On June 11, 2011 by Kelly

Dangerous. Small but mighty. Penetrating. HOT. These are the words that come to mind when I think jalapeños. Up until this post, I can’t say that I had ever worked that much with jalapeños. As would be evidenced in the list of Once A Month Mom recipes containing jalapeños. None. We just aren’t a hot and spicy family (well, not in the kitchen at least – wink, wink). It hasn’t been until recently that I have started expanding my palette to more spicy foods. So jalapeños? Not on our regular grocery list. So I took heed when readers indicated it was important to wear gloves. And I dug a pair out of the closet.

sliced diced jalapenos

I have here a small and a medium jalapeño. I couldn’t find any that I would deem large and we typically just use the medium measurements around these parts so I just included the measurements for those two sizes. I hope this will help in our once a month cooking. I do know that there are plenty of jalapeños in recipes on our OAMM menus. What do you think of jalapeños? Do you use them often? Do you wear gloves? Any horror stories from jalapeño prep? On to the research. Here is what I got when measuring:

sliced diced jalapenos julienne chopped

sliced diced jalapenosRecipes Using Jalapeños: