give to my daughter. She works and it would help her to make a good meal for her family

  322. Would love to win this instant pot!! Would help my family prep ahead of time and have meals ready quickly when getting home from work

  323. I work until 6 o’clock most nights; having one of these would be FANTASTIC for the evenings when I need something hot and quick to fill us up in between school and sports practice.

  324. With a family of four hungry mouths to feed (with plans to add more!), one full time job (where lunches are needed), rescue work, church (dinner entrees/sides for 20 anyone?), and other responsibilities, an instant pot would make our daily lives SO much easier!

  325. My family got insta pots for Christmas. I have bee looking into them and it would be a life saver!

  326. This instant pot would be a complete meal game changer for my family 5 as my 3 kids who are teens are all very active so we are on a constant go. We are starting our first family whole 30 tomorrow because we are tired of eating on the go unhealthy food and want to eat better and have more energy!

  327. My husband and I would love a 6 quart because we are empty nesters and currently have an 8-quart. Its a bit too large for the two of us and the six quart would be so much more useful!! Our freezer space is somewhat limited as well… we would so love to win the 6 quart!!

  328. i would love to win one of these but i live in Canada and your web site won’t let me enter

  329. I think I’m one of the last of my friends to not have an Instant pot. Would love to slow the eating out in our family and serve healthy yummy meals quickly.

  330. I would like too see if this would help me with my meal preps. I work 2 jobs and a single mom. This would be nice to try. Thank you!

  331. I’m a single busy mom and feel burnt out on cooking and often fall back on takeout or processed food when tired. I’ve gained 50 plus pounds and don’t feel healthy not to mention wanting to create healthier meals for my family. I’m looking forward to better planning, inspiration, less time in the kitchen and healthier meals!

  332. This is so awesome! I would love to have one. This would help us in so many ways. Food prep, save money and not eating out.

  333. I need to save money and have my family and myself eat healthy.
    I subscribe to your newsletter

  334. It will help our family eat out less! Have a healthier Heart strong diet for our heart warrior pre and post open heart surgery! Saving money is ideal with all of the medical debt!

  335. As a working girl and love to cook, this would be amazing to let me cook my favs for the family and still have time to do other things.

  336. I have 5 boys and live in the kitchen. An instant pot would help cut down on cooking time so I could spend more time with them.

  337. I would love an instapot to help me plan better meals for my family. We are struggling to eat well and plan ahead. It’s hard with 3 kids and full time jobs. This would be a huge help for us!

  338. I’ve been in a cooking/ meal planning rut 🙁 my kids are picky eaters & I am trying to lose the baby weight so an instant pot would help me out tremendously!

  339. This would help me to be able to cook for a weeks meals at a time! And I could make several since they are done so fast! I’d be so excited and blessed!

  340. I think an insta pot would help us save money. I’m terrible about thawing food and then not using it and having to throw it out. Begging about to cook from frozen sounds amazing.

  341. Would love not having to spend a lot of time in the kitchen when we could just use the Instantpot and be doing other things with our time!! Plus I love the idea of cooking multiple freezer meals in a day and popping them in the Instantpot for dinner!!

  342. An instant pot would help us get or diets back on track by giving us time to com our own meals instead of eating out so often.

  343. I have heard such great things about the IP. I haven’t had the money to purchase one for myself. I believe it would be a time saver, healthier way to cook, as well as allow me to spend more time with my very first grandbaby and less time cooking over the stove

  344. Looking to eat out less with my children’s busy activity schedules. Which in return will help us eat healthier.

  345. I’d love to win this Instant Pot. It would greatly help make healthy diabetic friendly meals for my husband and I.

  346. I love freezing meals for future use. An instant pot would help cook that meal faster and with better flavor than a microwave or all day in the slow cooker.

  347. My husband & I are very busy we love how we can come home from work throw something into the insta pot & be ready in a short amount of time kids love it also

  348. I would love to win an IP to help me lose weight and be able to cook at home every night to save money

  349. Been wanting one, just can’t afford one and now my crock pot died. Trying to keep my family healthy.

  350. Would love to learn to cook with the Instant Pot. Eating healthier, eat at home and save time. All are a step in the right direction for me. Thanks!

  351. With a busy dance ministry and outreach the instapot would help my family have healthy meals. With 3 kids 7 and under their little bodies need all the nourishment they can get:

  352. Its just me and a grandaughter. We eat out a lot so it would definitely save me some money. Its hard on a fixed income.

  353. I am an invalid so I tire easily. I find it hard to stay at the stove for longer periods of time. I love soups and casseroles but I find it hard to make them.
    An instant pot would be such a help in my kitchen.

  354. I am looking forward to learning freezer meal prep and use of an instant pot. It will help my family eat healthier, and less stressful evenings trying to get everyone fed with all the evening activities.

  355. OMG! I would love to win the Instant Pot. This would be such a blessing to my family of 6. I have NO time to make dinners and this would make it so much easier. You see we’re a dairy milking family and I go from the barn to dinnertime at 7:30 at night so by the time we eat dinner my littles have usually totally missed bed time. To have dinner ready and waiting would be such a blessing.

  356. I want to change our eating habits! Healthy food=healthy body. We are hoping to lose some weight and lower my husband’s cholesterol

  357. Anxious to get recipes to use in an instant pot. Hoping it will help me eat more at home rather than eating out all the time.

  358. A. Instant pot wouldn’t help us eat healthier with less preservatives in our diet. I was recently diagnosed with fatty liver disease and am on a clean eating regimen now.

  359. I’m excited to try cooking with an Instant Pot because I’ve tasted meals my mother has made from an Intant pot and they are amazing! I can’t wait to try different recipes from eggs to cheesecakes!

  360. It would greatly help me and my family! I need to lose weight for health reasons, and being able to cook a variety of meals faster and easier would be a lifesaver for me.

  361. In August 2016 I became a widow at 49 years old due to cancer. I have two dogs and I own my own business. I have not been eating well since being alone. It’s much easier to grab fast food. An Instant pot would allow me to cook healthy meals save money and quit eating processed food.

  362. As a family with four kids and lots of activities an Instant Pot would be a blessing. Saved time and money and healthier food. Thank you for blessing someone with all of these things. Truly priceless.

  363. It would help with the budget, but it would save so much time. I am not sure but think i might be able to can with this as well.

  364. I’ve been doing really well freezer cooking as a newbie. An IP would be a great additional cooking tool!

  365. I think an Instant Pot would help me cook more. Our after school schedule is so crazy that I find myself in the drive through more than I care to admit.

  366. I think having an Insta Pot would help save my family and time! We farm, some days are too busy to fix a big meal, an Insta Pot would allow me to be able to do this for my family.

  367. OMG…. An instant pot would be fantastic! My husband and I work 45 away from home so. By the time I pick up the kids, neither of us have any time to make a nutritious dinner! It would help with healthy meals in a short amount of time!!!

  368. This will help me during busy nights when we have school and extra activities during the week. I will be able to prep meals that I can just add and cook fast in an insta pot.

  369. I’m in school and working, plus my husband has a full time job and a long commute. I really need a way to get good, home cooked food to the table for us and our son that is fast and easy. We eat too much take out!

  370. My husband and I both work so an instant pot would be Great for our family, I don’t even have an Crockpot either

  371. I received another brand of pressure cooker for Christmas… “What?? It’s not an Instant Pot??” Returned it, and now so can’t find an IP anywhere!!! Would love to win this one and get started on fast, healthy cooking for my family in 2018!

  372. I’m hoping to spend more time with my family and less time cooking. Freezer cooking and instant pot cooking seem like ways to accomplish this!

  373. This would be awesome for my family! It would allow us to eat healthier and cut back on meal prep time!

  374. An instant pot would be a god send to my family! Looks so easy and quick with our hectic schedules

  375. I would love to learn how to spend less time in kitchen and more time with my family. I also want to create delicious meals for them.

  376. Ooooh this pot would help so much with a family dietary needs and just my busy life. Hoping elderly in-laws, my recently divorcing mother, my grandmother who is with us and fighting cancer, of course myself, my husband and my nine-year-old .

    No matter what life throws at us we’ve got this. Just trying to set a good example for family meals even for a family on the run.

    I’m also already a subscribing member.

  377. I would live to win this for my daughter and her family. They already do the freezer meals. Using a crock pot. The are also doing the Keto diet. I think this would help them so much. Because they do have to use a crockpot and sometimes things do not get thawed out in time. Thank you for this opportunity.

  378. As a single parent, an Instant Pot will help us eat healthier at home, give me more time with my son, and help save money.

  379. My sister in law loves her instant pot and I would really love to try one too! I know it would save us lots of time during the work week. I would also like to teach my teenager to cook with it too!

  380. I’m a newly single mother to a 2-yr old and just started working full-time. An IP would help ensure we eat healthy meals and stay away from fast food and other easy-to-fall-into traps.

  381. I gave all four of my children an Instant Pot for Christmas but didn’t get one for myself.

  382. I would love love to have an instant pot! My sister said she cooked the best cheese cake she has ever tasted! I looked on amazon but they were out of the 6qt instant pot. I would like to start cooking healthier this year and try to do more freezer meals.

  383. Being a farmers wife, I sure could use the assistance of a InstaPot! Would make life soooooo much easier!

  384. Trying to cook a meal every night for a family after working all day is exhausting. I would love to win an instant pot to free up time and have my family eat healthier! I think if they can learn good eating habits now it will carry with them throughout their life.

  385. My husband and I work full time jobs with our oldest in in 8th and swimming and our youngest gymnastics and motorcross! I could use it to cut down on time and money and one reason is make healthier meals faster and easier! Just like many families on the go !

  386. My goal for the new year (after this new baby arrives sometime this month) is to cook more homemade meals. A new Instant Pot would help so much with this, a new baby, a toddler and a husband with blood pressure issues aren’t the easiest to cook for!

  387. I’m a pastor’s wife with four kids and a paraprofessional at a public school! I need all the help I can get getting healthy meals on the table quickly!

  388. I’ve been looking into these for my family for a couple months now. I would really like to try one out. I think this would help my family create fast and healthy meals that will allow us parents to spend less time on dinner and more time with kids after school:)

  389. I have been wanting an Instapot since I first heard about them. Unfortunately, my budget does not allow wants, only needs. By the time I get home from working my two jobs I am too tired to cook anything that takes longer than 10 minutes so the kids and I eat a lot of tacos and sandwiches. What a blessing it would be to be able to provide a healthier variety of food during the week rather than just Sundays.

  390. i do not own one, and I did not get one for Christmas. Would love to have one but the investment has kept me from doing so because of financial situation. hope to begin cooking in an Instant pot soon.

  391. I am excited about getting healthy in 2018. I am not making a New Years Resolution. I am making a lifestyle choice. I know the Instant Pot will help me and my family to eat healthier and save time. We are a busy family and I am looking forward to making healthy recipes again.

  392. With all of us working, we leave at 7:30 am and get back home around 6:30. We have chickens, a horse and dogs that have to be fed as well. It would be so nice to be able to have dinner on the table quickly. This would be an enormous time saver enabling us to have healthier meals.

  393. I’ve been trying to do freezer meals myself for a while and need help! My daughter and 2 grands are coming to live with us and we definitely need help with planning, shopping, and cooking for 5 people! Happy New Year!

  394. Really looking forward to joining the instant pot family!! My son plays baseball year round and this would help my family out so much!! We could eat real food rather than stopping for fast food!!

  395. I would use the instant pot to eat out less and cook healthier meals with not as much preservatives. Faster meals would definitely help ease the time it took to get food on the table.

  396. I’m so perked to make yogur, so the Instant Pot has been luring me in! I love pressure cooking, it makes everything taste so good. Very interested in the pre sets, frezzervmeals and making delicious dinners every night!

  397. Insta pot looks like it could be a life saver for me as a working mom in school part-time to finish my degree with kids in sports. To save my sanity, I do a crock pot meal a few times a week, but if we have a busy morning & I forget to throw in our meal, I just won’t have it done in time for dinner from frozen so I scramble for a back up plan. This in convo with a meal plan that I don’t need to search online for hours to make could really free my brain from stress & let me enjoy dinner rather than panicking that everyone has time to eat before sports.

    1. Oh Jen, that is exactly why we are here and have created these meal plans! We would love to help you accomplish that!

  398. Would love to try out freezer cooking. We are always short on time with our busy schedule and going out to eat is our default. Would love to change that!

  399. This would help so much being able to make quick healthy meals. This would help my family focus on our New Years goals and be able to achieve them.

  400. The instant pot Will be an easy start to eating healthier, because of the ease and quickness of cooking the instant pot creates.

  401. I have wanted one of these for awhile now. They are a bit pricey though. I would like one of these because it would save me money. I don’t really like to cook full meals on the stove top due to sometimes it creates a lot of clean up but I think that with this I could just cook it all in one shot and for me that’s ultimate convenience.

  402. My New Years resolution is to really be careful about our spending. We eat out way too much! Would love to try this out!

  403. Happy New Year! My resolution is to start cooking at home more to save money. I plan on freezing meals and using an instant pot! I’ve been debating about signing up for once a month meals. I’m looking forward to the mini menu! Thanks for the opportunity! Happy 2018! 🎉

    1. Oh yes Stephanie! You are in the right place! Let us know if you have any questions! We are happy to help!

  404. I am a little behind on the instant pot wave. I have just read up on this wonderful kitchen gadget. I think this would be a blessing to anyone. I will continue to follow your website to new ways to make life a little easier. God Bless.

  405. I don’t have an instant pot. But if I did I would use it to fix a variety of meals for my new year goal to eat healthier and to meal prep. I have joined a facebook group and have been looking at the meals etc that people are making and they look yummy. I like the idea that it is fast so I can make lots of meals in a day for meal prep.

  406. I don’t think about dinner until it is time to cook it. Using the instant pot may help planning meals ahead of time so that I don’t have to think about it.

  407. My friend Carol has one and she says she’s like an info commercial for this item. So that really sounds like a wonderful item to have. Where can I obtain one?

    1. It really is Maryann! And Amazon, Target, Kohls, Walmart tend to carry them although many are currently sold out!

  408. I would like to win because we have started empty nesting, and family meals are rare. It is time to learn something new!

  409. Oh I would love an instant pot, I’m a working mom with 3 small kids, I always end up making chicken nuggets, fries or macaroni and cheese 😬 no the healthiest meal for tiny humans. 😞 thanks for the chance.

  410. I am a busy homeschooling mom and getting healthy dinners on the table in a shorter amount of time would be a sanity saver!

  411. It would help save me time when preparing meals… we are so busy during the week with work and practices!

  412. I’m working on a couple of new businesses in my new state and this would help simplify the cooking area of my life!

  413. I would love an instant pot for our family!! I am currently experiencing baby #4 and with 3 other very active kids. I know an instant pot would really help out on those fast food nights. I would also love to plan ahead and freeze a bunch of meals for once baby arrives.

  414. My husband and I are both teachers. This would really help us to be able to cook quick meals after a long day at school. What a blessing it would be!!

  415. THANK YOU FOR THIS OPPORTUNITY! I am looking forward to learning something new in the cooking world!

  416. I would love to be able to cook all the delicious meals everyone is posting in a quick efficient manner. Whom ever does win I cheer them on! Happy New Years to you all!

  417. My evenings are so hectic that my family often ends up eating a sandwich or cereal for dinner. I hope an Instant Pot would help get meals on the table faster!

  418. It would let me make healthy meals quickly. I have been working a lot of hours lately and end up with fast food instead of good food.

  419. I would Love an instant Pot. I asked for one for Christmqs, but never got it.
    Having one would make meal planning so much easier in a house with 2 hungry boys and my hubby.
    I would love some pointers on meal planning too! I don’t know how many times I’ve tried on my own and failed…too many times to count.

  420. Getting a homemade meal on the table daily with our busy schedule is not always an option. I generally forget to pull out meat to thaw so this would make it so that wouldn’t be a problem and being able to feed them something healthy would be an added bonus since we have been eating fast food for so long.

  421. I would love to win an IP! With all of our activities and commitments through the week it would be great to have a healthy, fast way to get dinner on the table!

  422. An Instant Pot would meal, healthier meal, in less cooking time – just what my family needs with our long commute schedules.

  423. I’m looking for a way to add home cooked, healthy meals to my busy family’s life and get away from unhealthy, fast fixes.

  424. An Instant pit would help me take meals to others and introduce them to all the goodness that comes from these amazing machines! Everyone needs these! 💜💜🤗

  425. We’ve finally gotten on a good meal planning schedule but with our evenings being unpredictable at times, we end up eating out way more than we want to because freezer things take too long to cook when you haven’t had the opportunity to prepare the crock pot in time. An instant pot would be the answer to all of that as well as get rid of several of our small applicances allowing for less to be stored in our tiny kitchen!

  426. If I were to win, this would help encourage a more timely home prepared meal. I can spend more time with my family around the table rather than in the kitchen.

  427. I’d love to win an instapot so i can finally cook these dried beans that i never remember to soak and cook a faster dinner. Working late equals a lot of takeout.

  428. I’ve wanted an Instant Pot for a while and my friend just got one and has been extolling it ever since. As a mom and daughter and busy teacher I make less nutritious meals for the sake of expediency but I feel like this will make it easier to stick to better choices.

  429. Instant Pot in 2018 means more family dinners together and no more late night dinners. My work schedule is always crazy and my husband constantly has VA dr’s appointments, throw in two teens who are in clubs and JROTC, life is chaotic, instant pot is going to be such a life saver/stress reliever.

  430. I have been searching high and low to purchase the 8qt plus with no luck. I recently had a job change and it will help us to eat at home more and stop from going to McDonald’s for that fast fix!

  431. We’re a pretty busy family of 6 and an instapot would help me be able to use those freezer meals I spend time making…..even if I forget to take them out to thaw ahead of time.;)

  432. I have a small instapot and love it. However it is a small one and I have a big family. (It was on sale and I thought I would try it out) I look forward to freezer planning for the instapot and teaching my kids how to cook in it so they can help with meals.

  433. I’m new to instant pot cooking and seems I bought an an older version (manual button only to pressure cook) at the store. There was only 2 left and I thought I had just lucked out to be there st the right moment! So it’s been a little confusing when looking at recipes when it says push pressure option and I don’t have one or press chili/bean and there’s not a option either. Hope it’ll get easier as I try more recipes.

  434. I would love to have an instant pot to cook more freezer meals. We have so many food allergies I spend all day in the kitchen. I’d love to cut the time down in the kitchen and spend it with my kids.

  435. I would love an instant pot. This would help my family save money by eating at home more. Many times, we don’t decide dinner until the last minute which is hard when my kids are saying they are hungry. This would be a budget helper!!

  436. I love my crockpot, but the timing for cooking is long and I always seem to end up with blah lacking meals. An instant pot would change this. I see healthy, quick,tasty meals in my future.

  437. Instant pot would make cooking meals for this busy working family so much easier. Would love to win!

  438. I’m so eager to get an Instant Pot…anything to save time cooking is a plus in my book! Happy New Year, and good luck to everyone on the giveaway!

  439. An instant pot would help spend less time in the kitchen especially with a baby on the way in March and 1 1/2 year old.

  440. An Instant pot would help my family because my wife and I work two jobs. With an Instant Pot at our fingertips cooking would be easier and faster saving us time and frustration.

  441. I have 5 kiddos and we follow a grain free diet and I spend all my time cooking like a crazy lady, this awesome machine would hopefully help me save some precious time so I can spend it doing other things with my family or even maybe just myself *gasps*

  442. I have two boys under 3 and a husband who just had neck surgery. An instant pot would help my hectic days so much!!

  443. I work long hours and have hungry kids when they get home from sporting activities. This would save time and money!!

  444. This would be amazing to win! I think it would help our family eat more at home instead of that spur of the moment drivethru eating, this would also result in saving money and eating healthier!

  445. InstaPot would save me time and money! And I could perhaps finally try the freezer cooking that I’ve been following.

  446. I am a recently singled Mom of 3 children 2 of which are autistic – I work a very demanding and time consuming full time job. Having an instapot would allow what free time I do have to be spent with my kiddos rather than in the kitchen. While still being able to serve healthy home cooked meals as opposed to frozen dinners or fast food. All while saving money which is extremely important in a single parent/income household. Thank you in advance for condering our crazy household.

  447. It is with regret I have to inform you I often fall victim to forgetting to thaw meat. Then we run out to eat. My family and I have begun eating healthier…yay keto…and this would be an amazing time saver. It would help us station track and I could bring my own meal to cook to family parties.

  448. The Instant Pot 6QT cooker will help my family eat healthier and reduce the amount of times that we eat out per week

  449. I’m diasabled from a head on collision with my school bus had knee replacement back fused permanent nerve damage in foot so less time standing the better would be a dream come true right now

  450. I was just recently told about the IP. We are a busy family of 7 who could use this in more way than one. This could help improve our health, pocket book, and my two youngest might actually eat the meals I make for them- finally!! I truly feel that this could be a god send for us as a family. Best of luck to everyone and thank you for the opportunity!! Happy new years yall!

  451. An instant pot will help me get supper on the table more quickly and possibly serve hot lunch more often as well.

  452. I want to cook healthier and that includes homemade yogurt so I can control all that’s in it.

  453. I have a very busy life and demanding job. I often don’t have time to conventionally cook meals. When I don’t cook, I eat cereal for dinner! This would be a life saver.

  454. Working and kids schedules make meals crazy. I would love to be able to whip up dinner in one. Everyone loves theirs and I’ve really been wanting to try one. I think this would definitely save time and possibly money!

  455. We have been using our new Instant Pot non-stop since receiving it! If we won one, we would love to gift it to our parents who love to cook but have had a sudden decrease in extra time. I know they would love it as much as we love ours!

  456. The Instant Pot would help me feed my family on our very limited income and even more limited amount of time. I am a single mom of 4 kids, I am also in full time ministry at my church. With services on top of weekly tasks, kids athletics and activities, college for my oldest, And transporting all of us old enough to work to and from jobs, this would make such a huge difference for us! Thank you for the opportunity! Blessings.

  457. I’m away from home for almost 11 hours a day. The IP will help to make meals more interesting and quicker.

  458. Loved my instant pot until it took a nose dive off my counter when my son accidentally pushed it off the counter while helping me prep dinner. I am saving up for an new one for not only myself but also my pregnant daughter. Instant pot baby food is the best.

  459. Having a instant pot would allow my husband et I to eat healthier. It would also mean we would eat out less .

  460. It’s difficult for this ole’ gray mare to spend time standing, stirring, “watching for the pot to boil,” with arthritis, a knee replacement, shoulder replacements, and just plain ole’ exhausted after coming home from work to cook.But we want to eat healthy, so this would be such a blessing to win. Thanks for the opportunity…

  461. I cook everyday for my mother and father in law. And my Veteran Disabled husband.
    Anything that can help between all the Dr appointments is a blessing.

  462. An instapot would be a time multiplier that would bless our family. We just moved my husbands parents on to our property to help look after them. They are both in their 80’s and one has stage 4 Parkinson’s so we help them with meals as well as everyday needs. Thank you.

  463. I use the instant pot most every day. It has made life so much easier and I think the food is better tasting than some of the other methods but I used to use often. I even got rid of my crockpot because I don’t see the need for them anymore and I had them for years

  464. There is just the two of us And struggle with to make for dinner.I love to try new recipes and the instant pot would make it easier.

  465. Love using the instant pot for healthier meals! Being able to throw something in from Frozen to table is amazing!

    I’ve been trying to convince my mom she needs one!

    Thank you!!

  466. I am going back to work tomorrow (yikes!) after staying home with my kids. I can use all the help I can get!

  467. This would make healthier dinners so much easier! Started on healthy eating last month and am struggling preparing food that all family likes (2 omnivores and 2 vegetarians)

  468. I have wanted one of these ever since I used a friend of mines. This will help tremendously when cooking. Dinner will be done fast and still be delicious. I would love to do the freezer meal preps too that way anyone can cook dinner not just me.

  469. I’m going back to work tomorrow from mat leave. I need all the help to make healthy meals but don’t prevent me from spending time with my kids when we get home!

  470. maybe just maybe I could get dinner on the table without it being forgotten or burnt or worse – takeout

  471. An instant pot would help my family eat healthier and save $$$$. Thanks for considering me!!

  472. YES! My picky child was once a try and like it all kid. Since going back to work full time this mom has turned our family into fast food junkies! Help me turn the hands of time back!

  473. I don’t like to cook so the fact that I could make enough food to serve several portions and get it done in a short amount of time is what makes me want one of these.

  474. Wanting to stay prepared and plan ahead and make 2018 simple and full of yummy recipes! With a new instant pot we would be on right track

  475. Time to cook good, clean healthy meals in a timely manner so we can have as much family time as possible! Thank you for doing a giveaway!

  476. An Instant Pot would be a life saver for our busy family of four! Between college, high school, extracurricular activities and both of us working full time jobs with chaotic schedules, an IP would help us ensure our kids are eating healthy, home cooked meals instead of eating out / fast food, or unhealthy choices.

  477. I am a new grandma and will be watching my two twin grandsons for my daughter two days a week. I’m also a cancer patient with no cure. All the doctors can do is give me quality of live and make me comfortable. So having this instant pot be great for me to use on the days that I don’t feel like cooking. And provide a healthy meal for me and my Daughter’s family.

  478. An IP would help me expand my repertoire of make ahead meals for lunches. I currently use a low tech slow cooker and I spend a lot of time waiting for it to finish (My cooker doesn’t have an automatic shut-off, so I don’t feel safe leaving it on while I’m asleep or away.)

  479. I could use one soo bad, I have a wife and 3 kids that would benefit soooo much from this, I tried to get one and they are all sold out.

  480. Our family will be starting Whole30 and the IP will help with the cooking. Thank you for the giveaway.

  481. I have trouble standing, and quick meal options would help me cut down on less healthy take-out.

  482. Save money?
    Eat out less?
    Make healthier choices?
    Spend less time cooking?
    Try out freezer cooking? I would love to give all these listed above to my family ♥️ This awesome kitchen tool will give me more time spend time with my family..

  483. I have been looking at purchasing an Instant Pot and checking out all the sites with pros and cons. I’m definitely going to get one. Winning one would be Great!

  484. I would love to have an instant pot to help create better meal options that are healthy for my family!

  485. The InstantPot allows for fast, healthy food on the table. Saves time, money, & calories from eating out.

  486. I would love to have an Instant pot to do freezer meals with and for my family, to save time & money! Being prepared for those evenings and weekends where having a fast but healthy meal would be a life saver!

  487. I would love to gift this to my dad so he can start making bone broth. I know he will love it! The instant pot has changed my life for the better because it allows me to spend more time with my family because it’s such a time saver!

  488. I just received one for Christmas and would like my friend to have one as well. She is a busy mom of three who has a full time job and is attending college, so this is perfect for those nights when time is short. She can even program it to start before she gets home so dinner will be on the table without waiting for an hour or so for prep and cook.

  489. I am overweight and need to change my lifestyle and food choices. I have been reading everyone’s success with a healthier lifestyle by using the IP. I have to make a change and I hope the IP will be a major component of my change.

  490. I just started going back to school, so an instant pot would be a lifesaver for me when it comes to cooking healthy food in a short period of time.

  491. This IP has a lot of functions that would make creating a meal so much quicker, saving me lots of time!

  492. Hoping to use the instant pot to help us eat home more during our busy nights! Less cooking time, save money, healthier eating – it would be awesome!

  493. As previously stated, I received this for Christmas and have used it to make soup and boiled eggs. I am excited to use it in the future and would love to gift one to my friend, but we are sold out here. She would put it to use even more than I have in the short time I’ve owned it.

  494. This would be such a money savor. I would love to try my hand at yougart. As we are retired it would be nice to make and freeze meals. East to thaw and reheat Also as we get older trying to cook healthy and be healthier.

  495. Hi,
    My husband and myself both work two jobs. We take care of two elderly parents as well. Trying to find time to cook good food is getting harder and harder. I would love an instantpot to be able to make sure we all babe nutritious food.

  496. I know so many people that have an Instapot & love it. I would love to win one. I borrowed my sister’s on New Years Eve and made pork carnitas. It was delicious! Whoever wins it, you’ll be making there New year start off great! Thank you!

  497. I am a mom of four and work. I would love to cook delicious meals that don’t take all day.

  498. Since I work fulltime, the Instant Pot would really help me efficiently have good healthy meals for my family of four and save money from eating out. I would have more time to spend with my children instead of slaving over the stove.

  499. My husband is on a specialized diet because of his health (pediatric cancer survivor); I try to eat vegetarian; I make organic baby food for my Infant; and my 9 year old eats regular kid food! So cooking for this family of 4 is pretty complicated. I could use all the help I can get. I think the instant pot would help with the baby food, my quasi-vegetarian diet and my husbands special diet. I’m excited to give it a try!!!

  500. I had an instant pot but gave it to my daughter in law to feed her 4 children and day are children.
    I bought another and then gave it to my daughter who is a shift worker.
    Would really like one for myself to cook my meals.

  501. I would love to be able to cook and freeze some meals for quick access. My schedule is very busy and I volunteer alot. I also have to eat good healthy foods especially after just losing 115 lbs.
    What a joy this would be to have this

  502. I would love an Instant Pot to eat healthier and eat out less! I do Trim Healthy Momma so I cook A LOT! The Instant Pot would be a huge help!!

  503. An instapot would help me eat healthier on days I forget to get a precooked freezer meal out in time to thaw and also help me keep up with my cooking schedule.

  504. I’m a full-time mom and a full-time nurse, so we eat out way too much. My new year resolution is to eat more meals at home and this will be the thing I need to make it happen!

  505. I would love to win this for my dad who is recently retired and cooks for the family every night. He has always worked so hard and it would definitely make one area easier!

  506. An Instant Pot would make Meal prep so much easier. Especially the special separate meals I make for my son who is vegan.

  507. I love freezer cooking but I’m fed up with my slow cooker! We have a family resolution to eat at home this year. Instant pot will help!!!
    I am a subscriber!

  508. An instant pot would really help me cook for my family. My husband is on a special diet because he has had three intestinal surgeries this year and is still stabilizing. As a pediatric cancer survivor, he endured a lot of radiation and is suffering the long term effects. So he has to eat a specialized diet high insoluble fiber…and not much else. His favorite is butternut squash soup so the instant pot would help me a lot. I also make all my organic baby food for my 4 month old and I would really love to make that in the instant pot. In addition, I try to eat vegetarian, and my 9 year old son has a typical kid’d diet. In short, anything that shortens the cooking time for this full-time working mom is key!!!!

  509. I didn’t answer your questions. Sorry. I would love to win one so we can eat healthier, hopefully save money and make freezer meals. I’ve never made freezer meals before, so a little nervous & skeptical. But willing to try anything. Thank you again for the opportunity to win one.

  510. I don’t have an Instant Pot…so it would be life changing…I have read so many comments about it, the recipes, the time saving, healthy eating and weight loss…I would love to have one a get on the band wagon…

  511. We tend to eat out alot and I want to change that for 2018. I feel like the instant pot would be good for that!

  512. We have 9 month old twins and zero time for cooing healthy meals. This would be a game changer!

  513. This would help my family so much. My mother just came home from the hospital for lung cancer surgery and helping her, while taking care of my 8 year old doesn’t leave much room for healthy and quick food options. This instant pot would be a godsend.

  514. Thank you for the opportunity to win! I am so disorganized when planning meals. This will save me a lot of time and it will also encourage me to try new healthier recipes.

    Happy New Year and God Bless You! 🙂

  515. I’m a wife, nurse and mom of 3. Anything that helps get a healthy meal on the table quickly would benefit our whole family!

  516. WOrking all day coming home to make dinner Is hard at times… this would make life easier and I would be able to enjoy my family more with less prep and clean up time!!

  517. This would be so awesome. It would help us to make healthier meals, faster meals for our busy schedule, mostly when I forget to pull out meat, and it would just be amazing….Thank you

  518. I live alone and there are days when I will just get the meal because I just don’t want to cook for myself. Having an Insta pot I could cook meals ahead and just pop them in the microwave and reheat them and always have a balanced meal every day. Eating the right amount of calories is good for me and that’s my 2018 resolution. I feel Insta pot will help me tremendously meet my goals.

  519. I have four kids with special needs and am a full time nursing student. This would be invaluable to me to spend less time in the kitchen!

  520. I would love an instant pot!
    This will help us with freezer menus and those Late night meals after kids sports.

  521. If I win, Is sent to my son who is in the Army. He lives in the barracks and eats on base daily- this would allow him to cook meals much easier since he does not have a kitchen. I would love to win for him

  522. I can’t wait to start the new year off with freezer meals. I hope to win the Instant Pot. It looks so easy! I need easy!

  523. I have been on the fence wondering if this would be something I would use. I watched/read several things tmonths gut before Christmas and made up my mind…. but it was to late. I even went out today to look for one and they are still out. I think this would help our busy family stay out of the fast food lane.

  524. An instant pot would be a great way to make my keto meals for my whole family.
    Never realized how much sugar is in all of our foods and even medicine!
    Keeping my kids safe while teaching them how to cook is the greatest gift a mom could give.

  525. I have an Instant Pot but sure would love to win another one! I’d take this one to our lake house so I wouldn’t have to take mine back and forth. It’s such a help to have an IP for a fast meal after being out on the water all day! Last year we did crock pot ribs and IP ribs…..IP won!! If I had one at the lake I’d do some freezer meals to keep up there too.

  526. We travel for work . As much as we love to cook, it would be nice to just start something and go binge watch.

  527. I would LOVE to be able to make quick meals and have some freezer meals for the fam when I need to go help my parents!

  528. I Would love to win an instant pot for my daughter. She is a working mom and is so tired when she gets home. This will help her so much!

  529. Healthier eating. I tend to get fast food or eat cold cereal for dinner or not at all. Would love to learn how to cook meals that I can freeze, and fix instead of the unhealthy alternatives.

  530. I want to be able to make healthier meals for my family. I want to stop eating out and eating so much junk. I want to learn to make better options.

  531. An insta pot would make life simple by speeding up cooking at night so we can spend more time together as a family.

  532. I think an instant pot would be helpful to get some healthy dinners together quickly. I heard cooking dried beans and frozen meat was fast.

  533. I actually really enjoy cooking but I am terrible at planning ahead. My family of four deserves more than fast food all the time, an Instant Pot would help get me there!

  534. The instant pot would make my life so much easier. I am a single mom, workin 40 hours a week, going to college, and helping take care of my grandson.

  535. The instant pot would be the magic genie in my kitchen especially now since I just had my second baby and life is crazy in the kitchen…

  536. I have 3 little kiddos, and the struggle is real when it comes to me not being prepared for dinner during the week when I get home from work :/ Having an Instant Pot will speed things up tremendously and make up for me not always being prepared 🙂

  537. The instapot would help me to save money by cooking at home more often. I picked up a second job to help pay off debt faster so just seems like my time is so limited. And the instapot sure would make things a little bit easier thank you for the opportunity for this giveaway.

  538. An instant pot would allow me to spend more time with my family and less time in the kitchen. That would be HUGE for me.

  539. I love, love, love to cook!! I also love my kitchen gadgets!! An instant pot is going to be my next favorite tool, I just know it! Can’t wait to start creating my own recipes!

  540. An IP would help our family in so many ways. Eating healthier, saving money and saving time are the main reasons I would love to win!

  541. I’ve recently changed my diet for health reasons and cooking much more, it can be Bit time consuming. I’m very interested in being able to make ahead healthy freezer meals for home and work and saving precious time with the family. My oldest daughter is showing similar health problems. This would greatly help me and my family accomplish these goals.

  542. An Instant Pot Haiku:

    We would rock the pot.
    Finding ways to make things hot.
    And making yogurt.


  543. Oh, man. I have a New Years goal to start meal planning and everywhere I turn I hear about this magical gadget! This would help our busy family get much healthier meals on the table for sure!

  544. I have been wanting to get an Intsapot and make all these Fabulous meals. As a mom of 4 kids this would be so handy.

  545. This would allow me to actually make my family home cooked meals when I forget to prep something before leaving for work!!

  546. I would love an instant pot! It would make cooking so fast and easy! Not to mention healthy and homecooked!

  547. The idea of the instant pot is so neat. I would love to try one. My client raves about hers.

  548. I’ve been wanting to try an instant pot, hoped I’d get one for Christmas but not so lucky! Have been checking out recipes etc to get ready for one…someday soon I hope!

  549. With an Instant Pot as a working mom I could have more nutritious meals at home for my family instead of eating out because I forgot to take something out. I’d be able to make my kids healthier yogurt instead of the sugar filled stuff at the store. I’d have more time to spend with my boys instead of being stuck in the kitchen as soon as I get home.

  550. I’ve been wanting to try an instant pot, hoped I’d get one for Christmas but not so lucky! Have been checking out recipes etc to get ready for one…someday soon I hope! Need to lose weight and get healthier so I think one of these ingenious machines just might make it possible!

  551. An instant pot would cut down on the number of meals eaten out because of no time to cook. Would also be heather because I would more be able to control what went into what we are eating.

  552. I would love the opportunity to win an instant pot and I have been thinking of starting a group that gets together so often and fixes meals to make with them or freeze. Being a military wife, with two kiddos, and a full time career don’t leave much time for cooking. I also think this would be a great thing to teach my daughter to meal prep and prepare.

  553. I would love to be able to make a healthy meal everyday this year and to stop eating out for a quick fix, the instant pot will be used instead.

  554. An Instanr Pot would make a huge difference in our lives. I work full time, go to school full time, and have three kids. This would allow us to cook at home and make healthier choices more often.

  555. The instant pot will save so much time as I work and sometimes forget to plan ahead and take meat out of freezer. I think we would all eat healthier, and it would save time and money in the long run.

  556. Happy New Year!! Thank you for the Contest. It would be exciting to see how this would change our lives for the better.

  557. I feel like having one of these would help us in so many ways. I have an autoimmune disease & kidney disease so I have to be really careful w/ the foods I eat…my kids are only 6 & 8 and I want to be sure they’ll have a mommy for a long time! Cooking at home is really the best option for us but it’s so time consuming. Eating out is so convenient for a busy family like us but the sodium & preservatives are just terrible for our health. There are some places that have healthier food options but they are too expensive for us to go to on a regular basis. I’m dying to try an Instapot & the freeze ahead meal plans!

  558. I’ve been really curious if an instapot would help my family. We have sports most nights and I would love to have dinner ready quickly. Thanks for this chance.

  559. I always get side tracked and forget about dinner until everyone is already starving and so we end up eating junk instead of waiting for dinner. This would be awesome to get a quick dinner on the table without having to think about it hours ahead of time!

  560. Single mama here and this would help me save time and be able to choose healthier meal options!

  561. Would love to come up with recipes for healthier, quick meal plans and make homemade yogurt, soups, stews, pressure-cooked meals, etc.

  562. I have 4 kids and am an impatient cook….it would help me branch out and give the family variety (in a hopefully, healthy way!)

  563. I think this could help us make better meal choices. Also, after managing as a Director at a child care and coming home to 3 kids after, we would be less likely to eat out if I know I can make something in such a short amount of time. I love my crockpot but sometimes I’m too tired to get something going in the morning; don’t have enough time to come home during the day; it’s too late by the time we get home. I just want to do better for my family and myself.

  564. I’m so excited to possibly add an appliance that will help put tasty healthy meals on the table fast! I’m currently in school full time and it’s exhausting. Our family dinners have suffered because of this…

  565. I want our whole family to eat healthier but time is very limited between work, school, and other activities. I think an Instant Pot is the answer to all I desire for our family.

  566. We are a family of 6 living with my in laws and cooking for 7 people (the 8th is an infant) is time consuming especially as I homeschool. We are wanting to eat healthier, so anything to make meal time quicker and easier would be wonderful. Not to mention cleaning out the cupboards of all the things we wouldn’t need anymore would be amazing.

  567. I would love to learn more about the Instant Pot. We are tired of the same meals or going and grabbing fast food because of limited time to prepare a meal. Anything to help Ian eat better will be so he