On April 9, 2010 by Kelly

sliced diced onions equivalentsA few weeks ago I introduced a new series called Sliced & Diced where I will be bringing you the true for me measurements of different ingredients we frequently use on our Once A Month Meals menus. This week we will get started with onions! And I thought cutting 12 pounds of onions for a Once A Month Meals cooking day was crazy smelly! Try cutting onions using different methods and sautéing them. My husband was so ready for me to be done with this post! First of all, here is a look at my starting place. A small, medium and large onion. I have placed them all together in this picture so that you can get a sense of what sizes I am referring to. Most bags of onions have mostly medium sized onions in them. Therefore, this is the measurement we will most commonly use. I know you can’t feel them but perhaps looking at the comparison pictures will give you a starting place for judging the size of your onions. You will also notice below that I have listed “1 cup” as a measurement size. This is simply to give you a frame of reference of the equivalent of 1 cup. In case you have all kinds of sizes and just want to use a cup measurement as your starting place. Here is what I came up with:

sliced diced onions equivalents

From now on, I will be using these measurements to figure out our Once A Month Meals equivalents. I will use the medium size onion chopped in the food processor measurements and equivalents as I am assuming that most will be using a food processor. If you are using another method, please adjust accordingly. I hope you find these helpful as you are preparing once a month meals, batch meals or simply bulk cooking. We have tons of recipes with onions, but here are  few favorites: