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Sliced & Diced: Is Coming Back!

On May 7, 2011 by Kelly

Those of you that have been around for awhile will remember a series I started called Sliced & Diced. The point of Sliced & Diced is to help us get some equivalents and yields on commonly used foods for our once a month cooking menus. After all, on our grocery list we need to buy whole produce, but by the time we get to the recipe cards it is all chopped up and goes into multiple recipes. We need to know how many cups/Tablespoons/teaspoons comes from those products. Thus, Sliced & Diced. True, there are sites like Gourmet Sleuth and About.com that have some equivalents and yields but I find that they aren’t always complete data needed for our menus. So I am reintroducing Sliced & Diced in hopes that we can dig into some new products we commonly use. And as always, I would love for you to link up your recipes that correspond to that week’s Sliced & Diced item.



15 – Asparagus 21 – Strawberries 28 – Black Beans


4 – Bacon 11 – Jalapeños 18 – Carrots


2 – Peaches
16 – Tomatillos
23 – Sun-Dried Tomatoes
30 – Spinach


6 -Potatoes
13 – Corn
20 – Tomatoes
27 – Pears

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