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50 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

On January 25, 2019 by Kim

50 Instant Pot Freezer Meals

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The Instant Pot (commonly known as the programmable pressure cooker) is our new favorite kitchen appliance. It isn’t required for freezer cooking, but it certainly does help, because you can cook your meals directly from the freezer. No thawing!

To get you started, we have adapted the instructions for 50 of our best comfort food recipes to make them instant pot freezer meals. We also have resources, tips, and an Instant Pot Menus to introduce you to freezer cooking with an Instant Pot.

Instant Pot Resources

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Honey Bourbon Chicken

Instant Pot Freezer Meals

(*) Next to a recipe indicates that you can ACCESS NOW without a paid membership.

  1. Instant Pot Honey Bourbon Chicken – Traditional Version* *our most popular Instant Pot recipe!*
  2. Instant Pot Honey Bourbon Chicken – Gluten Free Dairy Free Version
  3. Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches – Gluten Free Dairy Free Version
  4. Instant Pot French Dip Sandwiches – Traditional Version
  5. Instant Pot Potato Soup* – Traditional Dinner Version
  6. Instant Pot Potato Soup – Real Foods Dinner Version
  7. Instant Pot Granny’s Italian Beef*
  8. Instant Pot White Bean Chicken Chili
  9. Instant Pot Tender Braised Short Ribs*
  10. Instant Pot OAMM’s Favorite Pot Roast
  11. Instant Pot Root Beer Pulled Pork*
  12. Instant Pot Buttermilk Herb Chicken*
  13. Instant Pot Balsamic Chicken with Pears and Mushrooms
  14. Instant Pot Healthy Roots Chili
  15. Instant Pot Citrus Herb Chicken
  16. Instant Pot Tuscan Chicken Stew
  17. Instant Pot Hearty Beef Stew
  18. Instant Pot Taco Soup*
  19. Instant Pot Jalapeno Popper Chicken Chili
  20. Instant Pot Honey Pork Chops*
  21. Instant Pot Gluten Free Dairy Free Chicken Ranch and Rice Soup*
  22. Instant Pot Chicken Taco Soup*
  23. Instant Pot Garlic Brown Sugar Chicken
  24. Instant Pot Ham and Pineapple Fried Rice
  25. Instant Pot Marinated Steak
  26. Instant Pot Paleo Mongolian Beef*
  27. Instant Pot Orange Infused Steel Cut Oats
  28. Instant Pot Chicken Parmigiana*
  29. Instant Pot Savory Spaghetti Sauce with Bacon
  30. Instant Pot Johnny Marzetti with Cheesy Noodles
  31. Instant Pot Paleo Chicken Lettuce Wraps
  32. Instant Pot Chicken Taco Filling
  33. Instant Pot Cheeseburger Meatball Sandwiches
  34. Instant Pot Apple Cherry Pork Loin*
  35. Instant Pot Buffalo Chicken*

From Our Blog Partners

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  1. Instant Pot Kalua Pig by Nom Nom Paleo (freezer version)
  2. Instant Pot Creamy Tomato Soup by Healthy Slow Cooking (freezer version)
  3. Smokey Cajun Black Eyed Peas Pasta by Veggie Inspired Journey (freezer version)
  4. Instant Pot Chicken Noodle Soup by Unsophistocook (freezer version)
  5. Instant Pot Lamb Shanks with Ginger and Figs by Gutsy by Nature (freezer version)
  6. Instant Pot Turkish Short Ribs by AIP Lifestyle (freezer version)
  7. Instant Pot Paleo Turkey and Gluten Free Gravy by Gutsy by Nature (freezer version)
  8. Instant Pot Thai Chicken Thighs by 365 Days of Slow Cooking (freezer version)
  9. Instant Pot Mexican Beef by Nom Nom Paleo (freezer version)
  10. Instant Pot Spiced Cranberry Pot Roast by Gutsy by Nature (freezer version)
  11. Instant Pot Lentil Vegetable Soup by Healthy Slow Cooking (freezer version)
  12. Instant Pot Corned Beef and Cabbage by Gutsy by Nature (freezer version)
  13. Instant Pot Shitake and Tomato Beef Short Ribs by Nom Nom Paleo (freezer version)
  14. Instant Pot Beef Stew by Gutsy by Nature (freezer version)
  15. Instant Pot Spaghetti Squash by Nom Nom Paleo (freezer version)


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  1. I am literally bursting I am so excited to try these. I am going to prep 5 of these recipes this weekend. So here’s my question – I want to do this because my son’s football schedule is about to kill me and makes dinner a nightmare. I am essentially gone from 4-7 pm. So . . . let’s say I take something out of the freezer and prep it for cooking. Can I use the delayed timer (set when I leave at 4 pm) to go on say at 6 pm for the desired time (assuming due to being frozen, it will take about 20 – 30 min to reach pressure) so when I walk in, it’s essentially done? I know you shouldn’t use delayed timer with fresh meats all day (so don’t leave the house at 8 am with raw meat to go off at 4 pm), but do you think this would work?? Please say yes!!! 🙂

    1. We often sing the praises of freezer cooking and how it saves our busy weeknights. We think you should be fine as long as you have a programmable Instant Pot and can set the timer and then have it set to “warm” until you get home. It would probably be best to try it on a weekend first, just so you can see how the meal turns out cooking and warming for the time that you will essentially be gone. Let us know how it turns out for you!

  2. This is probably a silly question, but I just started looking at all of the recipes and noticed that some ingredients are in orange and some are in black. Is there a significance to the colors add to when things are added such as at freezing or cooking. Thanks!

    1. Hi Karen! The ingredients listed in orange are direct links to purchase those ingredients (mostly on Amazon), for your convenience. 🙂

  3. I think you should add an Instant Pot Jambalaya recipe to your list. We love jambalaya at my house & I’ve prepared it as a freezer meal many times. Gumbo too.

    1. You could but these recipes are specifically for an electric, programmable pressure cooker so cooking times may vary.

  4. This list is awesome! However, I wish there was a menu list for each type of meat. When prepping freezer meals I like to buy a lot of whatever meat is on sale and prep meals with just that meat. It’d be great to have a chicken, pork, beef, and vegetarian meal list with grocery planning.

    1. With membership that is possible. If you have questions about membership, we’d be happy to chat with you in the bottom-right hand corner of the site.

        1. I apologize, it turns out this recipe was removed for further testing based on feedback we received from our test cooks. Thanks for your patience!

  5. if your recipes are based on 4 servings, if I divided them in half for 2 servings per freezer packing, how would that affect the Instant Pot cooking time?

    1. As a member, you would have the ability customize serving sizes. If you have questions about membership, we’d love to chat with you in the bottom-right hand corner! We include a disclaimer on all of our IP recipes that states what the original serving size was when we made it fresh and that if cooking different amounts the time might need to be adjusted. We encourage you to consult the Instant Pot Time Tables for reference: http://instantpot.com/cooking-time/ Enjoy!

    1. You might like to start with our vegetarian menu, Meredith! We do also have vegetarian Instant Pot recipes. Enjoy!

    1. Hey, Nicole, we do! With membership, you would be able to better filter for these recipes. But here are a couple! https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/instant-pot-cilantro-lime-chicken/ and https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/instant-pot-paleo-chicken-lettuce-wraps/ and https://onceamonthmeals.com/recipes/instant-pot-pork-chops-with-brussel-sprouts/

      We include nutrition information for all our Diet and Paleo recipes so that would be a great place to start! If you have more questions, we’re always happy to chat in the bottom right-hand corner! Happy cooking!

    1. This recipe has been removed for further testing based on feedback we received from our test cooks. We appreciate your patience!

  6. This is great. I’m still learning all the ways to use the Instant Pot. Today I made Brussel Sprouts with bacon and garlic. I’ve made this before on the stove top using pots and pans, but this was so much simpler and faster. Keep the recipes coming. I really enjoy them – and so does my family.

  7. Hello! We have just bought our first pressure cooker and I have really only made sweet sausage, peppers and onions for sandwiches last week. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make. The part that took the longest to do, was cutting the onions and peppers! Oh wait! I forgot that I have also made mac and cheese! Both have been easy, quicker and delicious! All this to say that I am really excited to learn more and get some delicious meals to make!
    God’s Speed! Cindy

  8. I would love to see a collection of Paleo Instant Pot freezer meals. I had to choose between freezer meals and Paleo when I signed up.

    1. Hi, Susan, with membership there is a way to filter for Paleo Instant Pot Freezer Meals. ALL our meals are freezer friendly so you won’t have to choose between one or the other. If you have more questions, please pop into chat in the bottom right-hand corner – we’re here and happy to help!

  9. Hi! Do you have a way to filter for just low FODMAP safe meals? I know it’s a long shot – still a pretty new way of eating – but figured it’s worth asking 🙂

    1. Yes, members are able to filter for Low FODMAP recipes. If you have more questions we’d love to chat with you in the bottom right-hand corner.

  10. What does all the quarter mean when talking about meat? Example: chicken park recipe says 1 pound quarter chicken, buttermilk herb chicken calls for 2 pounds quarter chicken (both about breasts), pulled pork calls for 2 pounds quarter pork roast etc.
    I’m not sure what the quarter part means. Thanks!

    1. I think you are correct, but I believe others have had success ordering off of the UK Amazon site. Good luck!

  11. I am trying to figure out how to help my son who is diabetic and lives 600 miles away from me. any suggestions-can I make these meals and send them in dry ice to him and would he warm them in a microwave ?

  12. I really love the recipes, I would like to cook some of them immediately rather than freezing them. Would the cook time be the same?

    1. Hi! We have 3 sets of instructions on our recipes 1) Make it Now, 2) Freeze for Later, and 2) Make From Frozen. You can use #1 to make it now rather than freezing. Happy Cooking! ~ OAMM

  13. The recipe I have for corned beef calls for 3-4 lbs and cook for 90 minutes. I have a 2lb corned beef brisket – do I still cook for 90 minutes?

    1. With our Once A Month Meals membership, you have access to all our freezable recipes (7,000+) and all our freezer menus (600+)! As a guest to the site, you only see a limited quantity.

    1. Hi Norma! We wouldn’t recommend trying to deep free anything in your IP, but there are lots of tasty breaded chicken recipes on our site available to members made specifically for the instant pot.

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