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Start Freezer Cooking In 5 Easy Steps

If you just landed here at Once a Month Meals and you want to start freezer cooking, we have five easy steps for you! There is no need to be overwhelmed because we are here to walk you through the process! The links here provide a comprehensive list of all the great posts we have highlighted in our Get Started series. You could spend HOURS alone reading through all of these resources, but you can start freezer cooking quickly by following the basic steps. You will also want to check out our video on the Home page as well as look over the How it Works page for a quick visual of the process. If you decide freezer cooking is for you, then check out the additional resources at the end of this post and dive in!

Start Freezer Cooking in Five Easy Steps

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

1. Join our Community

With a membership to Once a Month Meals you get everything you need to make freezer cooking easy.

  • Access over 600 featured menus – 9 different dietary types
  • Access to our MenuBuilder software and our database of over 5,500 freezer friendly recipes
  • Create your own menus by customizing or using My Freezer Meal Plan
  • Printable menu resources – including grocery lists, step by step instructions, recipes, labels, and thaw sheet – for every menu!
  • Support from our Members-only Community

Do you eat Paleo and your spouse is Vegetarian? No problem! You can create a menu that is half Paleo/half Vegetarian. Find a giant sale on boneless chicken? Swap out all of the beef recipes on this month’s menu for chicken. You are also able to save up to three menus for future access.

Learn more by watching the video on the Home page and reading more details on the How it Works page.

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

2. Pick the Menu that BEST suits you.

Before you start freezer cooking, you have to first decide what exactly you are going to cook! Here are links to explain a little more about each of our nine menus. We also have this fun infographic to help! Keep in mind that you can customize any menu if there is a recipe that you don’t particularly care for or you want to take advantage of ingredients you already have on hand. Simply click “+Add to My Menus“.

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

3. Print Your Documents

The following documents are provided for each menu – even your custom menus!

  • Grocery List
  • Recipe Cards
  • Thaw Sheet
  • Cooking Day Instructions
  • Prep Instructions
  • Labels

Enter the number of people you are cooking for in the space for “Servings” and all of the documents will update to show the proper amounts. No math (you’re welcome). The system also doubles each recipe automatically so that you can make the best use of your time in the kitchen.

Be sure to print out all of the documents and read through them before you start freezer cooking. These will walk you through your big cooking day step by step. (Need a big picture overview? Read here!)

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

4. Shop

Get thee to a grocery store! Your organized grocery list will help you stay on task and make sure you are ready to go. Check out the following posts for more information on efficient shopping.

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

5. Cook

This is it! Put on some comfortable shoes, start with a clean kitchen and freezer, and work your way through our step by step instructions for stocking the freezer. If you have more questions about the cooking process, you are likely to find the answer in one of these get started posts. But we also encourage you to visit our Community and engage with other freezer cooks. Or chat with our customer engagement staff LIVE using the orange button in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

General Get Started Posts

Food Preparation and Storage

Start Freezer Cooking in 5 Easy Steps

Additional Questions Before You Start Freezer Cooking

What is the time commitment?

Each type of menu and each monthly menu varies in the time it takes to complete. In addition, your efficiency and quickness in preparation, cooking and clean-up is also variable. However, we usually estimate the following as average times needed.

  • Shopping – 2-3 hours in total
  • Night Before Preparation (Chopping, etc) – 1-2 hours
  • Cooking the Day of – 6-12 hours

*These estimates are based on cooking 12-15 recipes (doubled) for 4 servings( +/-) each.

What is the cost?

The cost is also variable. Factors for each menu include the region of the country, access to sale goods, availability of local produce, and use of coupons. It also varies by size of a family. For a family of 4 for most of our menus, you can expect to pay somewhere between $150-$300 for all the ingredients for all of the meals. It usually averages between $2.50-$6.00 an entree for 4 servings. See our Support Articles for a breakdown of the different menus and tips on saving money.

What does a real live freezer cooking day look like?

Don’t think that because you have a small kitchen or a normal freezer that you can’t do this. Freezer cooks have kitchens, families, and lifestyles of all shapes and sizes. Take a look around the kitchens of some of our staff members (past and present) in these posts, but you can also connect with your fellow members in our I Am OAMM series which spotlights cooks just like you!