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101 Freezable Slow Cooker Recipes

Raise your hand if you love your slow cooker! My hand is held high. Not only does the slow cooker make your life incredibly easy, but it has a unique ability to make food taste fantastic. My favorite day to use my slow cooker is Sunday. I’m gone all morning for church activities, so if I want to get our big Sunday dinner on the table before the nap time grouchies set in, I need something to be happening while I’m gone. I typically prep something simple while the family is eating breakfast, and when we get home, all I have left to do is finishing touches. Another plus, it is still February, and comfort food is king. What says “comfort” like a slow cooked roast, stew, or soup? We have over 100 of our favorite slow cooker recipes below!

Slow Cooker Mini Menus

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6 Responses to “101 Freezable Slow Cooker Recipes”

  1. Deb says:

    A friend posted your website on FB and I’m very interested in the slow cooker meals. Before signing up and paying the monthly fee, I’m wondering what the average cook time is for these meals as my slow cooker is usually on for 11 hours. I would want the Paleo or gluten free meals. Also, am I able to cancel anytime?
    Thank you – Deb

  2. Manon Ciarlo says:

    Hello,I would like to know how can I prepare a month cooking if a lot of ingredients are not in special in the market?
    I guess that the first month is the most difficult one to begin with because of that ?

    • Lisa says:

      Our menus are designed to take advantage of the monthly sales and in season produce. If you are cooking from a current month menu, or same month from previous years you shouldn’t have any issues.

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