25 Holiday Freezer Favorites

On November 20, 2017 by Kim

25 Holiday Freezer Favorites

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could make all of your food ahead of time for your Christmas celebration? All you would have to do is thaw for your party, meaning you could spend your time face to face with family instead of your kitchen appliances? Oh wait, you can!

Enjoy OAMM’s 25 holiday freezer favorites, and please enjoy your loved ones.

Main Dishes

1. How to Roast a Turkey

2. Seaton Sunday Roast Chicken

3. Rosemary Pork Roast

4. Ridiculously Delicious Roast Chicken

5. Favorite Beef Pot Roast

6. Crusted Prime Rib Roast

7. Rosemary Balsamic Glazed Rack of Pork

Side Dishes

8. Maple Bacon Acorn Squash

9. Garlic and Bacon Green Beans

10. Southern Squash Casserole

11. Slow Cooker Stuffed Acorn Squash

12. Pumpkin Macaroni and Cheese

13. Scalloped Potatoes

14. Sauteed Carrots with Sage

15. Refrigerator Rolls

Snacks and Sweets

16. Bacon Cream Cheese Wontons

17. Ham Balls

18. Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

19. Spinach Balls

20. Sun-dried Tomato and Basil Pinwheels

21. Apple Pumpkin Spice Cake

22. Holly Leaves

23. Salted Chocolate Nutella Cookies

24. Cinnamon Pear Popovers

25. Great Grandma’s Sugar Cookies

P.S. – I did not mean to imply that kitchen appliances are not loved ones. Many of us at Once A Month Meals have named ours, but you can get your quality time with them on your big cooking day instead of holidays. 🙂

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